Wednesday, July 22, 2009


It's a teeny pepper!

Can you see it? Click to see it larger.

The wildest thing is that these little teeny peppers SMELL like regular peppers one would find at the grocery. Soooo cute!

I just want to pick it right on off and eat it! But, it's smaller than a dime, so I should be patient! ;-)

Buddy loves peppers - of all types. He states he will eat them all. I plan on using some in recipes if they become ripe enough.

We're all excited about our "garden" shit.

It's pathetic, actually. LOL.

Today finds me going to pay personal property taxes (long story on that one) and dropping off a package to UPS.

Perhaps the kids and I will grab lunch at Wendy's - my most beloved of all fast food places. Mmmmm.

I've got to get out and water my plants - even though it looks like it might rain later on. I like to go out and check on them anyway.

Like the Evil Twin said the other day: "We're becoming old people who just sit around and talk about their gardens and their ailments all the time." LOL.

Have a glamorous Wednesday! :-)


  1. Once you master the Maters and Peppers you can move on to "Other" crops, of a recreational variety, that might supplement your income :) Then you can do a vacation in the Bahamas!

  2. I am so green with pepper envy. Next year, I will do it!

  3. Your peppers are going to town. Mine are the size of peas.

  4. Yeah! Little pepper. Love it.

  5. I feel like one of those old people too. I garden, knit and complain about my cronic fatigue. Good times.

  6. I tried to grow tomatoes once. The rabbits ate most of them. I thought about shooting the rabbits and having rabbit stew. But, they're just so damn cute.

    I suck. ;-)

  7. That is so awesome! I'm excited for you! Plus you can invite me over for stuffed peppers! WHOO HOO!

  8. not to brag or anything but my green peppers are almost big enough to pick and i've already harvested zucchini, squash, broccoli, jalapeno peppers and one banana pepper. i hope you get a bountiful harvest this year. and i hope i can find someone who wants lots of squash cuz i'm sick of looking at it already.

  9. Thankfully, I have a neighbor who fills my produce drawer. His peppers are not quite ready, and he is having trouble with tomotoes this year - go figure.

    You are awesome with your green thumb.

  10. Awww, they are so cute! And green. Good job!

    I like Wendy's too. I ordered a medium coke once and I swear it was a gallon at least. Definitely the thrifty luncher's place :0)

  11. My very glamorous Wednesday will include cutting the grass, harvesting my yellow beans, pruning the tomato plants of all their extra leaves and very likely bitching and moaning about heat-stroke a little later in the day.

    I think I'll wear a feather boa, and maybe carry an extra long cigarette holder.

  12. yeah for your peppers! I like them as long as they are not hot. Yuck for property taxes!!!!

  13. Oh, they are so cute. Whens dinner?

  14. Heehaw ETW! Congrats on the pepper. We talk garden all the time too. I guess we're becoming old people too. So, how's your colon? Mine is doing fine this week, but last week...oh, now what were we talking about?

  15. Your gardening skills are taking over what we all really want to know about...the!

    way to go with the garden. I couldn't grow anything to save my soul so more powere to ya!

  16. I wanted to plant bell peppers, but there weren't any plants available, so we ended up with Italian Roaster Red Peppers...They're growing, though! It's so hard to wait until things are ripe! :-)

  17. Ron - Are you talking hydroponics? LOL.

    Robynbeth - It's been really fun for us this year.

    SugarCain - Just give them time...Mine were like peas last week. :-)

    Karen - I can't get over how tiny, but perfect they are.

    Lisa - I knit, too. LOL.

    Jay - Maybe a wire fence would help?

    BG - Stuffed peppers are one of my specialties. :-)

    Susan - I'm sure you can find willing takers on your leftovers!

    themom - I'm still cautiously optimistic over here.

    Leighmo - I'm always shocked at Wendy's when I get handed a vat of iced tea...and that's the small!

    Powdergirl - I would rather prune my plants than what I have to do today (taxes).

    JFab - These are just bell peppers, so not hot. Property tax does sucketh.

    Shiny Rod - In about a month?:-)

    Warren - It doesn't bother me for anyone else to talk about their colons, but once my MIL launches into her ass problems, I just want to stab my eardrums out! LOL.

    Chandra - There will be a day when I am bored and *voila* a picture of the girls will go up.

    3C - I had a hard time finding the 2nd plant, it was definitely slim pickens when I went back a week after I bought the first one.

  18. I have 5 hot peppers and only one little lonely bell :(

  19. Forget stuffed peppers. These you want to eat raw, in a salad. Then you can really taste the fruits of your labour. Good job, btw.

  20. I suggest approaching the tax-man in said feather boa.
    That always works.

  21. awww, thats so cute.

    I really like the red ones, yummo.

    FYI, in Australia, we call them Capsicum.


  22. Maybe we are becoming old...oh, am I driving? :-)

    BTW, your little green pepper is sooooooooooo cute!

  23. am I the only one that thought you wrote to look at the tiny pecker?

  24. The Girl - Hot peppers are great, though!

    voyeur36 - My son loves them raw. I can eat them if there's some ranch dressing sitting nearby! ;-)

    Ginger - I couldn't believe they actually already smell like ripe peppers!

    Powdergirl - If my low rise short shorts and shirts of few buttons can't help me, nothing will. LOL.

    Jen - Buddy loves them all (red, yellow and green).

    MEL - I know! I can't help but just look at the teeny ones and marvel on how cute!

    Tamis - You and your gutter mind! Besides, no one wants to look at a TINY pecker! LOL.

  25. Growing something is no small accomplishment. I do flowers, but have not attempted veggies yet. Kudos!

  26. That is so fine! I would love to have a garden!!

    What is your favorite item(s) at Wendy's?

  27. LOL, talking about your garden and ailments.