Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fun Friday

The Evil Twin's brother and his wife are in town (or at least they were last night - they're headed North to see the Evil Twin and his brother's mom and her husband today). They were staying at a hotel in town, so we went down to see them for the evening.

We had a great time. They have two girls - their oldest is a year older than Buddy and their youngest is a year older than Sissy. Apparently, my sister in law and I can't get it together enough to have children any closer than eight years apart. LOL.

Actually, her situation was quite by chance (luck) and mine was by medical issues (frequent miscarriages and problems even getting pregnant in the first place). We're both so blessed! Our big kids are wonderful and our little ones are a handful, but keep us young.

We were joined by some other mutual friends and their daughter - their son was at a birthday party and couldn't make it - but the kids had fun hanging out together while they could.

I really wish we all lived closer. We don't get to see them often enough, but they live where they can work and same with us. Maybe when the Evil Twin retires (nine more years before he's eligible at his job!), we can move closer to them.... They live South of us and that's where I want to spend my life. No more crappy WV winters.

If God had intended people to live like that, we'd be born with parkas on. But no! We're born naked! That right there is proof God wants us to live in nice climates.

I'm off to get my sorry, old, self together for the day. I need to look halfway decent for my driver's license picture. Feck.


  1. Hmmmm.... I always figure when the cop is looking at the photo I will be looking quite disgruntled so I try to make the photo look like that. Usually the wait in the DMV takes care of that for me. Have a great day!!

  2. LOL @ Ron!

    I hate getting my photo at the DMV. I always change my hair color and automatically gain 10 lbs. right after anyway, so they might as well put a photo of a strawberry blonde elephant on there for all the good it does!

  3. LOL, Ron too. I never thought of it that way.

    Sounds like you're having a fun weekend (except for the DMV, of course). Glad to hear it!