Wednesday, April 9, 2008

....Aft Go Astray

That sums up our best laid schemes for this morning. The Evil Twin either forgot to turn on the alarm last night or it just plain didn't go off - because I woke up at 7:18 AM saying "What day is it? What is today?" meaning, "Is it a school and work day, cause if so, we is fucked big time."

I flew out of bed and called our neighbor/friend who drops Buddy and her son off in the mornings and told her to go on without him because we'd overslept. The Evil Twin dragged ass out of bed and said he'd take Buddy in when he was ready (damn skippy, Mo Fo, I wasn't going to do it). We all stumbled around like zombies, but amazingly, Buddy got to school before the tardy bell rang and we all managed to get our mornings underway - albeit, later than usual.

The Evil Twin stated that he did not feel well and I also had a sore throat (we slept with the window open over our bed for part of the night), so he's off work today. Buddy has an appointment to see the opththalmologist today at 2:15, which means I'll have to get him out of school early. I guess it works out good because this means I can leave Sissy at home with Daddy and I can take only Buddy to the appointmetnt. Trust me, we've gone before - dragging Sissy along - and she is ever so uncooperative. It is no fun.

But, neither is having an appointment to begin with. I hate having to be at X place at X time, unless it's something fun. Generally speaking, though, I've gotten used to being able to make my own schedule as I go along. (one perk of being at home-ness). My dislike of setting appointments extends to even haircuts.

I bit the bullet yesterday and called my hairdresser. I've been seeing her since I was 18, so nearly 22 years now and of course, I love her. She does an amazing job every time and she charges next to nothing (I always give her a big tip anyways). However, this time, we have more interesting business than JUST my hair. Sissy will be getting her first "trim" as well. She doesn't have much hair. What little she does have is in the veins of a baby mullet. It really just needs to be shored up. We really don't want any or too much length cut off the back. It will be interesting to see: how it turns out and if she'll even sit still for the cutting.

She won't let any of us near her hair. I was so looking forward to styling it in the adorable "Pebbles" fashion (you know, one little fountain of hair on top) and other cute ways to do a girl's hair. No such luck for Mommy. I will be taking the camera.

I'm off to do my injection (nearly an hour late) and finish my morning routine (just in time for lunch, I'm sure). :::Sigh:::, I hate getting up late on school days.


  1. Getting up late really screws up the schedule doesn't it? Good luck on Sissy's haircut, that should be an adventure :)

  2. I love Sissy's hair! She is the most adorable girl...
    Maybe she will surprise you and allow the hairdresser to cut it. The first time I took Freya to get a hair cut, she turned her head and ended up with very short bangs...LOL

  3. opththalmologist? Is that a fancy eye-doctor? Both those terms just seem to make the "optician" sound more doctor-like than they are :-p

  4. I know what you mena about the "make your own shcedule" thing. This si why I wander into work at 10 a.m., put off lunch until the cafetria closes, and generally can't get out ofmy own way. It's a monumental task to do ANYTHING when I'm 'supposed to"!

    Good luck with the haircut!

  5. All Click, because Buddy was born three months prematurely, his eye problems are a medical condition. Our insurance will cover his eye exams and needs as long as we see an opththalmologist. He's been seeing one since he was born. She'd come by the Neonatal Itensive Care Unit (NICU) to check on the babies there.

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  7. OMG it's the day of oversleeping!

    I went to gyno yesterday to find my appt was today. In the afternoon. I got up today to take garbage out. Fell back asleep (because magnolia trees next door are the bane of my allergic existence and allergy meds = zzzs). Work up an hour after my gyno appt to the alarm going off, dogs barking like mad, and the lawn guy mowing up some more allergens for me to enjoy.

    Sounds like yours is working out fine after all. Hope your throats turn out to be just sore throats and go away quickly.

  8. work up = woke up (which apparently I have not quite done yet)


  9. I actully overslept today as well, but I am blaming the Ambien I took the evening prior.

    can't wait to see photos.

  10. Am I one of the pervs you're referring to in wyldth1ng's comment section?

  11. BG - of course you are. And if you and Ron keep it up.... well, I wouldn't leave your food on the table while I'm there next week unless you like boogers. Mhm.

  12. Tammie... I think we will have to strike up an alliance and watch each others food around ETW. LOL

  13. Thank you for educating me :-)

    The world of American medicine is fascinating for me so I'm pleased to learn more about such things. I even wikipediad opththalmologist and came up with nothing. Silly Wikipedia!