Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ice Cream Man

During the Summer, we spend any nice evenings (read: not raining) out in our backyard. I like to log in some hammock time and the kids enjoy the swingset and sandbox and just running around like fools.

On Wednesday, I was enjoying the hammock when I heard the distinct tinkle of the ICE CREAM TRUCK! I haven't seen or been around an ice cream truck for years...So, I kept listening... Hoping it would get closer to us and perhaps even drive up our main street. (we live off the main drive in a cul-de-sac).

I kept listening and watching.... Then, I SAW the truck going up the main street. I ran out back and yelled at the Evil Twin "OMGosh, it's the Ice Cream Man!!!" And, realizing that he was going up the hill and would eventually have to come back down the hill, I knew we hadn't missed our window of opportunity.

The Evil Twin told me to get him some money. I ran back to my cash stash and then knocked on Buddy's door.

"The Ice Cream Truck is coming!! Here's some money!".

He snatched that $20 out of my hand like lightening and went to find his dad and sister.

Then, they went down the road to await the truck's return.

This was the first ice cream truck experience for my kids! I was more excited than them, I think!

He finally made it back to our location and I asked him when we could expect him next.

He said he made this route on Wednesdays, around 6 to 7 pm.

But, next week, it will be a different driver, as he is going on vacation, but will be back the following Wednesday.

I guarantee we will be waiting for him. :-)

There is just nothing that says "Summer" quite like the Ice Cream Truck.

As a child, I looked forward to it almost every evening. Such a special thrill.

And my kids are no dummies, they knew when they heard the words "ice cream", they wanted in on that action!

No pics this time - we were too busy losing our minds at catching the truck. But, I WILL get pictures of our Mr. Ice Cream Man (who happens to be a very friendly younger guy with tattoos).

I was wearing one of my shirts with few buttons and I caught him giving me the "titty talking", so I'm fairly sure he'll be sure to not miss our street in the future.

Hey, whatever works, ya know?

As long as my children get their ice cream.


  1. Like you we haven't seen an ice cream truck in our neighbourhood for years, but one has started coming by even Tuesday evening. Trouble is, we have having the coolest summer in decades and no one feels like ice cream.

  2. You sure know how to keep them coming back. I bet you get the best service from this guy. Lucky ice cream man!

  3. I'm with you, Honey...whatever works!
    Fun for all, on a Wednesday evening...Whoo HOO!

    I was reading through your posts, and had to chuckle about Sissy and the phantom poohs at the SATAN STORE, you are living my life!xx♥

  4. Now I know why that ice cream truck is on my street everyday, my ta-ta's....Never thought of that. We have been putting up with the guy coming up and down our streets EVERYDAY for the past month or so. Use to get excited but now getting sick of hearing the same old song over and over again which we are all arguing which song it is, LOL!!!!!!!!! SA use to have another guy come around when I was young named "Cool" and he was the greatest. You guys enjoy!

  5. LOL, what us mom's will do for our kiddos ;)

    I've seen an ice cream truck around town, but never around when I'm with the kids. I must track him down and see if I can find out the schedule.

  6. Fun post, ETW. What a good summer memory. Our ice cream man had a teeny merry-go-round in the back of his truck, but we never got enough extra money to ride it.

    My dogs hate to hear our ice cream truck coming. I don't know why it makes them so angry.

  7. I could just picture you guys hearing the sweet song the ice cream man and going onto high alert. Money being flung around the house with children running and screaming and maybe even having Apple being sent out to do some recon on its positioning all while the Evil Twin switches underwear and heads out to the road.

  8. So, $20 bought you some ice cream. What did everyone else do? I love the ice cream truck but my experience (in TN) was that it was super expensive.

    I wish I had something to entice the ice cream man to come up my way...I am short on boobs though...maybe me in a thong...hmmm

  9. Ice cream truck hits our neighborhood occasionally, you never know when. Might go three weeks with no visit, then he's here four nights in a row, one just never knows. I guess makes it a little more interesting, a bit of a surprise when it's back. I think my daughter can hear it coming from a mile away.

  10. LMAO @ 'titty talking'...hmm...maybe I should get a part time job in your neighborhood, driving an ice cream truck ;)

  11. How funny! The ice cream truck travels up my block every single night from early Spring to late fall. I never get excited and never, ever considered getting a treat. Even the young kids on my block pretty much ignore the guy.

    I guess when you are over-exposed to it, you get jadded. I wish I had a little more of your spirit in me.

  12. I was having a drink last night on the patio of a sushi bar (which is located in a trendy, restaurant/hip shopping area), and suddenly the icecream man pulled up! It was a super hip/flashy truck and he just stopped and flashed his lights!
    Maybe one more drink and I would have chased him down the street...

  13. We had an ice cream man who drove through our neighborhood a couple of times a week when I was a kid. It was pretty cool.

    Until he got busted for selling weed out of his truck and the company went under. That sucked. LOL ;-)

  14. Barry - It's just so exciting to see!

    Al - LOL! He seemed very nice!

    Natalie - What is up with the phantom poohs?

    SALeAnn - this truck said "Brandon's" on it. Same one in your area?

    M - Kids just love getting a treat off that truck!

    SugarCain - They probably can't stand that high pitched music - draws kids like flies, drives dogs mad, I'm sure!

    Ron - That was sort of the picture here. LOL.

    Warren - It was only $7 total, so yeah, pricey, but it's only once a week... :-)

    Scott - I know that now my kids are indoctrinated, they will also hear it from miles away!

    Efen - ;-)

    Karen - I'm still pretty much a 5 yr old at heart. LOL.

    SH - You definitely need to work your Cougie magic on that Ice Cream Man!

    Jay - It seems like all the stories from the 70s, the IC Men were either peddling dope or were child molesters or something horrible like that...

  15. I love living in the country but sometimes you miss out on some great the ice cream man!

  16. Aww, thanks for the nostalgia, ETW! My sister and I loved chasing the Ice Cream Man down the street as kids. Haven't seen one lately. Must be because we are right down the street from the ghetto! He doesn't wanna get shot.

  17. The last time I went to an ice cream truck I only needed a quarter.

  18. We don't get the ice cream man around here at all..but if we did, I would chase his ass down! I loved that as a kid, and like you - I want my kids to have that experience at some point.

  19. I like that, you using your assets to secure ice-cream for your family. That is honorable and very giving of you.


  20. I have to say, you sounded just like a little kid yourself in that blog lmao....the excitement!! Growing up in the country, we didn't have icecream trucks, so when ours comes by i get excited as well. However, we seem to never have any cash lol. Enjoy it next week. get that camera ready!

  21. Violet gets excited, too. She screams "The ice cream mailman!"

  22. You're lucky. Sounds like your ice cream man is dreamy. Mine has become my mortal enemy. The dang guy drives around the neighborhood without watching where he's going. Drives me crazy, espeically when he's vearing toward me while I'm on my motorcycle. That'll get your heart racing every time!

    Enjoy your ice cream and your summer!

  23. My boy and I caught the ice cream truck yesterday. It was his first time. Boy prices have gone up, though. $2 for a bomb pop! I was disappointed not to see a "push up" on the menu since that is my personal fave.

  24. AHHHHH-MOMMMMMMMM-THE ICE CREAM MAN IS COMING !!!!!!!!!!! I'm laughing so hard I almost pee'd my pants again. Lovin that you subconsciously bribed the ice cream man into coming back with the girls, even if you didn't mean to !

  25. When I was an ugly youngster in Dunbar, the ice cream truck was called the "Humdinger." That's what was written on the side, and is what everybody called it.

    "The humdinger's coming! Oh, sweet Jesus, the humdinger!!"

    Then we'd shove each other into traffic, or down an embankment, to clear a path to that baby.

  26. Our ice cream truck is actually a volkswagen beetle! So cute with all the magnetic stickers on it. I don't know how she keeps it frozen solid. I actually pounced on her at the gas station!! We've heard her around the neighborhood but she never comes by our house. I want to try a Choco-taco.

  27. Susan - Just once, you need to catch that truck! :-)

    Nonya - LOL!

    Dave - There has definitely been inflation!!

    Gigi - This is the first summer I have seen him here, so maybe someone will start one near you!

    Powdergirl - we have to play the hand we're dealt....

    Lisha - I'm starting an ice cream envelope to keep cash in! :-)

    Mary - Too funny. Sissy thinks he will be around all the time now. She doesn't get the "once a week" concept.

    Lisa - Maybe yours is a boozehound or something!

    A. - Too cool, same night! Yes, I did notice the MUCH higher prices from when I was younger. I didn't see a push up either - also my fave.

    The Girl -I guess my animal instincts just came out! My kids needed that ice cream! :-)

    Jeff - You should have seen me last night, jumping around like a child! I'm a dork!

    Anonymous - I saw that Choco Taco and while I passed on anything last night, next time, that Choco Taco is mine!

  28. OH man, the ice cream man. I have a love hate with the one in our neighborhood. I want to love him, but he scared the crap out of me one evening when I heard "knock knock knock - Hello!" when I was taking a nap. He has a speaker and it plays music, then knocks then plays again.

    Argh. BUT he brings icecream to my house, so can I really hate him?

  29. We have TWO that come through our ghetto ass cul-de-sac every night. And its always the adults who are pushing and shoving their way to the chunky monkey bars and the things that squirt strawberry jam.

    Your ice cream guy sounds hot. Get a pic next time, k?

  30. We don't have an ice cream man here. :(

  31. Well....maybe if you flash him, he'll give you some ice cream free!!

  32. My town has literally had the same ice cream man for 20+ years and I'm not exxagerrating. I have friends who used to get icecream from Charlie when they were kids and now he's serving ice cream to their kids. He knows Haley's name and addresses her by it whenever her sees her.

    Icecream man is definitely part of the summer experience! So glad your kids got to do it!

  33. LMFAO! I love the "titty talking" thing! Too funny! I know the ice cream trucks are becoming more popular these days. They come to our neighborhood almost every night. Sometimes it gets to be too much and we have to tell Baylee that they are out of ice cream. I know horrible huh?

    Big Hugs - Tiff

  34. Great idea bout the icecream envelope!! I might have the kids decorate a ice cream man jar :) WOOHOO!!

  35. you are a frickin riot! titty talkin!! that's as good as when i type my email address and "wink wink" accidentally type

    instead of


  36. My sister's in-laws told their kids that the ice cream truck was the music truck so that they never got nagged by kids for ice cream. My sister carried on the tradition. To a certain degree, I think that's nicer than the kids knowing it's an ice cream, but never getting to buy any...which is how I was raised. I think I can count on one hand (fingers only) the number of times we got ice cream from the truck. ;-(

    I like that you were so excited for your kids.