Thursday, July 16, 2009


The Ice Cream Truck did NOT make an appearance last night.

Our regular guy said he was on vacation and a different person would be doing the route this week, so maybe the sub doesn't do the same route. Who knows?

I guess we'll wait and see what happens next Wednesday when the regular driver is back. All I know is I want a Choco Taco in the worst way!

Buddy went to spend the night with a friend, so the three of us kept an ear out for the truck. Sissy was so disappointed, the Evil Twin ended up taking her to Dairy Queen for a strawberry sundae instead.

I just stayed here.

The Evil Twin and I ended up watching a movie and that's why this is late this morning. (i.e. I didn't write it last night and set it to post as usual).

Oh well, sometimes real life interrupts my schedule!

And so it goes...



  1. Tsk tsk!!!

    It's just NO way to run a business eh!!



  2. It's an experience like that, that causes a young child to grow up and become a psychotic ice cream truck driver killing maniac. I'm not saying Sissy will go that route, but if she does we will all know the reasons now won't we.

  3. Knock wood, so far - the ice cream truck has been sticking to his schedule here. Needless to say, if he missed the time - it would be traumatic for thegrandson.

  4. It's not fair to disappoint kids that way (or their mom's) and there should be some place you can complain!!

  5. A ChocoTaco...I LOVE those and they are very hard to find at least around here. I would have been disappointed to!

    Hope the Ice Cream man comes tonight!

  6. Blasphemy! You should see if ChocoTaco wants to sponsor your site. Just sayin'

  7. ugh. There is nothing worse than expecting something so much (like yummy Ice Cream!) & then it not happen! NOT FAIR!!! btw...I don't like interruptions in my "schedule" - yeah, I'm OCD like that! lol...

  8. Ha, our ice cream truck plays Christmas music.

  9. Real life does get in the way sometimes, right? Or sometimes my puter gets in the way of real life!

    Bummer about the Ice Cream truck but at least sissy got her ice cream!

  10. Maybe the ice cream guy is gay and all that cleavage had no affect on him...poor guy. Or he does not want any one elbowing in on his new favorite customers.

  11. SOB I was sooo hoping to hear of another titty talking to..

    I have pondered that PHRASE continuously since I read the effer.


  12. Well at least you HAVE an ice cream truck in your town missy. But I do feel sorry for Sissy having to go to DQ instead. It's gone downhill lately imo. The ice cream truck ice cream would have been much better!

  13. I laughed when I read your "choc'taco"
    You really do love you some Mexican Food!
    I never even heard of a chocolate taco before.

  14. What?? Communist ice cream man I tell you!

    Hopefully your choco taco needs will be met next week.

  15. Damn the Ice Cream Man !!! Damn him. Poor Sissy. And someone needs to send Powergirl a Choco Taco - they rule !!!!

  16. How DARE he do that to Sissy! I hope he returns next week!

    Big Hugs - Tiff

  17. Okay I am not sure if they still sell them but some of the taco bells had chocotacos. They went to a little freezer and got one out. The one in Cross Lanes used to sell them but I haven't thought to get one lately.

  18. Mmmm, Choco Tacos...yum. I really wanna know what movie y'all watched!

  19. You can never rely on the Ice Cream truck around here. But speaking of deserts, I headed out to Mayberry (TV one, not that fancy new one in St.A) for a banana split the other night. Yum-o.

  20. G - I know! Phhhffft!

    Ron - I hope not! :-)

    themom - I just hope we see him next week...

    kenju - I'll mention it to the regular guy (he was on vacay this week).

    ThatMommy - I know!

    Chandra - He's "supposed" to be around on Wednesdays so we'll see.

    Cute Ella - LOL.

    TGG - you n me both, sistah!

    Steven - ours plays the normal corny tunes.

    Vinomom - I'm struggling to keep up over here, myself!

    Al - I'm hoping it was just an oversight.

    Supah~D - I'll pick a special shirt for next Weds.

    Carolyn - Yeah, but she enjoyed her sundae.

    Powdergirl - It just looks delish!

    Dana - I hope so too.

    The Girl - Bastids!

    Tiff - "Regular Guy" said he'd actually come up our street...

    JBlank - I didn't know TB ever sold them. Interesting.

    Ginger - It was "Best in Show" directed by Christopher Guest.

    AC - All their desserts are yum-o. I love the fried cheesecake myself! :-)

  21. We got a choco taco from the gas station once. I know it's not the same as someone coming down your street playing music...

  22. I'm so glad Ginger asked, because I was wondering what movie you watched as well. I loved Best in Show, actually saw that in the theatre which is saying something since I rarely go to the movies.

  23. Life Interrupted.. isn't that a movie or something?

    Haven't been by in awhile.. Just catchin' up a bit.

  24. Ha! Perfect excuse to go to Dairy Queen as a family.

    Hey -- right around 6 mins in my second podcast ever I mention you! Plus, I give you a nod in my first one as I finish off a bottle fo pino grisio.