Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm Back!

Didja miss me?

I didn't think so... Oh well.

We had a really nice weekend.

Before the Evil Twin and I got married, I had acrylic nails put on and maintained for quite some time. The girl who did my nails and I had a lot in common and so finally, we just ended up as friends.

That girl is MsPulp. She ended up moving out of state, and then her parents moved out of state, so we didn't see her much.

Then, we lost touch altogether. One day, I popped onto one of my social networking sites and she had sent me a message! Happy day! We spent loads of time getting caught up on everything.

Well, it turns out that she, her husband, Lucky, and the three kids were going to be right across the river from us visiting some of her family members. We made arrangements for them to drop by on Saturday evening.

It has probably been 12 years since we last saw each other. She hasn't changed a bit (well, her hair style is different), but she's still just as beautiful as ever.

Their oldest daughter didn't want to come hang out with the boring old folks, so they brought the 2 younger ones. The littlest one is only a few weeks younger than Sissy, so it was fun to see them interact.

Those children were SO well behaved and SO sweet. You can tell their mamacita is doing a very good job of raising them. (I didn't expect anything less from her, though).

We just had a really great time, even though they couldn't stay long - we were all keeping our little ones up way past their bedtimes already. But, we drank some wine and had a lot of laughs.

We had only met Lucky one other time, but he is just a really great guy! Very easy to talk to, very down to earth.

I hope we get to see them again - and preferably sooner than 12 years time!


  1. You should make it a rule that you meet up at least every decade. I mean 12 years is a bit long. Glad you had a good time :)

  2. I love reconnecting with old friends.

    So glad you had a great weekend!

  3. There are some folks that twelve years feels like twelve minutes! I love people like that! So glad you had a wonderful time!

    AND I'm glad you're back!

  4. Yea for you! Reconnecting with friends is one of life's little treasures!
    That happened to me and my BFF..we lost twouch for about seven years but we reconnected last year and it's the best thing that ever happened. I hope you guys can stay in touch!!

  5. I love when time marches on, but in a few minutes we can reconnect so well. Glad you had a great time.

  6. glad you're back! So fun to reconnect with old buds - sounds like you had a blast!

  7. Yes I did miss you. So glad you had a great time. It rocks catching up with old friends :)

  8. Ron - I agree. I'm trying to get them to move closer! ;-)

    Cute Ella - It was great!

    RLL - That's exactly what it was like, only now, we have kids in the mix!

    Chandra - I intend to keep her around!

    themom - Those are the best times!

    TGG - It was so much fun!

    The Girl - Especially friends like them - super cool!

  9. It's so much fun to get back together with old friends.

  10. Very cool. I'm always leery about meeting up with people I haven't seen in a long time, just because there might have been a reason for not seeing them that I just don't remember. Or they've changed, and not for the better...or I've changed, and not for the better.

    I'm not pleased that three people from high school have found me on Facebook...it seemed rude not to friend them, but two of them I don't remember ever speaking to in high school while the other and I are on different sides of the open wheel racing war - which her side officially won.

    Anyway, I'm glad that you had such a great time with Ms Pulp.

  11. It's wonderful when people near and dear to your heart stay that way. Now if you can just manage to see them more often!

  12. I am glad that you are back and so glad that you enjoyed yourself so much!

  13. Yes I did miss you, silly.

    Sounds like a fun week-end girl, glad you made time for each other and managed to reconnect, its always so fun to see an old friend and catch up, and wow, your kids are so close in age, cool! : )

  14. That's cool to get to catch up. Some friends I'd be happy to see only every 12 years!

  15. That was nice for all concerned.
    I am far more wary of 'old friends',which is why I am terrified of Facebook, etc.
    But it is different if one moves away, then it is understandably exciting and wonderful to reconnect. :D

  16. Catching up with an old friend is THE BEST. I had a chance to do so last weekend (via phone) but it still felt great.

  17. right on. it's nice to catch up with old friends:)

  18. This is quite timely. Just this evening I've been catching up with someone I've not seen in over thirty years. We were seven years old when we parted ways! Gotta love that social networking thing.