Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Exciting Evening

On Sunday, when we got home from grocery shopping and I was opening the front door, a little (like really teeny) blue tailed skink (lizard) helped himself to the inside of our house.

Now, I love the reptiles, the spiders - basically all creepy crawlies that aren't: roaches, flies, silverfish, bees, or mosquitoes.

I was worried about our new little housemate and made the attempt to locate him, but came up empty handed.

Then, on Monday afternoon, I see him skitter across the floor in the den (family room, TV room, whatever you want to call it). So, I got a really tall plastic cup and tried to track him.

He might have been small, but he was VERY fast too.

I gave up on the chase.

Buddy's friend had spent the night on Sunday and was here with us for dinner on Monday too (his mom had to work the evening shift), so we were eating dinner when Sissy asked for a cup of ice water. I came into the den to get her cup and saw our little lizard friend zip across the room again.

By that time, I had finished eating and so had the boys, so we all jumped into the fray to try to catch our little friend. Couches and love seats were all pulled out from the walls (note to self: clean all the dust bunnies off the wood floor, for the love of Pete, that's disgusting!).

We chased and laughed and sweated! Finally, I caught him sitting still and put the cup over top of him. Then, I carefully slid a piece of paper under the cup and flipped it quickly.

There he sat, all nervous looking and stuff at the bottom of the big blue cup.

I didn't get any pics because of the general chaos in the house - my main goal was to save this little lizard and let him back outside before he starved and ended up petrified in one of our closets or something.

All the kids wanted a look at him in the cup before I released him out back.

As soon as he was deposited on the brick planter he took off like a shot, but I know we'll see him again. We have loads of those lizards around our house. :-)


  1. Good job! I'm sure he is grateful for another day basking in the sunshine.xx♥

  2. I love those blue tailed skinks! I had one in the tank with my pet anoles for a while before my brother felt bad for it and let it go.

  3. Disco version of the Geico commercial.

  4. My son loves skinks. He actually slept with a stuffed animal one last night. He would have loved to see that, but perhaps not in our house. :-)

  5. My kids always love the random lizards we get around here....that is, until they start moving - that's when the shrieking begins.

  6. I don't know ...

    Without and "proof", this sounds like a big fish ... ummm ... errr ... lizard tale to me!

  7. We have lots of them here too, but not a one has ever tried to come in the house.

    I'm glad you can keep your son's friend when his mom has to work. You're an angel!

  8. Nice story. I can't stand to kill anything that is living, even if it is bugging me in my house lol. Funnily enough I just saw a little woodlouse running along the carpet and had to scoop him up and take him out. Silly bugger.

  9. I love moments like those !! It reminds me of the day the parkeets got out of their cage :)

  10. Don't skinks eat dust bunnies?

  11. i kinda wish we had lizards around here. you can find a salamander if you look real hard but no lizards.

  12. Eeeck. I would sit with my feet up on the couch until that thing was caught! I'm a girl like that though! You're tough!!!

  13. Man, you've got to be fast to catch one of those little suckers! Or, you plain wore him down into giving up. LOL

  14. I wouldn't have been able to leave that room until I'd found him and given him his freedom. Well done.

  15. I love seeing those little lizards, we get them on our porch a lot! I don't know if I could catch one though! Good Job.

  16. I love those little guys! I am not sure what my 'rents have in texas but my mom is terrified of them and screams like a bitch every time she sees one. Even after I explained that they are eating bugs she still doesn't like them. Silly woman!

  17. Natalie - I hope we see him again!

    Blair - they really are cute!

    Shiny Rod - Yep! :-)

    3C - I know it makes some people squeamish... :-)

    Gigi - Sissy is like that. Fine at a distant, but let it move in her direction and she'll squeal like a banshee!

    Ron - It was fun!

    Dana - Hand to heart - I'm telling the truth. I'll get a picture of one outside sometime!

    Kenju - we enjoy having him. He's a lovely young man.

    AC - I scoop up everything! :-)

    The Girl - Our parakeet is tame, so he's free to fly out. He always returns to his cage.

    Tiff - I imagined him being REAL thirsty by the time he got out! LOL.

    Susan - We're like a wildlife refuge around here!

    JFab - My mom was the same way! (like you).

    BB - I think having three kids and a grown up after him might have tuckered him out a bit!

    Clippy Mat - But he was SO tiny, I did look really hard on Sunday night, but had to give up.

    Vinomom - We have them all over our back patio. I love seeing them, too.

    The Dish - I think your mom and my mom went to the same school of reptile hatred. LOL.

  18. I bet that was a sight! Sounds like everyone had a good time playing find the skink. We used to have geckos all over the place in Hawaii. At first, they kind of freaked me out because they would be on the ceiling, but after awhile we got used to 'em.

  19. Loads of lizards? In your house?? Um. We city dwellers don't know abut that stuff. It sounds quite scary. Um. I don't think I want to sleep over anymore - although video games until 5 AM does sound tempting.

  20. Ohhh, exciting stuff especially for the kids!

    Me on the other hand..I wouldn't have left my couch until he came crawling out of his whole.

  21. lol sounds like some good family fun!
    Maybe you should release one in the house every once in awhile and make it a family event ha-ha