Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Move Along

Nothing to see here.

I just really can't think of anything.

Oh sure, I have a few ideas, but nothing seems to be worth forming a whole post around.

I want to talk about my Saturday, which was so much fun, but again, I can't get the words right in my head.

We'll go to the pool today and perhaps that will give me some time to sort things out.

When we're at the pool, the kids entertain themselves while I keep an eye on them, so that gives me time to think.

Maybe I'll be back later with something more interesting - maybe it'll be tomorrow morning. Who knows?

I have to wait for the inspiration to come to me.

Sorry about the lameness over here.....


  1. As the queen of ramble, and mistress of slack blogging - I fully understand!!!

    You can say whatever you want, or not, up to you.

    Hope you had fun at the pool - middle of winter here, sitting here now in a fluffy warm cardie, tracky dacks and bedsocks. Cant imagine swimming at all. lol


  2. Understood, totally.
    Maybe you need a blogger vacation - it helped me tremendously.
    Not that I have anything profound to say...
    But you get the idea.

  3. Ya know, taking a few days off does seem to clear the mind some..or in my case..a month or so ;)

    Have fun at the pool...I'm sure all the guys watching you will ;);)

  4. Some swimming pictures might be nice for those of us that are working today and can't enjoy the lovely waters of Summer.

  5. I think I'd like to hit the pool today as well. I'm on blogger hiatus I think. My wordpress page is all messed up!

  6. I'm blogblocked too....blahs for me.

  7. When I get lame, I do a quiz We all have days when we come up with zilch ! Hope the pool was a blast

  8. ooooh. pool. that means sunshine. i think i've forgotten what that is

  9. Ahh, maybe some eye candy to talk about?

    As the queen of lame-ass-ness you are welcome in the club. At least you keep us posted about your lack of content...I just disappear until something pops in my head.

  10. Hey - whyn't you write about...oh, I don't know....your best sports moments ever?


  11. I was about to take the kid to the pool until I realized it just too much work and that the only reason he wanted to go was to eat the snacks that are "for the pool only" ... I need to go watch that sheet folding video now ...:)

  12. Days by the pool are about as good as it gets! Enjoy!

  13. A day in the pool sounds very nice.

  14. You'll think of something and we'll be right here!

  15. Ah, it'll come to ya. Relax, enjoy the day by the pool, while I slave away at work.

  16. Tis okay, we love you anyways! Short posts like this will make it easier to catch up on my reading! ;) Hope you enjoyed the pool!