Friday, May 29, 2009

Well, That Was Interesting

Last night, I found myself here:

Amidst this sea of humanity. You see, I managed to find myself in possession of 2 tickets to see Keith Urban in Charleston for his new tour.

I'm not a fan of "new" or pop-country, really. However, I do love Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline and some other "old" country stars like them.

In fact, I had never heard a Keith Urban song in my life.

So, anyway, I made plans with a friend about a week prior. I didn't want to wait 'til the last minute. Unfortunately, she called 24 hours before the concert to tell me that her husband's grandmother (who had been sick and in the hospital all week) had taken a turn for the worst and she couldn't go.

I called everyone I knew and no dice. I even begged on Facebook.

I ended up taking Buddy rather than wasting the tickets. Besides, I just wanted to get out of the house for a while.

It was packed, as you can imagine. But, we got there early and found our seats, so I had reached a nice "comfort zone" by the time the opening band went on.

The opening band was the Zac Brown Band and they were alright. They did a few cover songs that I liked (i.e. was already familiar with) and then after a few minutes of stage rearranging, Keith Urban came out.

It was all very cool effects with the lighting and fog machines, etc. The crowd went wild. Buddy and I just sat in our seats with big eyes.

Now, I've been to plenty of concerts in my day, but this was a first for Buddy. Plus, it has been a really LONG time since my ass sat in those Civic Center seats.

It was very hazy from the fog machines (and I suspect from some people smoking - and not just cigs, if you catch my drift - even though smoking is prohibited) that it was very difficult to get any decent pictures.

We were also on the top level, but in the front row of that, so our seats were actually very good - we also had a monitor close by we could watch when the action on the stage was too confusing:

If you look to the right on the photo above, you can see Keith on the monitor. He changed positions a lot, so he was often closer to our side of the stage and at one point went out into the crowd where he performed a few songs on a different stage set up out there.

We only stayed for about half of his set or so. We wanted to beat the crowds out and it was getting late and it was still a school night, so we vamoosed early.

I must say that Keith plays more of a "rock" country vibe than the "pop" country that seems so popular these days. He is very talented - even if it isn't my favorite musical genre.

The highlights of the evening include a fight that broke out in between the sets - we got to see security haul one guy out. And, that was even before Keith took the stage!

The other highlight was this one guy - he was about 2 or 3 rows back from the main stage (so, right on the main floor). He stood the entire time and waved his cup of beer back and forth - for both the opening act and Keith Urban's set. That is, when he didn't have his wife/girlfriend in a headlock. I know you've seen the "headlock" maneuver where the guy puts his whole arm around his partner's neck with the elbow bent so the entire forearm is across her front neck/chest area.

If anyone did that to me, I'll elbow them in the ribs so hard, they wouldn't attempt it ever again.

Anyway, it was all very interesting and this morning, Buddy told me that he had fun and that the concert was very good. So, I guess that's successful? :-)


  1. Oh, geez I sure wish I would have known you had tickets I would have jumped on the bandwagon in a heartbeat to see Keith Urban. I went to his concert last fall when he brough Carrie Underwood and it was the best concert I'd seen/heard. He's wonderful. I was right beside the stage. I envy you and Buddy!!!! I guess you know Keith is married to Nicole Kidman and they have a baby together? Hope you have a good weekend. SA LeAnn

  2. Oh, yea...meant to tell you Carolyn of the Ginger Quill is a good friend of mine and I've been trying to get her to come to our part of town to stay the night at the house and thought the three of us could meet, share some wine, food, and have a nice evening before she makes her next big move.

  3. Sounds like a cool time and great for Buddy's first concert.He didn't see any wild women throwing panties on the stage did he? Or perhaps some stage flashing? LOL

  4. Sounds like fun! I do like the genre but couldn't find any tickets! (just kidding)

    Regarding the arm wrap-around...I always though that was to cop a boob-feel...maybe that's just me

  5. Aussie,Aussie Aussie, oi,oi,oi! Go Keith! And Nicole. Whoo Hoo!
    I am glad you had a nice date with your little man. So cool.xx♥

  6. Great that you and Buddy went together - he'll remember this his whole life!!!

  7. OMG!!!!!!

    I would have gone with you in a HEARTBEAT!

    Did you notice how cute he is?.....*swoons*....


  8. Buddy will remember his first concert... the one his Mom took him to see for years to come! Glad it was fun.

  9. LOVE me some Keith Urban! If I lived closer I would of been paying you to go to that concert! :)

    Hugs - Tiff

  10. I am glad that you did not let the tickets go to waste, and I am glad you took Buddy. Contact high, anyone? ;)

  11. It sounds fun. And I like Keith Urban. What a fun Mom and son night and a great memory for Buddy!

  12. SALeAnn - Yes, I wondered if Nicole was any where nearby, but last pic I saw of her in "Star" magazine (always accurate ;-)), she looked like she might be pregnant again. I would have loved to have attended the show w/you and I would love to meet up with you and Carolyn sometime!

    Ron - Surprisingly, no panties or bras were thrown (that I saw), but there were a few marriage proposals on the big screen (they had a number where people could text messages - which I thought, "He's already married, kids!" LOL).

    Warren - you might be right about the headlock, but I've always seen it as more of a "possessive" technique: "This here's MY old lady, so back off!" ya know?

    Natalie - I was surprised to hear him speak. He has a very distinct Aussie accent (I figured a bit would be lost living in Tennessee, but no).

    Momma - I think he'll have fond memories!

    TGG - It was fun. Very out of the ordinary for me, so I liked that.

    G - He is very cute! I enjoyed the big screen close-ups!

    JFab - I hope so. :-)

    Tiff - And I'm sure we would have had a blast!

    The Dish - I think he did catch a whiff of the funny smoke, but I told him if the security people caught someone with a cig, they'd make them put it out... LOL.

    Lisa - I don't think he is very tall. He might be around 5 foot 7 or 8? Not sure.

    A. - It was fun. I'll bet the people around us wondered what we were doing there - didn't know any songs, just sat wide eyed, then left early! LOL.

  13. OH! The head-lock move? That deserves a swift kick in the......shin.
    At least!

    I love Painful Patsy!
    I go out walkin'...

  14. At least you didn't let the tickets go to waste and you had a good time.
    I am not a country music fan per say but I do know who Keith Urban is, errr..Mr. Kidman that is. I enjoy the group Sugaraland and that's about it...but a concert is a concert so it would have been fun all the same. It's great that you and Buddy could hang out together!

  15. Yes, I love me some Keith Urban. He has a new sound, and you'd never tell by his singing that he is Australian. I'm sure Buddy will remember this concert for a lifetime.

  16. Not a Keith Urban fan. I'm am more into Confederate Railroad, .38 Special, Van Zant, and Skynard, of course.

    Good for me, Confederate Railroad, will be in Canvas, WV, and Madison, WV, in June (18 and 19).

    I thought I knew WV geography, but still had to look to find Canvas.

    I'll try to attend both. May be time to take my little girl (almost 6) to her first concert.

  17. Very cool that you took Buddy! Mother/Son outing and a cool one at that! I'm sure he enjoyed it. Haley has never been to a concert. But then again, I've only been to two in my whole life. I'm not a big live music fan.

    I don't know much about Keith Urban, I listen to a little bit of country love the Dixie Chicks, Sugarland and LOVE Rascal Flats.

    Have a great weekend!

  18. I'm glad you didn't have to give up on going completely. Keith isn't my favorite - like you, I prefer traditional country over pop-country - but he is a great musician and has a beautiful voice. I like some of his songs. I find it hard to get past the highlights and makeup, though. I want a man to look like a MAN, dammit!

  19. It sounds like a nice time. That is so awesome for Buddy to have that memory with you. :)

  20. Keith Urban isn't my fav, but I would have loved to see him. Toby Keith, now there is a great show!

    So glad you had fun even if you weren't sure...Wish I had a teleporter and could have joined you!

  21. I think it was cool that you were with Buddy at his 1st concert!
    I would love to see Keith Urban!

    Jan :)

  22. Was Nicole there too?

    Re- the headlock thing - HATE THAT!

  23. Buddy had a good time- i think that putting up with the music was worth that :) hah

  24. I haven't been to a show in forever, however I used to go all the time. You might be surprised at some of the weird bands I've seen. Hahaha.
    I don't like country but I'm with you on Patsy and Johnny and some others. New country- like most NEW music- is kind of generic.

  25. powdergirl - Patsy is one of my all time faves.

    Chandra - Yep, seeing a live show is always interesting.

    themom - yes, he does have a great sound. You can tell he's Australian when he talks. So cute!

    Al - I'm sure she'll have a great time. Those crowds are typically tame compared to the rock crowds.

    Vinomom - I used to love going to concerts when I was younger. Didn't even matter who it was. Have a great weekend yourself!

    Ginger - He was showing his age last night too - despite the make up. Must be that new dad stress!

    Loni - He has actually mentioned it again later today, so I guess he really did have fun!

    Cute Ella - Sadly, I kept thinking "Toby Keith" - and I'm not a big fan of either. LOL.

    Jan - He did put on a fun show!

    Tiff - I wondered the same. Didn't see her, though.

    Maura - LOL! Keith was a good musician. The opening act didn't do much for me, though.

    Mary - I agree. It's tough for me to get behind Britney, Justin, etc. same as for the "new" country.

  26. I like Keith Urban......he has a nice butt!!
    Buddy will remember that forever Glamorous Hausfrau :)
    The headlock thing? I wouldn't have it in my world......I think it's a little creepy. I'd have to headlock the "sac" if someone insisted on doing that to me you know?
    Did I mention that I think Keith has a nice butt?
    Hope your weekend is filled with love, joy and laughter and......

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  27. What fun! I am glad you and Buddy had a good time!

  28. Even if you're not an Urban fan (nor am I), it still sounds like a fun night!

    Glad you had a good time!

  29. You know what's cool is that he'll always remember the first concert he ever went to, and it will have been with you :)

  30. I think it was great you took your son. Memories that will live on whether or not you knew any of the words.

    Last year I took Megan to her 1st concert- Willie Nelson. It makes every song of his I hear a little sweeter.

  31. Wife in a headlock? Really? Not at our house. Sheesh.