Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I think it's been raining all up and down the East Coast. I never watch the news or check the weather for any location other than my own back yard, so I'm not sure.

And not only is it rainy, it's cold too. Much too cool for the end of April. Bah! Today is Family Hot Dog Day at Buddy's school. Sissy and I plan on swinging by to have lunch with him. I think I'll get Sissy a happy meal before we go - I can't very well feed her a hot dog. She's only 2 and has never had even a chopped up hot dog.

I've become so much more lax with the 2nd kid than I was the first, but I'm still worried about choking hazards. Hot dogs just seem suspicious to me in their ability to possibly get lodged in a two year old's throat.

I've been unbelievably tired lately. In fact, on Friday night, I went to bed at an unheard of 9:30 pm. I've been getting in bed between 9:30 and 10 (except Saturday - we were up late watching a movie) every night. I'm normally more of a midnight or so bedtime person.

I know if I complain to one of my myriad of physician's, I'll just get yet another thyroid blood test. I swear I have the most examined thyroid in the county. Why is it that doctors see a thin person complain of tiredness and it's always the thyroid? I guess that sucker is responsible for many ills.

I'm tired today because I couldn't stop laughing about something Buzzardbilly told me on the phone yesterday. Seriously, I was in bed - trying to drift off to sleep and I thought about "the incident". I tried not to laugh, but I couldn't help myself. Then, I couldn't stop. The bed was shaking where I was repressing sound (didn't want to wake up the Evil Twin, who was in a foul mood anyway).

I finally was able to strike the thought from my head and get some rest, but not without a series of weird dreams first.

I hate this weather.



  2. Ah, see, hot dogs don't make me nervous. As long as they're cut-up lengthwise first and then sliced, I'm willing to risk it. I'm more nervous about chicken nuggets than a hot dog, I'm always a little worried that they'll get, like, a claw.

  3. My classroom is FREEZING!!!!!!

    As far as hotdogs go, I just slice the weenie lengthwise and then cut into pieces. I've never had any trouble with them.

  4. I was going to share my vast hot-dog cutting wisdom... but I have been beaten to it!!

    Although... my sister insisted on cutting letghwise into quarters before slicing, not halves.

    She's extra-paranoid!

  5. I would grind up the hotdog into a smoothie sort of mixture and mix it with ketchup and mustard, but that's just me.

  6. I love the rain (and keeping people up late at night with the giggles) XD

    The rain washes the allergic stuff in the air away from me, but it doesn't do a thing for my cramps.

    I told you my thyroid is vying for most examined in the county too (and we know that cannot possibly be due to being thin because I haven't been there for quite a while). Maybe docs around here just have a thing about thyroids.

  7. One of the major disadvantages of feeding hot dogs to your kids is having to cut them up....It seems as soon as I've finished that my kid's ready for another one. Then just as I'm about to eat a bite of my hot dog, it's time to wipe the kid's bottom....

    Yeah...this weather sucks.

  8. You need an octodog. G'head - Google it.

    Trying to sleep with a pissed off spouse can be the cause of next-day tiredeness. I vote for you going to sleep on the couch, and if he complains, telling him that "I'm not Sheila, or Courtney, and until you stop TALKING IN YOUR SLEEP ABOUT THEM I'm going to sleep right here." HE's got NO defense for that kind of offense.

  9. It's colder than should be allowed by law in TN. Brrrr.

    Don't ya hate when you're trying to get some zzzzzzzz's and it keeps ya up laughin???