Friday, July 24, 2009

Finally Friday

And I love alliteration.

And this is late because the Evil Twin and I watched another Christopher Guest movie last night. "For Your Consideration", which was very funny as usual.

He is much like John Waters in that he uses the same stable of actors for most of his films. Also, his movies are very loosely scripted, so it's up to the actors to provide appropriate dialogue. The results are hilarious.

So, I stayed up too late watching the movie and thusly, a late blog.

My plans for today are: having lunch with a new friend - a local blogger I've not yet met, but we are Facebook friends and I read her blog: Muzings. I'm looking forward to meeting her! She is probably the only other female conservative in this area, so I know we will be fast friends. I hope my hooligans (kids) behave themselves....I have to drag them along.

Well, I'm off to water my plants and my bursitis isn't acting up, so I'll take that as a good sign it won't rain today. LOL.

I really need to get moving if I plan on being on time for my lunch date!

Have a great Friday!! :-)


  1. Oh have wicked fun! I'm adding that movie to my Netflix (if I can) right now to check it out.

  2. Enjoy your lunch! I am sure Buddy and Sissy will be angels. ;)

  3. I'm jealously jazzed that you get to meet another blogger. Did you catch that alliteration?

  4. How fun.. if we lived near you we would be friends too.. as we are also conservative!!!

    I will be away over weekend, will pop in when back on Monday..

  5. Dammit, my friends are going out for lunch and I want to got to but I have to drive my addicts around this morning.
    Oh well, maybe I'll see something funny in the parking lot.
    Have fun with your new conservative friend : )

  6. What? Another conservative blogger?? How in the world did you find that? LOL... Have fun at the lunch. We need to set a time and meet for lunch again someday.

  7. Hope your hooligans (I call my bits that, too!) were good (I know they were; I've been out to eat with you before!) and your meeting with your new friend went well. Have a good weekend, my friend!

  8. Oooh, I think Best in Show is my favorite Guest movie.

    Hope you have a great time at lunch. I have yet to meet any of my fellow bloggers in "real life."

  9. That is very cool you've meant so many bloggers in person. :) I would be afraid it would be awkward. I don't know why I think that since I can pretty much talk to anyone.

    I hope you have a great time!

  10. Hehe@hooligans. My Mother always said to me and my sister whenever we went somewhere, "Now don't act like hooligans' ;)

  11. I read on FB tht you enjoyed meeting her - I'm glad for you! You know how much I enjoy meeting other bloggers (no matter their politics....LOL)

  12. Did you two hit it off? I'm so jealous - Momma wants to meet ETW, too!!

  13. Don't know about Chris Guest but Ryan Reynolds did an excellent job in "Definitely, Maybe".

  14. SO jealous!! I wanna meet you!! lol. I hope you had a great meeting!! How cool is that???

  15. I hope you had a great time.

    I have only ever met one blog friend in real life - it was just like we'd known each other forever, no awkwardness at all, really great :)


  16. From time to time I see your name at Judy's site (Kenju), so I thought I'd drop by. Busy Blog, but beautiful. Interesting, too.

  17. Cute Ella - It was good, not great, but good - entertaining. :-)

    The Dish - They did okay.

    SugarCain - Love the alliteration. I've met loads of bloggers actually - at least 10 that I can think off the top of my head.

    Jan - I'll catch you on Monday, then!

    Powdergirl - I'd love to have lunch with you too. You must visit WV. :-)

    Ron - Oh, ha ha! And yes, look at your calendar and see if anything looks good to you.

    ThatMommy - You too! Mine is fairly dull so far, but I haven't broken into the wine for tonight. LOL.

    JFab - It was nice. We went to Rio Grande (the same one we met at).

    Ginger - Come to WV. I can introduce you to a bunch!

    Vinomom - Actually all the people I've met were all very cool and I felt like I already "knew" them by reading their blogs.

    TGG - Can't go wrong with Mexican!

    Efen - I liken going out with them like shopping with drunken monkeys.

    Kenju - I hope to see YOU again soon!

    Momma - All my regulars know they have an open invitation to visit WV!

    Shiny Rod - I'll have to check that one out! Thanks!

    Lisha - If you're ever near Charleston, let me know. :-)

    G - Yep, same for me. I guess reading their blogs gives a sense of already "knowing" them.

    Paul - Thanks for stopping by. I'll visit your blog soon! :-)

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  19. Oh, dear. A conservative? Sigh!

    Hope you had a lovely weekend after that!

  20. I hope the blogger meet-up went well!

    Conservative women ... a dying breed *wink*

  21. Try looking for another conservative lesbian. Took me a while to find another one! ;)

    Hope you had a wonderful time!

  22. So glad to have met you! I cannot believe that I haven't met you before.

  23. Love me some CG - will have to look up this movie.

    Hope lunch was a hit!