Friday, June 12, 2009

Goin' Crazy

First off, I wanted to thank everyone for the kind words yesterday in the comments. I didn't reply to them because I felt it would be self-indulgent. But, I did want you all to know I appreciate the support!

I am losing my mind over here. I just cannot get used to this "new" summer schedule.

We're on week two so far and things have been just as hectic as during the school year. I keep waiting for it to slow down.

Maybe next week....

I did get 2 new books in the mail, both from Dave Ramsey, "Financial Peace Revisited" and "The Total Money Makeover". I always feel better if I have a project or something to focus on and I figured getting back on board with a budget would be a good place to start.

Since I am the HO™ (the Home Office) around here, I'm in charge of all financial matters and it gives me great satisfaction to find new ways to save money.

So, that's my new project.

In other news, I've devised a plan to give Buddy one dollar for each morning he keeps an eye on his sister while I take a shower. As soon as he is finished with breakfast, I plan on being one dollar lighter in a bit.

I guess this summer break thing may work out for me after all....

And, don't forget! The Avon giveaway is still open - and will be open for entries until Sunday! If you haven't entered yet, do it. There are very few entries, and that means a better shot for YOU to win! :-)


  1. A dollar a day all summer? Good for him. :-)

  2. That sounds like a good deal to me! A shower for you and some money for Buddy! GO FOR IT.I might steal that idea lol ;)

  3. LOL.... if you take extra long in the shower will he start knocking on the door until you shove some quarters under through to buy more time?

  4. Good luck getting the summer schedule. I love the idea of $1 for Buddy. :-)

  5. It's an odd world when a HO pays people not to watch them shower. But maybe I misunderstood something---I'll go back and read your post again...

  6. I gotta have the shower in the morning or I cannot function. Definately worth the dollar!

  7. Good for Buddy! A few extra dollars and peace for you.

    Love Total Money Makeover. Some of it is a little over the top but the basic premise is good. And it works. And that is what counts in the end.

  8. It will get easier. Before you know it the summer will be over and Buddy will be back in school!

    Buddy just might be one of the richest kids in school by time summer ends! So my question is this...are you saving money by giving Buddy a dollar everday? LOL!

  9. I've got 20 days left till my boys are out for the summer. I need to complete my basement gym/sparring cage or I'll be mediating for 2 months!
    Good for Buddy, gainful employment is the shizzle!
    Have fun : D

  10. I am totally on board with bribing children. I wonder if my daughter would take a buck a day just to let me go potty in PEACE for 15 minutes.

    Would be totally worth it. I may even go up as high as five :-)

  11. 3C - If he's actually out of bed before I want a shower...LOL.

    Lisha - It gives me a peace of mind.

    Ron - I still try to keep it fast: those two can argue like crazy!

    Cute Ella - I think next week will be better.

    Dave - ROFL!

    Sujomi - I agree!

    A. - I've heard rave reviews about the books and sometimes, I just need a swift kick in the can to start saving!

    Chandra - Actually, one of the premises of the book I'm currently reading is to teach children "You do a job, you get paid."

    Powdergirl - that's the idea!

    Christine - You can try it. My 3 yr old would take the money and STILL stand there asking "Are you peeing or pooping?" :::sigh:::

  12. 15 minutes on the potty? Heh. Since my son was born, I've managed to streamline it to about 3. Hubby, on the other hand...He could spend an hour in there.

  13. This too shall pass... so enjoy the moments!
    Love & Light~
    OM girl

  14. I am so glad those days are past me now.

    Glad you are feeling better. I understand your perspective. Lunch will have to wait until after next week, but we'll do it. Maybe even at Wendy's.

  15. Hey.. we are big Dave Ramsey Fans..and even did the Financial Peace University..a real eye opener.

    Thanks for your kind comments abot Karen..


  16. I'll have to ask John who it was he read when he had to start over in his forties because the ex-wife was a money-grubbin' mooch.

    The dollar-a-day deal sounds like a good gig. Buddy should feel lucky. When I was his age, I mowed the yard and got no pay for it. Then we moved to a house on a steep hill and I've not touched a mower since.

  17. That's a great idea (Buddy watching Sissy for a buck) -- I bet that makes him feel so big!!

    Yea, as mucha s I LVOE LOVE summer - no homework, no crazy school drama and tests - my kids are driving me CRAZZZY! Shark is a very anxious boy, and his anxiety is in overdrive for some reason. I have not had one day away from my kids (other than when they're at school) since a Saturday overnight with my husband back in Feb!
    Can't wait to hear what you think of your books - I think he's a genius!!!

  18. That dollar a day thing is a great idea! Good for you and a good start to financial lessons for Buddy!