Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Mornings

Most Mondays, I wake up and hit the ground running. Not so much today.

I guess it's the grey, overcast morning that has done me in. Zapped my motivation.

Of course, I need to find some energy somewhere, because today is grocery shopping day. I can't wait! (sarcasm...). LOL.

I'm grateful that it's a quiet morning, though. Sissy is coloring and even Apple the parakeet is not as annoying as usual.

I think I'm going to get a cup of coffee and kick back on the couch for a little bit. Then, I'll get in the shower and get my day moving. I guess there really is no need to hurry about.

The grocery store is open AAALLLL day (actually, it's open 24 hours a day!).

Random thought of the day: When I turned our overhead light on this morning, a bulb popped as I flicked the switch. Why does that always seem to happen that way? It's rare that one just burns out on its own. It's mostly when I'm turning it on...Is it me? Or is there some sort of scientific explanation of this phenomenon?

Better put light bulbs on the shopping list...


  1. I'm curious to know about the lightbulb thing too. It always seems to happen when it's starting to get dark out and there's even LESS light in the bathroom.

    Hope you have a fabulous Monday!

  2. lol i've never really thought about it but that light bulb thong is SO true. Have a great day!

  3. They only ever blow on me when I flip the switch. Don't know if it is universal but if it happens to both of us, it can't be just a fluke.

    Enjoy your lazy morning. The Mart of Wal will still be there this afternoon! ;)

  4. Monday's should be outlawed, but then I guess Tuesdays would then be the bad day of the week. Good luck at the Evil Empire!

  5. It's cuz you so HOT! lol.. all that boobage.


  6. You are electric!

    Hope you find your motivation!

  7. Mondays suck - but I am happy that we at elast finally got our power back. I've spent the morning cleaning out the fridge and freezer....

    Hope your day gets going and it turns out to be a peaceful one!

  8. Cute Ella - Ya think they just *know* when it irritates us most? :-)

    ThatMommy - I think it's a conspiracy!

    The Dish - Yep. It'll be there all day and I'm currently waiting on the mail, then we'll go.

    Ron - Thanks. I've noticed if I go later in the day on a weekday, it's not as crazy.

    Supah~D - If that was the case, we'd be in the dark all the time. LOL!!!

    Tamis - It is 1 pm and I am finally ready to leave the house!

    Momma - That sucks about the power going out. But, I'm glad you have it back now!

  9. I hate Mondays. I'm having trouble getting motivated as well. The same trouble I had yesterday.

  10. I think it's the surge of electricity that does it.

    I was not wanting to get out of bed at all this morning either, so I feel ya! The weather is nice here but a bit overcast and it will most likely rain.

  11. My bulbs always pop. Very rarely does one just not turn on anymore.

  12. I think that it's the extra electricity that pops them, or something like that.

  13. "I KNOW, I KNOW...PICK ME!!!!!" carried away...The reason is that the sudden in-rush of current (as ginger said) causes the thinner parts of the filament to get hotter than the rest of the bulb quicker...which results in the bulb burning out.

    See....I am useful! ;)

  14. Wow! Efen has solved the mystery of the light bulb. Now if someone can explain how I can get my husband to be the one to do the light bulb changing, I'm set for life!

    I, too, had the don't wanna do blues, but Mama Buzzardbilly surprised me with needing labwork done as early as possible. And I thought 24-hour notices were bad. Hah! So, I couldn't take my anxiety meds or I would've gotten too sleepy to drive.

    I fucking hate Mondays. Only thing worse than Mondays are Monday appointments!

  15. Mondays stink. I really miss a nice gray rainy day. I hope you got a little extra rest and enjoyed your shopping trip.

  16. It ended up sunny and nice here. Hope your Wal-Mart adventure went well!

  17. Hope you got some relaxing time in before heading to the grocery store! I am heading upstairs to get my paint job done :)

  18. Glad to finally know the real story behind the popping lightbulbs, I thought it was just my house trying to scare me. So what's up with all those slamming doors? I wish someone would tell me the real story behind that.

    I have to go to the evil empire today, now that's some real scary stuff. I do hate that place. Mostly I hate listening to my husband complain the entire time that we're in there. If it wasn't for the Ativan, I'm sure I'd be an alcoholic.

    Well, guess I'll go share my special brand of cheerfulness with others now...

  19. Inanna - Mondays are the sucketh!

    Vinomom - Plus, it's been a bit cool in the mornings here, too. Makes it hard to get motivated.

    The Girl - Same here, and it startles me every time!

    Ginger - Whatever it is, it's annoying!

    Efen - Thank you!!! But, does it always have to make that awful popping sound? ;-)

    BB - Monday appointments just make me angry!

    A. - The sun finally came out and the store trip was not bad at all! ;-)

    Mary - It was sunny here too after a bit. :-)

    Lisha - Only relaxing if you can count the laundry list of things I needed to do *before* leaving the house. LOL.

    MEL - Have fun and remember: Tuesdays are Senior Citizen days! (they're the worst at being shufflers and side cart parkers). Have fun!

  20. I've had a burnt out bulb in the kitchen for a good month or two now. I'm in real trouble with the other one goes and I'm trying to change both bulbs in complete darkness - because it never happens in broad daylight. I have a perfectly good reason for not changing it yet (not just being lazy). I can't actually reach the damn thing even with my two step stepstool and it frustrates to stand on my tiptoes to take off the glass cover w/o dropping it and then I can't reach to put the glass bulb back's just a PITA.

  21. This has been the strangest summer weather I remember for quite some time - everywhere in the country!

    The light bulb? Let me research that one - I'm a geek like that!