Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Prize!

I received an award for my dusty little award shelf! The giver of this most excellent gift is Ron from Warped Mind of Ron. I do love Ron and I think he feels similarly towards me, but I semi suspect that he just doesn't want me to slip a booger in his food when we have lunch next week.... A bribe? Maybe. The really cool giftie? This beauty:

I'm not going to follow "da rules" because I simply don't feel like it this morning. I've been at this (this one paragraph) since about 8:30AM and it is now almost 9:30. That's how long it takes me to get my thoughts together and actually sit and type for a moment. This morning, I've been interrupted approximately 452 times by Sissy, who needs "one more thing."


In other news: Live Bug Report

Our ten caterpillars formed chrysalis's (only nine made it to that stage) and we now have nine beautiful butterflies in our Butterfly Pavilion. I did take pictures of the cocoons and have attempted photos of the butterflies, but they're very hard to photograph in their mesh habitat area. I will continue working on the best angle and try to get at least one decent photo of the little darlings.

They're very fascinating. We have balled up paper towels soaked in sugar water in there and I've also added two orange slices, which they are seen on frequently.


Weight Loss Report

Nothing to report except a gain of a pound or two. My weight fluctuates wildly in just a day or two, so we'll see where I end up at age 40. Yesterday, I felt fat, so I corsetted myself for the most part of the day. Nothing like cinching your waist until you almost have the vapors.

For those that missed it the first time around, I ordered this one: http://www.absolutecorsets.com/in-stock-corsets/vo-1915u.htmvo-1915u.htm. Yes, I paid over $200 for it. And Yes, I love it. Totally worth it.


  1. Does the model come with the corset??? Cause I'm totally buying one if it does!!! Oh and nothing like an award to guarantee a booger free meal :)

  2. etw, that corset is totally hot!

  3. OMG!!! the woman on the front page of the corset site is an alien!!! she has no nipples!!! Run for your life!!!

  4. A corset?!?! Are you NUTS!!??
    You're such a little thing...golly. You're figure it fantastic. What the hell?

    p.s. I felt my boob propper cringe at the mere thought of a corset...poor flabby thing. Now it's shaking because it's so scared. No...wait...the train it going through town and my house is vibrating...

  5. I'll bet the whole butterfly thing has been fascinating to watch. Sounds like you guys certainly had a higher survive rate than nature would've offered the little dudes.

    Hat's off to you on the corset. I won't even fool with Spanx (though I may go for them for a special occasion).

    With that, I'm off to the gyno. Yuck.

  6. I'm envisioning myself in that corset...and what oozes out at top and bottom is horrific...i must wake up from this dream...i must wake up from this dream...

  7. I am sure you look awesome in it. No doubts.

  8. It would take someone offering me well over one billion dollars to wear one of those damn things again.

  9. OK - I'm off to see if they have black corsets in big girl sizes for my Ren Fair costume....and for big meetings....and trips to the pool....and pretty much every day...

    (runs to scrounge in the sofa for spare change, because 200 bucks doesn't fall outta trees around THESE parts, and I think they're freaking sexy, and want one, and so am starting to save, now).