Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Frustration X 10

I've been having some computer issues, but I shut my laptop down and everything seemed okay.

Then, I wake up on Tuesday morning to find that I have no internet connection. I called our internet provider. I was given information about things to try and if one certain connection worked with my laptop, then it was a router problem and I should call the router peeps.

After an hour and a half on the phone with many different entities, I had no connection for my laptop and the Evil Twin's desktop had lost connection as well. Lovely.

Finally, I decided to call the computer place down the street - the one guy had helped me out before when I had wiped out all our firewall settings by accident. He came by, spent 15 minutes here, charged me half price and all was good.

But, that was by noon and I was so far behind on everything, I know I'll never catch up. So, if I missed you on Tuesday, I'm sorry.

I didn't respond to comments because I didn't have time.

It's simple here: the later the day gets, the less free time I have until the kids get in bed. By noon, I'm serving lunch and it just kind of spirals out of control from then until 8 pm.

Add in an unscheduled computer repair and my day was shot all to hell.

At least I don't have a lunch to make today!

Happy Hump Day, homies!


  1. At least you have some resources.....Hughesnet the high speed (I use that loosely) BS we have routes calls to India where Ryan or Jack take hours just to get our basic info....hate it but that is our only choice....that or dial up.

  2. Hell, I didn't write anything anyways. ;) Hope today is much calmer for you. I think you should go to the pool!

  3. Look at this way, at least the computer didn't crash!

    Hope things become 'less hectic' for you but then does it ever really calm down when the kids are out of school?

  4. You're just trying to keep us in suspense about the Adventures of Doing the Right Thing, aren't you?

  5. Oh, my. I apologize profusely. I missed one of your posts. How can that be? This daily blogging gets hectic.

  6. Glad you are up and running again! Those computer people on the phone are worthless most of the time.

  7. Glad you're back, take your time...we miss you - but your sanity is more important!

    What'd you guys have for lunch?

  8. Nothing is worse than a bumb computer! Well, maybe car problems! Glad you got it resolved and you are up and running!

  9. I have major fits when I encounter computer problems. If I really had a life, it may not be as bad...but.....I don't.

  10. Rosemary - But, I had to pay $60 for the help. It was *totally* worth it!

    3C - So far, yes!

    The Dish - we ended up at the pool!

    SugarCain - LOL. I don't know if I'm coming or going half the time. It's very hectic!

    Ron - Slowly, I'm beginning to "get" that fact!

    Cute Ella - The kids usually want bologna and cheese sammiches. I usually don't eat.

    JFab - you got that right! I'm glad it's fixed too!

    themom - we can start the "we don't have a life" club! 2 awesome members already!

  11. makes you want to bash your head repeatedly onto the keyboard of your lap top, doesn't it?
    My internet connection vanished into thin air for few hours the other day. I had to get my forehead stitched and buy a new lap-top on the way to the PC doc's office to have my blood pressure lowered with the soothing words, "connection restored"
    It ain't easy being addicted.

  12. No apologies, Rosemary. There no obligation, you know...;-0

  13. Computer issues are so irritating.

    Glad it's repaired!

  14. I'm glad you were able to get it resolved fairly quickly, even if you lost out on some of your free time.

  15. good for you.. you worked through it, I bet you never even lost your temper. My husband does horrible on these long drawn out messes.. I just work through it.. after being transferred, like 10 times.. hmm that was today for me in fact.. I feel a post subject coming on..

    Also, great doing the right thing on the previous blog, that does get noticed by the kids!

  16. Glad you found the expert* I can't even spel hyperrlynk.

    *Def: "Expert", someone called in at the last minute in order to share the blame

  17. I hate those unexpected problems that demand your attention! Seems to throw life out of whack! Hope today promises to be a little better!