Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Monday & Tuesday

Monday was shopping day, as we all know. I had some other errands to run, so I had to go to the WM I don't usually go to (simply because it was closer in proximity to my other errands).

I really don't like it just in general, but on Monday, they were re-arranging the store. Which made it like shopping in a war zone. People were careening all over the place. I couldn't find anything and Sissy had to be taken to the restroom 3 times (twice because she said she had to poo and then didn't do anything while I stood there for 5 minutes each time! Argh!).

Plus, I had to get an onion and the onion bin was teeming with fruit flies (or gnats or something). I feared for my hand as I reached in to grab an onion. Buddy and I stood there and laughed about the grossness of it while I tried to find an onion that wasn't already half rotten. We're a disgusting family. Sissy doesn't even stand a chance...

I hate that Mart of Wal (the Evil Empire or the Super Satan, take your pick).

It took way longer than usual for me to pick up my pretty much never changing list.

We got home and Buddy had a friend over. The friend ended up spending the night - which is always fine with me, but they always stay up way too late. Tuesday, Buddy was grumpy and so I sent him back to his room for more sleep.

While he slept the day away, I used it as an opportunity to get caught up with all the blogs I read. I did all that and felt accomplished!

Then, I get up this morning and realize I'm just as behind as I was before! You people are verbose!

Today will be pool day - it's sunny and not too hot, so it should be nice. I guess I'll get caught back up again tonight.... That is, if I'm not too busy semi-flashing Hyperion on the web cam. LOL. He loves me, cause I'm crazy (in a good way).


  1. Why was I not informed of the web cam flashing??? Sheesh.... have fun at the pool!

  2. i hate certain walmarts too. have fun at the pool. we'll try to um...shut up for a while??/? :)

  3. You were clearly at the Walmart by my house ;-)

    I swear they do it so I have to look at more stuff and end up buying more stuff! Argh. Annoying.

    Enjoy the pool!

  4. Ahhh, the pool - going after work. Have a great day with the kiddies !

  5. what better time to flash someone than after a lovely afternoon at the pool?

  6. Tan lines are hot! Enjoy the pool, Oh Glamorous One!

  7. They are re-doing our Mart of Wal, too. What a major pain in the ass!! It took my husband 1 1/2 hours to do the shopping last week...are they painting the interior walls a really ugly yellow color at your Mart? That's what they got going on down makes my head hurt just thinking about that awful choice of color.

  8. Have fun at the pool! I'm jealous. Still here in Utah unpacking my crap. Well, except when I'm goofing off reading blogs. Oh well.

  9. The store I shop at most often has the worst produce sometimes. I always feel every apple in a bag before putting it in my cart.

  10. Don't get me started on Wal-mart. They are forever shifting things around and I hate that they carry two brands of things. So you can either buy Prego pasta sauce, for example, or Ragu and that's it. No further choices.

  11. Ron - It was nothing that hasn't been seen around here constantly! LOL.

    ThatMommy - No, carry on. I'll get caught up (only to fall behind again...damn that sleep I need!)

    CuteElla - I almost lost my mind trying to find stuff!

    The Girl - it was fun, but the water was a bit chilly. :-)

    Tiff - I need some liquid courage first. LOL.

    Nonya - Tan lines ARE hot!

    Gigi - I didn't see them doing any painting. Who knows what they're up to?

    A. - Everyone needs some down time. :-)

    3C - I am almost personally offended when all I see is questionable produce.

    AC - The one in Cross Lanes has more than two brands of spaghetti sauce (like Newman's and Bertolli's, etc.). You might want to check that one out (it's the best one, IMO).

  12. I worked for a Wal of Mart awhile back, and if they are doing some chang-a-rooing at one, they will be doing them across the board. Everything that is placed ANYWHERE is because the poor stocking people have been told where to put isn't an accident.

    I didn't much care for the lack of creativity/overuse of rules and regulations which is why I don't work there anymore.

    I'm lucky...I get my produce from Here Let me tell you...$1 for colored peppers, fresh AND local?! We heart that place, fo sheezy.

    Have a good afternoon at the pool!

  13. I hate Wallie world bananas turn rotten in a day. I saw a bumper sticker that said....
    Mal Wart....the place where you buy cheap plastic crap.

  14. They re-arranged the store without aking you?

    For Shame WM!
    That could have caused an OCD incident!
    You may now steel chicken. You are owed.

  15. On the fourth, I had to pick up some things to take to the party. I was gonna grab some of those Mike's hard lemonade things for my sis and me, but WM only had two different kinds of the 80's style wine coolers. So, I stopped at Tarjay, and THEY didn't have any, either. We ended up with these sort of "adult juice boxes" that had sangria in them. They were good, but WTH, man?

  16. they just re-did (is that even a word?!) our Mart of Wal too...hmmmmmm. Sounds fishy. Enjoy your day by the pool!

  17. Shopping hint:
    Go to the Hurricane Walmart.

    Virtually NO customers and brand new.
    We never park more than 5 or 6 spaces from the door.

    The last time we went to the one in Cross Lanes it was wall to wall with old shufflers leaning over their carts and hoochie mamas with 8 screaming kids.
    We left our cart in the aisle and went to Hurricane.

  18. I would love to have a pool are so lucky..enjoy the kids while they are still having summer vacations!