Friday, April 18, 2008

Late Again

Well, well. The Evil Twin "forgot" to set the alarm last night again. He woke up a little after 7 - when we all get up around 6 or 6:30, that's a problem. I got Buddy up, fed him, and started making the Evil Twin's lunch. The Evil Twin then took Buddy to school and luckily, again this time, he made it before the tardy bell. I hate tardiness almost as much as I hate the dentist, but that's another story.

Sooooo, I didn't get my normal shower time, I didn't get my injection on time, and I'm pretty much just running behind this morning.


Thank goodness it's Friday, huh?

The DMV, being the cruel and unusual place it is, decided a few years back to make people's driver's licenses due up for renewal on their birthday how many ever years (I think it's 4) from the license issue date. So, lucky me... I'm up for a new license by Tuesday. Picture and all.

It can't be as bad as the last picture was.

I think there's a branch in Kanawha City open on Saturdays, which means the Evil Twin will have to accompany me there tomorrow. There is just no way I can take care of all that and watch Sissy at the same time. (My van is due for a new registration too, so I may as well take care of that too) (And, registration is just one more way the state of WV can extort money from its' population).

After DMV hell, my family has a reservation at the nice Japanese Hibachi restaraunt for my birthday - weekend night instead of the actual date - but, who wants to do a dinner out in the middle of the week when battling the crowds offers SO much more fun?? At least we do have reservations... And I know the food will be incredible, so it's worth it.


  1. Hope the DMV is not too horrible a trip for you on Saturday and have a ball at the Hibachi it's always a great time.

  2. I used to work at the DMV -- it ws my first "real" job. And yes, it is hell.

  3. Oh, and Happy Birthday! Yay, Hibachi!!!

  4. DMV...dirty initials. Happy Birthday early.

  5. Good luck with the DMV challenge. It has taken me almost 30 years to finally admit to my correct weight and hair color!! UGH! And a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you on Tuesday...lest I not return here in time!

  6. Sounds like an excellent Saturday (except for that DMV part). If you go early enough, you can get in and out of there pretty quickly even on Saturdays.

    I swear that camera they use to take the pictures has a special "make anyone look funky" switch that they always leave turned on.

    Happy Birthday early!!!

  7. Remember to wear your most offensive tee shirt and rat up your hair real good. That way, at least the awful DMV pic will carry some humor. ;)

    Happy early b-day!

  8. Happy belated birthday! My goodness it seemes everyone's an Aires! My hubby's was Friday, but were celebrating this weekend too :)