Thursday, July 30, 2009


Okay, all of my long time readers know I don't share much about my children. I won't disclose their names and pictures are simply out of the question, although I did post one thing with Sissy's face and I've posted at least one, if not both, of their baby pictures.

I finally uploaded a short clip from the pool the other day. Sissy is just a whirling dervish in the baby pool and the footage I got of Buddy is a long shot, so they're not super identifiable.

I just wanted to show you all a bit of what the Flip Ultra can do and also, show you our pool we belong to.

I'm serious when I say that Sissy and I almost always (like 99% of the time) have the baby pool to ourselves. Buddy will get in his inner tube in the big pool and I can keep an eye on him from my vantage point.

There are also 2 lifeguards stationed at all times, so I don't really worry about him.

I also tried to get some video of Apple, our complete Pain In The Ass parakeet. Here lately, I've been letting him out of his cage for some free range flying about in the evenings.

Since he is a complete PITA, I haven't captured anything halfway decent yet, but when I do....YOU can enjoy his antics too! Don't say I never give y'all anything.


  1. Just as i pictured them in my mind...SO cute.xx♥

  2. Pool pictures, what a cooling relief and you have beautiful family. Since me and chlorine don't agree, looks like me and the pup are gonna have to go to the beach.

  3. Sissy has certainly grown since I saw her last :)

    Nothing like chlorinated water and pizza to really make the day worthwhile too.

  4. I thought we were going to see you in your bikini. ;-)

  5. So nice of you to share your kids with us! Looks like everyone had a great time at the pool. Don't you just love the smell of chlorine!

    Great clip and great flip camera...I might have to invest now that I've actaully seen what it can do!

  6. I love my flip also. I have never seen a pool around here that un-crowded! Nice!

  7. I don't know what kind of camera that is - but it does a great job. Sissy looks so cute!!

  8. How cute! And just so you know- your WV twang has got nothing on mine. And I'm from Ohio. You're gonna have to work on that! ;)

  9. I'll have to take a look from home and comment later. Damn employer

  10. Ditto the girl. Stupid work computer!

  11. Awww, I love pool days! Sissy looks tall, is she tall for her age?

  12. Dave - Thanks!

    Natalie - Thanks!

    Shiny Rod - I wish we could get to the beach this summer, maybe next!

    Ron - She has grown!

    Jay - Hard to do when I'm holding the camera, plus I've already posted pics of me in the swimsuit! :-)

    Chandra - I'm still learning, but everything has been pretty smooth so far!

    Warren - It looks like that most of the time. So peaceful. I'll give you the name if you're interested.

    Kenju - She is so silly, she just flops around like that the whole time!

    Mary - I'm from Alabama and Georgia, so you probably hear more "Southern" than "WV". :-)

    The Girl - Argh - work computers!

    The Dish - Ditto!

    Ginger - she is 3.5 and is kind of tall for her age, but then again I'm 5' 9 and TET is just over 6 feet.

  13. Nice! Now, I need one! hmmmm....anniversary present???

  14. Wow great clarity!

    Your kids are so sweet, and it was really cool to hear your actual voice!

    I always wonder about the voice at the other end of the post : )

  15. Excellent footage! If you want to try to train Apple, I can give you some pointers from my old bird-training days at the pet store, like how to teach him to perch on a dowel rod in your hand.

  16. Neato! I'm really thinking of getting myself one...

    And the kiddos are adorable!

  17. That pool is totally kick a$$! I am thinking of joining one around here next summer... looks like so much fun!

    Great camera BTW... and the kiddos are cute (you know, of what we could see ;~)

  18. Too cute. My mom just got me a little camera, too. I am certain I will never actually appear in any of the video, though, because I am in charge of all A/V products in the house - thus I never appear in pictures, and now, video can be added to the list...

  19. Wow, what a really nice pool!! And you can see everything from that baby pool!! Too cute!! I wouldn't worry about my kids there at all! Love the new camera!! took a great video!

  20. That is some really great clarity! Very impressive. I might see one of those in my future. Still waiting for the word on how you edited everything.

  21. I want to belong to your pool! I can see why you spend so much time there! It is gorgeous!

    I can also see why you call Sissy a Whirling Dervish! WOW, what energy!