Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Conversation - Update!

Sorry I didn't update over the weekend. I was busier than a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest doing laundry and other housework, plus I really didn't feel so well part of the weekend.

Anyway, the Evil Twin and I were having a conversation after dinner on Friday evening. Buddy had excused himself and gone to his room, so we could talk freely.

There's a new-ish employee at the Evil Twin's office, Jane (not her real name). Jane is a younger gal with a really great sense of humor. She had popped by the Evil Twin's office with a tale she had to share.

She held up her hand and asked him if he knew what it was. The Evil Twin relayed the symbol to me - he held out his right hand with his index and middle finger extended, ring finger bent and held by thumb, pinkie finger extended. I said, "Yeah, that's the shocker." Apparently, he wasn't aware there was a name for it.

Jane said, "Yeah, you know, two in the pink, one in the stink." Which the Evil Twin found greatly amusing. But, he continued his story. Jane had been driving home the day before and she was behind a Scion. On the rear window, there was a little sticker with "the shocker" outlined.

What really made it great was when she looked down to see a vanity license plate on the vehicle. It said, "2GOO1POO". Now, how that ever made it past the DMV is news to me, but she had a picture of it on her cell phone. I wish she'd send it to me.

The Evil Twin said it was a WV plate.

Years ago, I had requested a vanity plate to read "IH8YOU" and was declined (and not because someone already had it, they just wouldn't issue one with that statement on it). I can't believe I was willing to pay extra for a plate, but hey, we all have our lapses in judgment. However, the sentiment is true for most of the population (not you, dear readers).

I'll try to find out if Jane can email me the picture and post it later.

UPDATE: Photo!!!

Happy Monday, crusty crew!


  1. "The shocker" Man, I AM getting old. Never heard of it and wouldn't have guessed. . . but I'll bet my wife knows. She seems to have some inside track on what's going on. . . of course she doesn't spend all her time out here on the farm. She knew what a plumpkin was.
    We used to have a hand thing where your hands were together with your thumbs extended and your chin resting on them. The index fingers were free to spread and manipulate, the middle fingers were extended, the ring fingers folded and the pinkies extended. . . very similar . . .a 60s thing.

  2. That plate is at once disgusting and hysterical. Amazing it got through.

    There's someone in NC with the plate OMG! WTF! - I've seen it from time to time in my environs. I laugh every daggone time I see it.

  3. LMAO.

    I see an older lady from time to time driving in a killer new sports car.

    Her plate says: PD4BYEX

  4. You must have some really clueless people in your DMV~!

    There's a plate here: Ised8u
    Either he's an anesthetist or he's boring as hell.

  5. Wow that's freaky! I just posted about License Plates today and I swear I hadn't seen your blog for a couple of days. Must be something in the air. Yours had a much cooler picture/point to it! lol

  6. That's one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

  7. That is actually my license plate. I did it as a joke, I never thought it would have gotten through the DMV.