Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday Round-Up

A Hodge Podge Day

Thanks to all for the hot dog advice yesterday. Cutting them lengthwise, then into "half moon" pieces was what I did for Buddy, but it seems like he was older than Sissy (I'm thinking maybe 3) before we tried the dogs of hot with him.

And, I also said yesterday that I was more lax with Sissy - which is true to a degree. When Buddy was born, as some of you know, very prematurely, we brought him home from the NICU with a heart/apnea monitor. If he had bradycardia (a dropping of heart rate - which he did often) or didn't take a breath for more than 20 seconds (not so often), that sucker would blare so loud it would wake the dead.

Buddy at four days old (that's my hand behind him - he's still on the vent in this picture, in the NICU)

We got used to having that "security" blanket with him. I knew Sissy was most likely going to be a full term baby, and we wouldn't get that nifty heart/apnea monitor. So, I bought this monitor to assure us that she was still breathing in her crib. Of course, that was before I knew we'd be co-sleeping for several months, but it was still handy to have that monitor for peace of mind. We eventually removed the sensor pad, but still use the sound monitor portion of it.
Do you like to laugh? I do. Do you like to hear funny travel stories too? Ditto here, my friends. Check out Jeff's Excellent London Adventure here.

Jeff is originally from Dunbar, WV, so he's a hometown guy. Check out his regular blog, too: The WVSR . He's a hoot and he has some mighty funny commenters as well.

And, finally, wouldn't you love to work with this guy?:


  1. OMG, Buddy was so tiny!
    Is he still a small guy, or has he exploded?
    That office guy? Funny, but he lost me once he caught it in his cheeks. Yikes!

  2. That picture of Buddy brings back so many NICU memories of my own. We were in there for six weeks with my niece and it seemed like forever. Scariest day: Bringing her home (yes, even scarier than the times when they told us she wasn't going to make it through the night and had us call the whole family in to say goodbye). Second scariest day: When they took the heart monitor away.

    If I worked with Mr. Hackey-Sack, I think I'd have to stuff it will ball bearings one night.

  3. Thanks!! Now I have a new trick to try to learn at the office water cooler!! Woo Hoo

    The monitor thingy was pretty cool. If I had a kid I would certainly be hooked up with one of those or I wouldn't be able to sleep at all :)

  4. kwr - Buddy is a normal sized 10 year old. He caught up by about a year old.

    BB - Buddy was in NICU six and a half weeks (48 days), so we did the same tour of duty.

    Ron - you will be the Office Superstar! :-)

  5. One of our twin grandsons was on a respirator (and preemie) and he caught up by about 6 mos.

  6. You have finally given me a link to the WVSR, I was wondering when that would happen.

    It seems to me that Buddy turned out alright so the fancy-shmancy gear must have done the trick.

  7. I love travel stories and the silly stuff that happens. I've had my fair share for sure.

    How tiny he was, it's amazing to think they can start out fighting with everything in their tiny little bodies and win the battle and go on to live happy, normal lives.

  8. Man, he was a little thang...amazing.

    Those baby monitors were a godsend to me when Thing 1 was a wee tyke. Thing 2 didn't really NEED a monitor, being as how he was the loudest baby ever born...EVER, and slept in the room with us for 16 months. It was a very small house, what can I say?