Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bra Straps and Squirrels*

And this title has nothing to do with this post, but I was recently emailing my friend MountainLaurel on Facebook and I sent her a private message with this title. She said I should use it for a blog title and I said I would. And, now, I did! :-)

Anyway, I had a lovely day on Tuesday at the pool - the weather was not too hot. In fact, I kept looking at the sky and thinking we were going to get rain because the sun would duck behind a cloud for a bit, then reappear for a bit. So, it kept it just sunny and hot enough and just comfortable enough to be a wonderful day to enjoy the pool. The kids had a great time.

It looks like we'll stay home today because I've been promising Buddy that I would make Banana Bread, plus I have laundry to catch up on, so Wednesday will be my "day off" this week.

I also don't have to make a lunch for the Evil Twin because he goes to the Chinese place on Wednesdays with his co-workers! Yay! It doesn't really matter - Sissy has been waking up extra early these days. I try to keep her in my bed until at least 8ish (I turn on the cartoons, bring her milk, etc.), but she wants to get up.

I digress....What I really wanted to talk about was my weekend! On Saturday, two of my friends and I went to Flatwoods, WV. Flatwoods has an outlet mall, which includes the Everything Fiesta store.

Many of my long time readers will know I'm a total addict of this dinnerware. It's made right here in WV and comes in a variety of vibrant colors. They introduce new colors and discontinue colors as they go along, so those of us who are fanatics jump on something new right away.

The new Lemongrass color came out and was only available at this shop. My friend B and I are old pros at Fiesta. Our other friend, S, sadly, had no Fiesta. Boy, we indoctrinated her right good!

S is now the proud owner of several place settings - we each bought the 4 piece Lemongrass - and she bought a few more settings. I got some new glasses and the other two gals bought some random pieces.

After shopping around at the outlet, we went to a Mexican restaurant for a late lunch. It was so good!

On our way back into town, we stopped by our local farmer's market, which has a wonderful wine shop. S had never been before, so she was just amazed! It IS a really cool place to enjoy.

It was just a really nice day. The weather was beautiful, the company was excellent. I hadn't had a chance to get out by myself in a very long time, so it was very welcome.

Sometimes, a mom (or anyone for that matter) just needs to get outside their normal routine and have some fun!

I hope we're able to do it again soon and perhaps even rope a few more WV gals into the mix. We are definitely going back in August when Everything Fiesta has a huge tent sale of factory seconds.

But, I hope we get back before then, too. Or perhaps some other outing that involves hunting for FiestaWare.


  1. Good for you. Piccies?
    AND ~ how do you keep Sissy still until 8ish!!!!!!!!Geez woman, I am jealous.xx♥

  2. I love, love, love fiestaware. I used to collect, back before the divorce when I had a house rather than an apartment. I miss it since it's all currently packed up in my mom's basement. My mom collects as well. I'll have to see if she knows about the lemongrass.

  3. My Mom-in-law and aunt-in-law eat Fiestaware up too. They go up to Flatwoods all the time too and it's always a joke to see what they will get next...but it is awesome stuff and I really like it as well. I wonder, though, if it's really a mental is with them!

  4. Sounds like a good time. I know what you mean about getting out of a routine...I need out of my house! I am meeting some friends for coffee tomorrow night, and I have a date with my husband tonight, too....the new baby will be coming along, but at this stage, I'll take that little guy anywhere he's so quiet!

  5. Do they have any Manly Fiestaware???

  6. You make me wish I was in WV! Sounds like a wonderful day!

  7. what a nice day!! I do not have any fiestaware but I totally want to go to that store!! I actually live by Replacements, Ltd and that place is sooooooooooooo very cool!!

  8. I'm a big fan of "Royal Chinette" flatware myself. They could do with a few more colors though, LOL !

  9. I'm glad you indoctrinated her "right good." :)

  10. I love Fiesta too! Have you gone to the factory for the semi-annual tent sale? It's an ordeal, but totally worth it! My best buy was a Sunshine pizza plate (huge!) for 5 bucks!

    I believe the next one is in October.

  11. First of all you MUST be extrmely tan with your private pool membership and all...I am very jealous BTW!

    Secondly, I wish we had a Fiesta store around here becasue those are the most sturdy well made dished you can find, not to mention they just look cool!

    Thirdly, congrats on getting away for some alone time. I don't get it nearly enough but when I do it surprises me how much better and re-invigorated I feel!

    Glad you had an awesome time!

  12. Glad you could enjoy some fun girls time.

  13. Natalie - She's not still, but she'll roll around and watch TV. Sometimes.

    Paige - You can get it all out again and it'll be like Christmas!

    Warren - I'm sure it's an addiction!

    Gigi - I don't get away as often as I'd like. Enjoy your outings!

    Ron - Men have to eat off plates too? It's unisex.

    RLL - You should visit sometime. It's gorgeous here!

    Mandy - The store is awesome!

    Powdergirl - Fiesta has a way of getting under your skin!

    Ginger - That's my hick coming out!

    Debra Sue - I've never been to Newell, but it's on my list of places to visit!

    Chandra - I think stores like Macy's and a few others carry Fiesta.

    SugarCain - I couldn't believe how much better I felt after my day out!

  14. sounds like fun,ETW! Glad you got to get out - us Mommies (& others!) need a break from the routine for sure!

  15. Ahhh, a new color. I am so excited. I also am a junkie for fiestaware. This lemongrass color reminds me a bit of my favorite retired chartreuse color. I have more dishes then I will ever need yet I keep getting more. I recently thought my cabinet might be getting to heavy and worried about what would happen if it pulled out of the stud. My husband assured me it would be ok. I cross my fingers and hope nothing happens.

    Happy Day! Banana bread, delish!

  16. i have absolutely no idea what fiestaware is lol but YAY you got a break!!!

  17. Sounds like a good day with the girls. I have a neighbor that collects Fiesta Ware....i got her some pieces in plum a few years ago. I like gaudy red stuff with exotic flowers and designs.

  18. Glad you enjoyed yourself! You deserve a day off more than anyone else I know! All SAHM do! Hope you get another one soon.

  19. Banana bread. Can I have some please?

  20. Strangely, i've been to that Fiesta outlet store in Flatwoods! The missus picked up a few charming pieces that now adorn our overstocked cabinets.

    Now what was that about bra straps??

  21. Oh.. you so lucky dog... I wish I could go to Everything Fiesta, that would be way to cool! I to, as you know, love Fiesta :)

  22. Love your random title. Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog.

  23. I love anything in a shade of *lemongrass*...sounds pretty.
    How about some pictures???

  24. You have perfect fitted sheets AND matching place settings AND a huge cleavage???

    MY god, what a goddess!

    I am sad ...sniff


  25. Sound like a blast. I'm going over to join our pool today ! Can't wait !

  26. I hope to escape to WV for a few days in August. This will be 'payback' to my husband for leaving me with an 8 year old ALONE for a week...while he treks to MAINE!

    Perhaps we can 'run into each other' while I'm there!

  27. Oh, how important it is to have time to grow on your own while you grow with your family!! Curmy and I agreed before we married that we were both the kind of people who wanted to grow continue individually and independently while we grew together. (Old Cake Icing Ass and I made the same deal, but it didn't work so well with him on account of his greedy and shamelessly overshared dick having a habit of falling into strange vaginas...very strange vaginas.)

    I only have the Commemorative Anniversary pitcher set Fiesta did about 10 years ago. I love to give it as a wedding gift. Why do I not own any myself? Sounds like a problem that begs for fixing, doesn't it?

  28. Hmm, that location doesn't do you? ;-) Was there orange?