Friday, July 10, 2009

The Monster Tomato Plant

I know this will be utterly fascinating to so many of you... More updates on my pathetic little garden.

Which actually isn't too pathetic these days.

Sure, it's just 2 tomato plants and 2 bell pepper plants. I don't know if I can legally call it a garden or if it's just more of a patch of dirt where I'm growing a few plants.

Exhibit A:

Now, it is in a brick planter type thing, so that raises it up a couple of feet, but this thing just has to be close to five feet tall (or more).

The sibling plant next to it is not quite as big, but is spreading out more.

Exhibit B:

You can see at least one of my poor little pepper plants next to it. They seem to be growing taller, but I haven't seen any veggie activity on either of them. I'm still just hoping for the best.

Here's one of my largest tomatoes:

And, a couple of smaller guys:

All together, I counted 15 in various stages of development.

I planted mine a bit late in the season because it was so chilly here, even into May. I waited until after the major frost warnings had passed, so my tomatoes may be later to ripen.

I still keep an eye on them every day and am vigilant about spraying with my sooper secret red pepper and water mixture and also spraying with a water/epsom salt mix.

All the plants have enjoyed a couple of waterings with miracle gro. If I get a few edible fruits from any of these plants, I will be most pleased.

I've heard that there is a "late blight" syndrome hitting many tomatoes this year, but so far, it had not been found in WV. Because of this "late blight" issue, it is speculated that tomato prices will increase significantly.

Considering I paid $2 or $2.50 per plant, I think I'll come out ahead (at least with the 'maters - not so sure about the peppers!).

Fascinating, I know!

Next thing you know, I'm going to be blathering about mending socks in my spare (haha) time. Or, washing out sandwich baggies for 2nd, 3rd and possibly 4th uses.

Somehow I don't think that will fly with the Evil Twin.

He can get behind my money savings schemes unless it involves food and/or items that food touches.

I've already started my tightwad ways again by cutting dryer sheets in half and only using one half per load of laundry.

It's surprising, because I am the "anti-hippie". But, I do love a bargain!


  1. Funny that you are anti-hippie, when you have made friends with lots of Aussies who could not be called main stream.LOL xx♥

  2. Now that is one awesome tomato plant!


  3. At current prices here, you'll be saving 99cents/lb on tomatoes, more on "vine ripe." Peppers do cost a lot more, esp the red and yellow ones. Hope they work out for you.

  4. Boy, and we were all giving you growing tips. My tomatoes are full of fruit, but they couldn't play for the Celtics. Maybe gymnastics.

  5. My garden took off like crazy but the cold nights have slowed growth down to a crawl. I have all kinds of little squash that haven't gotten any bigger in a week, just staying the same size. And my tomatoes are badly in need of being staked up as they are falling over.

  6. Hmmmm... this gardening thing is interesting, perhaps I should give it a go. Where can I buy some bacon seeds or maybe even pepperoni seeds?

  7. I find the garden stuff fascinating. We have lovely tomato plants producing tons of green tomatoes that manage to start rotting before they even turn red.

    But out pepper plants are kicking ass!

  8. I bet those are going to be the tastiest tomatoes you've ever had too!

    I wonder if your 'maters have seen Little Shop of Horrors...

  9. We don't wash out sandwich bags, but we do wash out gallon ziploc bags. I keep my homemade loaves of bread in them, because I haven't found a better container for it yet. I don't like the idea of wasting a new gallon ziploc bag every week. I think I actually got the idea from a blogger.

  10. Cutting dryer sheets in half sounds like a good idea, I think I'll try it.
    I'm back to cooking oatmeal in the morning, mostly because Nick likes it, but it does save money-the store brand is about
    8c per serving!!! You can't beat breakfast for 3 for under a quarter!

  11. Looks like you need to do some pruning!
    Tomato plants are famous for frivolity in their wardrobes.
    That means they make way more leaves than they need. If you remove a bunch of leaves the fruit will ripen much more quickly as the sun will be better able to do its job.
    I hate doing that because I love the effusiveness of the crazy things, but I love me some fresh toms so I bite the bullet.
    You just go ahead and wash zip-locks all you want. We won't tell ET.

  12. Our tomato plants are twins !!! Mine look exactly like yours. I have big Jalapeño peppers already, but my Bell's are suffering :(

  13. Natalie - I'm pretty far from main stream myself. :-)

    G - Thanks!

    Carolyn - I've heard that the peppers are slower growers than the tomatoes, so I still have my fingers crossed!

    SugarCain - I don't know why that one is so tall! Crazy!

    Susan - We've had to do some staking too.

    Ron - Surely, there is at least one veggie you like and could grow! ;-)

    Paige - Perhaps we could trade tomatoes for peppers if my peppers continue to do nothing. :-)

    Warren - I hope they are tasty. Don't worry, we don't let them watch TV.

    3C - I have no problems with reusing bags or foil when it comes to bread products. :-)

    MEL - I've done it in the past and just moved away from it. The half sheets work just as well!

    Powdergirl - Thanks for the tip! I'll prune this weekend! :-)

    The Girl - I'm glad your tomatoes and jalapenos are doing well. Maybe there's something up with pepper plants this year?

  14. That is one big tomato plant...with alot of 'big balls' on them! Looks like you'll be eating 'fresh out of the garden" in no time!

    BTW..I have been guilty of washing my plastic sandwich bags out..they are so darn expensive! Gotta save every penny we can now a days!

  15. Mmmm, tomatoes. I love them. Hope they turn red for you and also hope those peppers cooperate!

  16. My stepmother washes and reuses baggies, mulitple times. I find this terribly disgusting, and would rather use containers that are actually meant to be washed and reused. Wouldn't you? Blech.

  17. Do you get good results with only half of a dryer sheet? If so, I'll try that too.

  18. Actually, I am impressed lol :) My tomato plants are much much smaller. My son planted them from seed and this is our "experiment" garden. So keep an eye on those tomatoes for that is why we plant our own veggies!! Cheaper and healthier!! :)

  19. By golly.. it appears you have a green thumb...I have some broccoli.. that is now gone to see, it is pretty though!

  20. wow. i cannot grow ANYTHING! except kids. lol

  21. I am having the hardest time being patient with my tomatoes! I am ready. Now!!

  22. There are some great tips. I left an award for you at my place - enjoy.

  23. Wow, I'm going to have to take a closer look at your 'mater plant!