Monday, June 1, 2009

A Couple of Things for Your Viewing Pleasure

The Evil Twin found some astounding videos on YouTube the other day.

As he is always so generous, he emailed the links to me, so I could also enjoy his finds.

I've narrowed it down to two, so it's not so overwhelming and I included one that is just funny weird and one that is just weird weird and frankly, quite disturbing.

I'll start off with the funny and then move on to the disturbing. Now, the first one may be safe for work or older children. I know Buddy had a great time repeating the phrase and dance.

Here we go:

This one is in no way safe for work or children. You must watch it, though, because your head will also wonder WTF? I mean, it doesn't get any weirder than this, I'm sure:

Ok, also? I need you to visit my friend Tiff at No Accent Yet. Her birthday was this past weekend and all she wanted for her big day was new followers. It's free and takes almost no time whatsoever.

Plus, you will be gifting yourself as well. She is witty, funny and a true genius with words.

Have I steered you wrong yet? No. So go, follow and enjoy! You're welcome.

And Happy Monday!


  1. Hate You Tube, but will go visit Tiff and make her little day. Hope yours was great too, Sweet Cheeks.xx♥

  2. Ummm ... now if that's not a wonderful way to start a Monday morning, I don't know what is!

    Heading over to visit Tiff now!

  3. Just for the record, I was originally in that video as Dave AKA 2Fat4U and some how my part ended up on the cutting room floor. Oh sure, those guys go on to YouTube fame, and I'm left out. I feel like that former drummer for the Beatles, ol' what'sisname...

  4. LOL.. I would want a black light before even walking in that apartment.

  5. WTF is right!!!

    will go and visit Tiff now. When I read your title, i was expecting another 'couple of things'.. lol


  6. Okay would it be over stepping to say that the second video is.... well.... "fucked up." ROFLMAO! I crack me up sometimes.

  7. Umm, WTF does not even begin to describe that second one.

    Makes me wonder what all my guy friends are doing on "guy night" LOL.

  8. Ok, there are just no other words other than "WTF???" LOL!

  9. that second video gave me a bad case of diarrhea.

  10. Rats! When you had something for our viewing pleasure, I felt sure you had pics of the girls for us!

  11. For one of the few times in my life I'm speechless after watching that second video. I just sat here and stared at it in amusement.

  12. Natalie - Thanks for visiting Tiff!

    Dana - I know, right? Something that makes you really *think*! LOL.

    Dave - I'm sorry you didn't get your 3 minutes of YouTube fame, but I think you lucked out. ;-)

    Ron - I know! That poor ottoman!

    Jen - Sorry about the misleading title. The Girls may show up tomorrow morning. :-)

    Kat - I think you hit the nail on the head (so to speak).

    M - I, for one, would like to think that not all "Guy's Nights" do not involve gangbang furniture rape!

    TGG - I laughed so hard at that one, I watched it a few times.

    fattie20xl - Sorry, dude! LOL.

    Warren - I like to shake things up around here. But, you know the promise of a "girls" sighting is on the horizon.

    Jay - Oh, I laughed alright, but then I also didn't quite know what to make of it - just like you.

  13. I always take your advice so I'll go visit your friend Tiff right after I make this call to the 'Society for the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation of Small, Incidental Furniture."

    They are specially mandated to ensure this sort of 'assault on an ottoman' is dealt with severely.
    Wait'll they see this man, there's gonna be a shit storm of pillow stuffing unlike anything you've seen before. Gauranteed.

  14. The first video is from eighties-era Japan. They were made to instruct Japanese women certain American phrases. It's so funny because it's meant to be taken seriously. I have all the videos, they are called Zuiikin Gals.

  15. I am afraid of that second one. VERY AFRAID!!!

    And thank for the shout-out. You're a peach!

  16. Okay, video #1 is hilarious especially after reading that those are meant to be serious and used as instructional video's...I need to perform that dance next time the squirts hit...
    Video #2...WTF is right! I'm a little grossed out by it. Why don't they all just get together and practice on each other. When they performed infront of the mirror...oh holy hell.

    Heading on over to Tiff's now for a belated birthday treat!

  17. The second one made me think of this one:

    Warning, hot turtle on shoe action.

  18. Oh my lord, can you say homo-erotic behavior? I bet if anyone pointed that out to those guys, they'd flip. Seriously...WTF man?

  19. Oh, WOW.

    I watched the 2nd video by scrolling it halfway up through my banner...and then only peered through my fingers.

    I felt guilty for watching what can only be described as random, group masturbation/furniture assault.

    It kind of made my brain want to fall out of my head. God knows that just stabbing my eyes out would never work.

  20. Powdergirl - I know! That poor ottoman!

    Mark - Thanks for the info. Very interesting!

    Tiff - I hope you get some new followers - you deserve them!

    Chandra - You have to wonder what those guys were thinking....

    Blair - now that the kids are in bed, I'm going to check out the vid.:-)

    Ginger - Admit it - you got all hot and bothered watching, didn't you? ;-)

    Renn - ROFL! You have to watch it again, without covering your eyes. It is mindblowing! LOL.

  21. OMG...I just sat there and watched the second video with my mouth wide open in shock and kept saying OMG and WTF the whole way through it..... I mean really??? WTF???