Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Peppery Update

On my two pepper plants, I have eight teeny tiny little peppers! There is still hope alive with those things!

The plants themselves (leaves) are still pitiful looking, even though I spray them daily with a dose of water/epsom salt.

I really need to get back to doing my writing at night and setting it to post early the next morning. This writing while Sissy is awake (read: super needy) isn't working out for me so well.

But, we had a power outage last night just after 7 pm and didn't get the power back until after 9. We spent time outside - where it was cooler than in the house, even though I got eaten alive by mosquitoes.

It was still cooler and it gave me time to lovingly look over my "garden".

But, by the time the power came back on, I had a million other things to tend to and didn't get around to my blog.

So you get my scattered thoughts while I wait on Sissy hand and foot, listen to an episode of Spongebob I've probably seen 500 times by now and simultaneously try to block out the annoying bird chatter.

I'm a woman of many talents, I tell ya!

I wanted to share this picture of our shed. I thought it looked neat in the early evening with the shadow of the bird feeder cast upon it.

The shed came with the house and I suspect the prior owner built it. It's nice and roomy inside and the Evil Twin parks his mower and other lawn stuff in there (we only have a carport: no garage).

Have a great Tuesday! I think we're headed to the pool in a bit!


  1. I don't have a garage either and I don't have a cool shed :(

    I had to buy one of those Rubbermaid sheds to hold all my mower crap and supplies.

    Good luck wit dem peppers!

  2. Oh, I wish I planted a garden this summer. I didn't because of how I was out of town for most of June. Mmmm, is it too late for a Topsy Turvy?

  3. Glad the peppers are finally sprouting for you! Enjoy the pool.

  4. I LOVE a good garden shed and I want Ron to build one out of wood, not plastic. Please correct him for me : D
    The bird-feeder shadow is perfect, thanks for sharing.
    Yeah, the little miss sounds like she keeps you hopping!

  5. Our tomatoes are turning yellow faster than the fruit is turning red. Bummer. I have fingers crossed for your peppers!

  6. I think your shed with bird feeder shadow is very artistic.

    Any idea why no power?

  7. Why the salt in the water you use for plants? I hadn't heard of it.

    We've got a couple peppers, too!

  8. One of the houses I looked at when house hunting had a shed like this maybe a little bigger. I hated the house but SCM thought the shed would make an awesome small practice room. I concurred.

    Although not a good enough reason to buy it.

  9. Love the picture with the tree shadows and the red on the roof.

    I notice all time I keep hearing the same Hannah Montana but the kids always act like they have never seen it before, what is with that?

    Have fun at the pool.

  10. Ron - You're so handy! And Powdergirl wants you to build a real wooden one!

    Robynbeth - I have one of those things, but haven't used it. It has mixed reviews...You could *try*. :-)

    The Dish - I'm happy about the peppers too. The pool would have been 100 times more enjoyable if I had been there by myself. :-)

    Powdergirl - Some people think sheds are junky, but I really love ours. I think it's cute!

    Tiff - Maybe you bought an unusual variety? I'll keep my fingers crossed for your 'maters!

    Kathleen - Thanks! And around here, if it rains a lot we might lose power, but this one was a mystery. Luckily, it doesn't happen often!

    3C - A commenter said it would keep the bugs off the leaves. I don't know if it's working, but I keep doing it.

    Christine - Not a good enough reason at all, but luckily, we loved the house and the shed!

    Tamis - Our house is white with red trim too - so I think he was going for a matching look! Kids can watch the same show over and over again. I don't get it, either!

  11. Geez...I wish I had a shed, especially a wooden one..they are so cool! My garden consists of 3 cucumber plants...and it looks like frost will get them before I get any cucumbers :(

  12. Your shed is almost as big as my house!

  13. At least your getting some peppers, mine is still trying to grow. The tomato plant gave up on me, no more topsy turvy. Gonna do it traditional like. The first basil plants went with the tomato so I'm on my second batch. i've started these from seeds instead of buying them from Lowes.

  14. Peter Pecker Picked a Pack of Peppy Peppers.. right?? Or something like that!

    Greeny thumb... you are. :)

  15. Woohoo!! You are doing better than us lol :)

  16. Now I'm curious... I thought salt was bad for plants! The road salt that gets ploughed up onto my yard during the winter kills all the grass AND weeds in the lawn next to the street. Not sure what the diff is between road salt and epsom salt... I'm going to have to do some research now. Good luck with your "garden." My one tomato plant has several tomatoes on it now and one is starting to redden. I love your pix of the shed. I can see why it caught your eye and made you grab the camera! Great capture!
    Love & Light~
    OM girl

  17. we have a garage. and a shed. but sadly, no peppers :(

  18. Efen - I hope you get some cukes!

    Paul - LOL. I doubt that!

    Shiny Rod - The pepper plants look so pathetic, I'm surprised I'm getting anything.

    Supah~D - I don't know yet. Until ripe fruit appears, I'm still sweating it!

    Lisha - We shall see....

    Becky - I found this article: http://gardening.about.com/od/organicgardenin1/f/Epsom_Salts.htm. I guess the jury is still out on the benefits.

    ThatMommy - We may only end up with a shed and nothing else! LOL.

  19. Great day for the pool!

    You didnt have power again? Sucks.

  20. Hey.. I have been so busy, I have not come to visit anyone, and now you have peppers to go with the tomatoes!

    The picture is great!

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  22. What a co-inky-dink...I am listening to Spongebob right now, and I'm sure it's one I've heard a thousand times before. It seems that Spongebob is always on.