Wednesday, April 23, 2008


That's me! I had such a great day yesterday. My day started out pretty regular, and I didn't expect or have any notions it would be different. I mean, come on, it's just a Tuesday, right?

Well, I got a call from a girlfriend early wanting to know if I'd like to have lunch with her. It was GREAT (we went to Mayberry's! Of course!) and then went and looked at her new house and her new grandson - 3 weeks old and cute as he can be!

When I came home, I found a box on the front porch. It was an arrangement of cookies from my best friend from childhood - we've been friends since we were four years old. The cookies look great and taste even better.... the Evil Twin and I had to split one last night.

The middle one looks like a tombstone and says: "Here Lies Your Youth: 1968 - 2008". How funny is that???

I also had messages on my answering machine. One was from the local florist in town. My mom's best friend, who is in her later 80s, always sends me flowers for my birthday (we call her Aunt J_____). So, I figured that was her. It was! They are gorgeous and they smell amazing. And I am really not a floral arrangement person.

After a quick dinner of Wendy's (my favorite fast food place), we let our butterflies go free. I finally felt the weather had perked up enough to let them enjoy the outdoors. We did lose one live one along the way, but released 8. They were so pretty. One was shy or half dead or something, cause he didn't want to go far. He landed on Buddy's shoulder, then sat in the grass. I picked him up with a stick and placed him on some blooms from our apple tree.

The kids settled down for the night. I settled onto the couch with my glass of Chardonnay and watched American Idol. My sister called and we had a great conversation (for those not aware: I was adopted, so I've only known my sister for about a year).

Dear Evil Twin: I love you more than you could ever know. I love your body and soul, but I'm still waiting on my 4th tattoo design.....Hello? I'm only turning 40 once! (It's the new 20!).

I've got a lunch date with another friend today. I'm gonna be so fat at 40 and a week. LOL.


  1. Happy Birthday young lady! Looks like you scored some yummies ;)
    Have a great lunch date today!

    Ah, if only I were 40 again... or even 45...

  2. Mmm, cookies and wine. How divine.

  3. I stumbled over from Ron's place.

    It sounds like you have it made over there! Love Chardonnay. Love cookies. Love Wendy's.

  4. Mmmmm... Did you have the deep fried cheesecake??? Do you think it would UPS well to Columbus? Just wondering...

  5. Sounds like an excellent birthday! Flowers, sweets, butterflies, oh my. Let's hope the birthday week continues to be as good as that.

  6. sounds like a perfect day.....good for you.

  7. I feel like I'm following Ron around everywhere... dagnabit

    Merry Birthday (belatedly)

    Now, what do you know of Man-Bear-Pig young lady???