Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I woke up early this morning and got my sorry self together. I wanted to be ready in time to take Sissy to the local library by 10:30 am. They have the "Read To Me" program once a month on Wednesdays. I had never been to the story time activities with her yet. When Buddy was smaller, we went all the time - but we also lived in a different county, so the library we went to was different.

She seemed to have a good time this morning. Plus, the group of ladies I used to knit with all get together at 10:30 every Wednesday on the same floor as the Read to Me program, so after the story, puppet show and playing, I stopped in that room to chat with some old friends. I'd like to get back to that at some point - but doing anything with Sissy is a crapshoot.

Tomorrow, I have a lunch date with Buzzardbilly and Blonde Goddess. That should be super fun! Then, on Friday, I may attend a Totsicle class at the South Charleston Ice Arena with Sissy. They have classes for the very tiny tots - they go out on the ice in their tennis shoes (as do moms - even though I own my own ice skates), play around a bit, then have hot chocolate and a doughnut afterwards.

I'm trying to find some fun programs for Sissy and I to join in now that the weather is warming up. I belonged to a group when Buddy was little and I plan to do the same for Sissy. It helps them get used to a social setting, is a precursor to learning to share and get along with others and it gives us something better to do than stare at the TV all day.

During the summer, we belong to the private pool up the street AND we have access to our swing set, toys and my relaxing hammock in our own backyard. PLUS, I got my Canon Rebel XT yesterday and I've been playing with that for hours!!! I really love it so far. I've been doing A LOT of reading! I'm still on about page 12 of the instruction booklet and there are many more pages ahead.

I've really had a frustrating couple of days - I imagine it's getting back in to the school routine and feeling there is a definite lack of time to finish up any project I have going right now.

I went to WalMart yesterday and bought some starter soil and plastic trays to plant tomato seeds in. Then, I got the Topsy Turvy tomato planter from Plow & Hearth ready for action when my plants are big enough. For them to be big enough, they must first be planted and watered. Sitting in the package isn't getting me any tangible results.


  1. Way to go on getting out and doing new things. I'm still working on the socialization thing myself so an early start helps :)

    Enjoy the lunch and tell everyone I said hello.

  2. I'm looking forward to lunch. It's about time we got together!

    I'll try to behave and keep things low key...I don't want to scare you guys away on out first date...LOL

  3. Hey, I want to come to your lunch date!! Have a great time. Maybe we call all do that in August when I'm there. It will be the 15th,16th and 17th.

  4. Yay, lunch tomorrow!

    I must start working on my flower beds soon. I have the guy who's going to help me redo the landscaping around here all set up to go, now we just have to get started.

    I cannot see anything about plants without going into a @.@my flower gardens@.@ trance.