Tuesday, June 2, 2009

True Confessions II

This is not a very shocking confession.

I am addicted to Wendy's - the restaurant.

I love a single with cheese and everything or just cheese. I love the fries - especially with bleu cheese dressing. I love the Baconator, even though it makes me sick (see "Bad Case of Diarrhea" from yesterday) most of the time.

I just love almost every thing about their food.

Two exceptions: salads and chicken products.

I'm just not wild about their salads. They're kind of, well, meh.

And, I had a chicken sandwich about 12 years ago. It was quite tasty and I love the fact that they use real pieces of chicken and not "beaks 'n feathers". But, I had that sandwich at lunch at work one day (before Buddy was born, even) and it made me so sick, I had to leave the office at mid-day and barely made it home to have a "Bad Case of Diarrhea" in my own bathroom.

It turns out that two of my co-workers had eaten chicken from the SAME Wendy's that week and they had also fallen ill in the same manner.

I love Wendy's so much that when I was pregnant with Sissy, I stopped by one almost every day for the fries. We joked that Sissy would be born holding a Wendy's french fry in her little newborn fist.

She wasn't, of course, but I wouldn't have been one bit surprised!

On our way home from Disney World, we drove the 13 hours home in one day and decided to stop for just one meal about mid-day.

The Evil Twin realized that I had been without Wendy's for a week and generously stopped at one along the way home so I could get my fix.

He knows me too well! :-) And sadly, he has come to be completely worn out on Wendy's because of my addiction.

But, he puts up with it.

Here are two reasons why:


  1. lol, absolutely brilliant. That definitely got my attention. Good thing you know us men are so shallow.

  2. My favorite fast food burger in the WORLD is a Wendy's double with cheese ... and nothing else! And men aren't the only ones who are shallow *wink*

  3. Is it my birthday already? Nope, just my lucky day.

    Those are very reasons for putting up with you. Men can put up with a lot if we have good reasons.

    Men are a visual bunch.

    As for me, I crave a Big Mac every now and then.

  4. We haven't got a Wendys here so I wouldn't know....but I'm not surprised Evil Twin puts up with a lot...the girls are impressive!

  5. Yep, don't think I'd be complaining either.

    I have a Wendy's right across the road from my work. My pretty much willpower of a two year old gets put to the test every day.

    Their burgers are just so stinkin tasty.

  6. For me, it's Wendy's 99 cent chicken sandwich (no mayo), fries and diet coke. With senior discount, I eat for $2.88 - and I'm all about the discount!!

  7. Now I want a Frosty.

    Though for me, my fast-food cravings tend to what ISN'T available, to wit: Baja Fresh and Moby Dick's House of Kabob.

  8. Those are two excellent reasons!

  9. Nice lead in :) I like Wendy's fries and they are the only fast food place you can get a baked potato!

  10. Voyeur36 - I like to be sneaky like that! :-)

    Dana - You should try a Baconator (but only if you're near home) LOL.

    Al - I am also a a Big Mac fan, but will choose Wendy's 9 times out of 10 anyway.

    Michelle - No Wendy's? That's just not right. I wish I could ship some.

    M - Yep, their burgers just rock. If I had one that close, I'd just order off the .99 menu every day!

    Kenju - Even w/o the discount, their 99 cent menu is a bargain - and lots of tasty things on it, too!

    Janis - Mmmmm Frosty....

    Barry - I guess he agrees!

    Ron - Who doesn't want Wendy's for lunch??? :-)

    Vinomom - Yep, I love their potatoes too!

  11. That is freaking hilarious! Okay, there's something up with my blogspot... either that or you hate me now for some reason! :) I know you use to be a follower and now it doesn't show you. I still get the same error when I visit your page, but can get through it when I send an error report. Technology... SUCKS!

    Bigs Hugs - Tiff

  12. My wife craved McDonalds fries when she was pregnant. She couldn't go in the restaurant without "upheaval" but she loved the fries.

    We have come to measure the effects of nearly all fast food with the "distance to porcelain" ratio. Pizza hut requires very nearby porcelain while subway does not require porcelain at all. Just a thought on how to measure your fast food experience!

  13. my fav. wendy's treat is a frosty & their bacon jr. cheeseburger..mmmmm! ET is a good man! ;)

  14. I like Wendy's chili and burgers, but I do not like the fries there or the chicken nuggets. All in all I think I am a Burger King whore.

  15. mmmwhat about dipping the fries IN a frosty??? yum:)

  16. Haha, cute post, I love how you wound it up!

  17. I have a feeling that the men that read your blog will forver associate Wendy's with your awesome rack!!
    Momma loves her some good Wendy's too - they are the Best!

  18. Mmmmm -

    I like the "idea" of Wendy's salads. My fav is the chicken BLT with fat-free French dressing. Unfortunately, more often than not there's an inch of water in the bottom of the container. I normally drive through so I don't see it till I arrive at my destination.

    I'd eat a single/cheese & fries every day myself. Unfortunately my ass grows three sizes just thinking about it. And baby's got enough back, thank you.

  19. I love Wendy's mmmmmmmm - I'm glad I didn't miss the girls !

  20. You are Mistress o' the segue.

    THere should be an award for that!

  21. Yea, I have had the salads there, too. I stick with the unhealthy stuff now, b/c I can make bad, boring salads at home!

  22. Blech, for some reason I despise Wendy's! More for you!

  23. Tiff - I'm still following, but Blogger is all jacked up right now. I hope they fix it before too long.

    Warren - Excellent way of ratings!

    TGG - I love the bacon jr, too!

    Karen - Burger King is also awesome - but I'm not crazy about *their* fries. :-)

    Mandy - I have heard that before. I simply must try it!

    Powdergirl - I like to mix things up around here sometimes.

    JFab - Thanks! ;-)

    Momma - I almost can't drive past one!

    Muze - I'm probably going to have to slow down my Wendy's intake before too long. It's just so darn tasty!

    The Girl - You have to be on your toes around here!

    Tiff - LOL. I had to find a way to throw it in there!

    Gigi - I don't think the sandwiches are tooooo unhealthy. :-)

    Ginger - Yes, more for me. I can't believe you don't like it! Shocking!

  24. Okay........I used to not like Wendy's but now that I can see what it's doing for you I think I'm totally going to have to give it another try.
    I think that you should send in this photo for a new advertisement for their "double" perhaps.
    Hilarious Hausfrau and you made me laugh out loud gal :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  25. I would put up with a lot for those too. Lucky Evil Twin.

  26. I love Wendy's...but they get my order wrong every flippin' time!

  27. LOL! Hey, can I look like that if I eat at Wendy's?!?!?!?
    Humm.... I wonder how late they are open?

  28. Lord, do I ever have some catching up to do! I am addicted to Wendy's sweet tea and their spicy chicken sandwich. There is a particular Wendy's that I won't go to because a guy we both know once bit into his chicken sandwich and hit something hard. The something hard was raw frozen chicken. He ended up in General for the night, if I'm not mistaken. I'd be willing to bet from where your old work used to be there's a good chance it was the same Wendy's.

    I can't eat any lettuce where they use the bag-o-salad for the salad bar. Seriously, whatever that preservative in bag-o-salad is it is like a heat-seeking missile for my asshole. I'm lucky to get home if I drive really fast before the spewage begins.

    I'm such a girlie girl, aren't I? Thank God someone else enjoys the gross as much as me!

  29. Wendy's huh, like the beaks and feathers reference. I made a snout and tails one yesterday. I will have to be very picky about where my chicken sandwiches come from.

    My favorite is a chipotle chicken wrap from McD's & fries with hot mustard...yum!

    You also reminded me I could really use a new bra...thanks.

  30. If I am going to eat fast..which I rarely do.. first choice is Wendys..

    sounds like you have the Evil Twin.. right where you want him!!

  31. LOL. Was totally wondering where you were going with this. Boobies and Fast Food...hmmm, what could be the connection???

    Great resolution to the tale. hehehe.

  32. It is amazing what we husbands will do for boobs, I mean our lovely wives. :)