Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tales From a Gadget Geek

I got a new "thing" this week. Actually, I got one and returned it and ordered a different one.

Let me explain.

This is my newest toy:

I first ordered the Flip Ultra HD - it arrived and I called customer service to find out how long the FlipShare program normally took to upload, because it seemed to be taking a while.

They have awesome customer service, but in the course of our conversation, I found out that the HD camera needed a much faster processing speed than my computer provided.

Now, I had done my research on this thing (I'm always leary about things being compatible with Vista 64, since I've encountered problem after problem). I never saw where a processor speed was offered as a technicality. So, the video was very choppy.

I called the company I had ordered it from - a certain well known book seller - and they offered to send a UPS label for return and then I ordered the Flip Ultra (not HD), which again, I did my homework on and I had all the necessary crap on my computer to handle it.

I wasn't about to buy a new computer or have a faster processor installed - that would have cost more than a new laptop alone! And, we all know, the Evil Twin's Wife is cheap.

The best news is I saved $50 on the non HD camera and I'm happy as a clam with it.

It can record up to 2 hours of video and it has a handy USB "arm" that flips out to transfer the video from the camera to the computer! It couldn't be any easier. Plus, I can email video, upload it to MySpace, YouTube, etc. very easily.

I'm seeing all kinds of cool video applications for this thing. The Evil Twin sees only one application: dirty home movies. It does have a tripod mount and we do own a tripod... Just please, don't let me end up on some YouP*rn site! LOL.

I actually bought it because we have almost no video footage of Sissy. Buddy has hours and hours on end, but poor Sissy and the 2nd child Syndrome, has very little.

I want to preserve some of her childhood on video too. So, we're off to explore our little Flip and make some fun memories!


  1. Good idea to record Sissy too. I remember the day my sister (2nd born) opened her baby book to learn that Mama had written one thing in there - my sister's name.

  2. I have been going through and editing all the old home movies I took over the years. It takes a lot to make them watchable without people getting seasick! But for all those times that people at family gatherings poked fun at me for always being "Steven Spielberg", they are happy to see the results 10 and 15 years later.

    Even if you don't sit and watch the movies right now, Sissy will appreciate it later. Good move!

    Now, off to go check YouPr0n...

  3. Hmmmm ... you'll have to let us know how this works for you!

    I'm a bad mom - the only video I have of my son is the stuff he took on his own.

  4. I have very little video of Thing One since my ex used her video to record an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I bought a camcorder two years ago but found it too bulky so this might be the thing I need.

  5. I used a Flip for all my video production.

  6. I can see a technician at youporn right now reading the stats on web searches and wondering why "Evil Twin's Wife" keeps popping up today. :)

  7. very cool! I know a few people who have this & LOVE it! hmmmm...maybe I'll "suggest" this for my upcoming anniversary! :)

  8. Toys are fun. Now maybe there'll be more videos taken---and shared!--in your household. :-D

  9. Everybody I know who has a Flip just loves it. The video quality is amazing. I agree about the HD version though. You have to have a pretty snazzy computer for it to be useful to you.

    And I'm going to keep an eye on RedTube just in case your video shows up there. LOL

    Oh, also it should be pointed out that the Flip is perfect for vlogs. I'm just saying. ;-)

  10. Nice new toy!
    I'm terrible for that 'youngest child' thing too. Miles of documentation on the oldest, and then the poor youngest's coverage is sporadic at best.
    Why is that?

  11. I've wondered about these little video camera's. You'll have to really try it out and give us your honest opinion.

    I'm tired of lugging my camera around to take video's of everything..this would be so handy and convenient!

  12. I'm the middle child. There are almost no pictures of my childhood either. Seems Sissy and I are kindred spirts. LOL

  13. We have this and I absolutely LOVE it. Easiest thing on earth and quality is fantastic. Enjoy.

  14. I'm in agreement with the Evil Twin, is there a better use than dirty home movies? I may have to look into the purchase too.

  15. SugarCain - there's that 2nd child syndrome! LOL.

    Dave - I think it's important to preserve some of this time with her. She's so sweet (but a demon).

    Dana - Well, you have *something*. :-)

    Robynbeth - this is smaller than my hand. I love it and it cost less than many digital cameras.

    Steve - Cool!

    Ron - Oh, brother! Don't say that! LOL.

    TGG - The price is certainly right!

    Dave - I'm trying to decide what to record that I would put on my blog here...

    Jay - I thought about a vlog. We'll see....

    Powdergirl - I guess we just get busy with all the juggling for two and have less time to devote to videos, albums, etc.

    Chandra - It already has my seal of approval on price! :-)

    Lisa - the Evil Twin's sister is the middle child and I think she got slighted a bit too. She always says she did everything early because she had to do it for herself (i.e. no one paid attention to her LOL).

    JennyMac - I'm looking forward to playing around with it!

  16. Al - Too funny. $129 and it can be yours, too!

  17. Enjoy your new toy! Let us know how it works The Husband wants one!

  18. Hurry and post some stuff on YouTube! It sounds sooo cool!

  19. Boy they should give you something for posting that, I bet you helped them sell a few. I myself think I will pick up a non HD version as well.

  20. Ive just been playing with my sisters Flip and I want one too. The non HD takes great footage, given enough light.


  21. I just saw one of these in an ad and thought it looked really cool, and super simple with the USB thingie. I want one!

  22. You're so smart of get video of yoru kids! Shark's voice has changed and that sweet little boy voice is gone - forver!!

  23. The Dish - I already love it.

    Inanna - It's really neat. Check it out next time you're here. :-)

    JFab - I'm not sure if I'm *that* ready for prime time! LOL.

    ThatMommy - I love new junk!

    Tamis - That's what I was thinking! Flip owes me some kick back! :-)

    Michelle - I've been very pleased with it.

    Ginger - $129. How can you refuse?

    Momma - we had always been big on taping the kids, but the last miniDV camera we bought was confusing. This is SO easy. I had it figured out in less than an hour!

  24. That's cheap! What a great find. Have fun with it.

  25. I've been looking at the flip and a knock off that a certain well known book seller has been offering, with fairly good reviews for a while now.

    I've been considering it for my nine year old, but am worried it's just too expensive of a toy just yet. Maybe in a year or two. Plus I'm honestly afraid of what that child might post on you tube.

    While I do love my camera The Boyfriend got me last christmas, I took a 20 minute video in Virginia at the Safari Park that is too big to upload to Youtube or email to anyone. The Flip Ultra would have come in useful in that case I think.

  26. WOW..that sounds so very cool...I want one too!!! ;)

  27. I'm thinking about getting one too!

    Is it sad that RedTube applications didn't even cross my mind?

  28. I totally just won that camera. And it RULES!

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