Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yeah, yeah....I know!

No blog on Monday. I was going to set it up on Sunday night.

But, what's that old saying? The road to hell being paved with good intentions?

Well, I DID have good intentions, but I talked to a friend on the phone for a bit, I had to do my injection and I had laundry to take out of the dryer and fold.

Then, I wanted to paint my toenails and that took a while.

Finally, it was getting close to 11 pm - about my bedtime these days - so, I figured I would get up on Monday and whip something out.

Got a phone call from a friend, then had to jump in shower and get to the bank (I had to go in, so I wanted to get there before lunch), came home, made a double batch of my meatballs and then realized .... it's sort of like being halfway under a light when it turns yellow.

You know, the point of no return.

By 3 pm, no one had sent any search parties in search of me, so I just said, "F**k it - may as well wait for Tuesday!

And, here I is! :-)

On Monday evening, we were out in the backyard (hammock therapy and all that) and I got some great shots of hawks flying overhead. At one point, there were four of them gliding over our hill side. They must have seen something tasty.

If I got any really nice shots, I'll share those with you later this week!

Stay tuned for Wednesdays blog: True Confessions III. Ooooooh, I wonder what type of nuttiness I'll pull out to air for public consumption??

You don't want to miss it!

C'mon. You know you don't, right?

All I know is: you do not want to be on my bad side. I will post videos of someone getting a boil lanced or if I'm real mad, I'll haul out the video of the randy young men sexually assaulting an ottoman.

(don't click those links if you are at work, around children or just plain have a sensitive stomach! I'm warning you!)


  1. I love the videos - that boil was awesome!

  2. The ottoman dancers were far more stomach turning than the lanced boil. That was actually quite informative. I may become a brain surgeon having seen that.

  3. I am at work AND have a weak stomach, so I skipped the videos. Can't wait until Wednesday's post because it sounds like you're feeling sassy.

  4. hammock therapy sounds wonderful. love the links ... although i didn't actually click them. lol. i just love the fact that they are there;)

  5. That ottoman was such a tease and deserved everything it got!! Word!

  6. I certainly missed you yesterday. It's not easy getting through a Monday in the first place, but then having to do it without you---let's just say it wasn't pretty. Have a great Tuesday and enjoy those meatballs. Good meatballs can be heavenly.

  7. I missed you yesterday, I was assuming that you were busy at the pool sunning the girls. Ok, I'm going to hint you.... be discreet if you know who I'm talking about. Remember back on Twitter when I was trying to get ahold of someone and you told me to try someone else because they were all friends somehow ? Well the evil blogger is the person you mentioned to me.

  8. That boil lancing video was awesome. That's what the internet was invented for. Well, that and easy access to free porn. ;-)

  9. There's an evil blogger? I'm so intrigued. Could the evil blogger replace the warm happily empty spot left by Evil Granny's demise? Could it fill the hole left by the lancing of the boil? Could it be inside the ottoman? BTW, that sumbitch that left my sister for the methhead female lumberjack had to have a boil on his taint lanced. It left a hole the size of a man's fist (the didn't specify the man, and having lived with Old Cake Icing Ass and his freakishly small manhands specification would be liked...like I wanna know we're talking meathook manhands).

    Oh, so many questions and so little answers.

    Please do see if you guys can work it up for you and TET (and anyone else who wants to) to come out fo the Unknown Hinson showdate.

    Sorry I got off topic. My mind is dragged to other places oh-so easily. :)

  10. Love the links! I missed you yesterday too. But I figured you deserved a day off!

  11. Debra Sue - That's one of my faves!

    Dave - Yep, I feel like taking a shower after the ottoman thing, but it's like a train wreck and I can't look away!

    SugarCain - Who knows what I'll come up with?

    ThatMommy - Hammock Therapy is the BEST!

    Ron - Are you implying that the ottoman had provocative fabric?

    Dave - These are SO good. You really should make them.

    The Girl - I think there were three people mentioned. Is the evil blogger married or single? That will answer my confusion.

    Jay - I live for videos like that (and porn). :-)

    BB - We'd love to see the show - we'll see.

    Nonya - I was just busy with junk. Couldn't wait to get back, though!

  12. Missed ya yesterday..and looking forward to tomorrow's blog post....you crack me up!

  13. Everyone deserves a break..even if for a day! As I told my friend as she blogged about everything she has going on this week...maybe you just need to b-r-e-a-t-h-e!

  14. no coffee yet so I skipped the videos. You never disappoint though! I might peak if I feel up to it later.

  15. Even though I didn't send out a search party, I did miss ya. Glad you had a good evening. There is NO way I'm watching that video of the men humping the furniture again. Nuh uh.