Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's Nuts

Yesterday, in the comments section, Renn asked a few questions concerning my job at The Parthenon (it's obvious she did newspaper layout "in the old days" too.)

Which width tape did you favor on the layout board?
M1, all the way.

Also, did you prefer the straight edge or the 'jazzy' styles?
Straight - my mitred corners were effin’ TIGHT.

Which music did you favor in the editing den? "WE" were Toad the Wet Sprocket fanatics...] We listened to all kinds of stuff, mostly alternative. Sometimes, I brought in Dead Kennedys and forced them all to enjoy that.
A Funny From This Morning:

The Evil Twin sleeps in the all-together and just throws on a robe when he gets up. He was sitting across from me this morning with his left leg bent at the knee and on top of his right leg, so I had a bird’s eye view of what’s underneath the robe.

I motioned to his sagging sack o’ seeds, pointed and said, “Hey, honey - you sat in some gum.”
Confession time:

While dining with my blog buddies recently, I became aware of the fact that while I am politically the most conservative (and only Republican) of the bunch, I am also probably the most unusual and unorthodox of them.

With the exception of PCP and Quaaludes, I’ve done every other drug I can think of. I’m sure I’m missing some I haven’t done, but I’ve done all the big ones, and some of the less known ones, too. I suppose I can admit this because it’s been years since I’ve done anything more than drink too much from time to time and seeing as how I’m over the legal drinking age, I’m good there.

With the exception of parachuting from an airplane, there isn’t much I haven’t done in my life at all - at least of the things I wanted to do and a few I wasn’t sober enough to differentiate want from not. I’ve always been impetuous.

Oddly enough, I never fell into a bad situation with any substance - except alcohol. I’m a recovering alcoholic. But, I’m not one of those freakazoid types who feels that engaging in the behaviour again - ever at all - is wrong. In fact, I am working on becoming simply a social drinker.

So far, I’ve been successful. And that’s been since early February. I’ve cut down to almost nothing in the drinky-poo department. It sucks for me, but hey, my liver is a happy camper.


  1. Hey! I've done crazy things, like... ummmm... let's see... I once took more than the recommended amount of Excedrin!! Yeah I'm wild and crazy too!! LOL, it's good to give your liver a break every once in a while so good for you.

  2. They say a glass or 2 of wine is good for you.

    I haven't done any hard stuff except prescription, oh and morphene in the hospital. I never considered shrooms or 'brownies' all that bad, but haven't had any in a long time. And I'm on too many old fart meds now to have any ;) .. :(

  3. I'm a Dem who has NOT done most drugs.

    I still respect you. ;)

  4. Um, I did those other two too. LOL

    I never wanted to jump out of a plane, but I really wanted to ride in a hot air balloon. Don't add that one to your list. It was a nightmare. The entire time you're in the air you have to be on the lookout for electric and telephone lines so that maybe you can go above them (since up and down are the only directions under your control). Until the balloon wants to come down, that is. Once she starts coming down for good, she's coming down. We landed in the middle of MacCorkle Avenue with our only means of warning the cars coming toward us that we were coming in from above was me gesturing wildly and cursing the balloon dood. Never again.

  5. Livers are very important. Good work!

  6. Heeee! The Parthenon!

    It's cool that you have your own political views and can still hang out with us liberals. :) I work with some who can't, and it's sad, really.

  7. I am not really surprised by your political leanings, but only because one of my employees is 'just like you'. Meaning the exact opposite of what most people would expect.

    I opted to steer clear of drugs that came in needle form or had to be snorted. Pretty much everything else was fair game. Except mushrooms. They scared me.

    Alcohol was cut from the list when I ran out of things to throw up.

  8. i don't care which way you lean and you are pretty brave and an stand up woman to admit what you did.

  9. When I have to concentrate real hard I find that Ministry is fun to listen to. I will have to try the Dead Kennedys.

  10. I was the Photography editor of the 'Tor Echo' at my college. Good gig, I got to interview REO Speedwagon (very cool guys, they were very gracious), Alan Funt, the candid camera guy, surprisingly - not very nice, among others. Plus I had access to a full featured photo lab which was fun - and private (whoohoooo!)
    I remember doing layout with the machine that would wax up the copy for placement. Good times...