Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Since I had no idea what to expect yesterday morning, I woke up early and made the family get up, so we could have an early start to the park. We arrived an hour before the park even opened.

This made my family casts many glances of stink eye on me, but we were early in the queue to be admitted. After the park opened, that's when people started stampeding in all directions, but mostly in ours. I wanted to get four Fast Passes for "Soarin", which is one of the most popular rides right now.

I secured those, then we leisurely made our way to other less crowded attractions. It was so great. Sissy was unsure of riding anything, but she rode a few very tame rides (we knew better than to get her on anything too terrifying).

Mandy was kind enough to ask what we ate.

Well, last night, we had dinner at Wolfgang Puck's Cafe and the Evil Twin and I really liked it. Buddy was divided and Sissy only picked around, as usual.

We're doing the Disney Dining Plan, and I made sure to make reservations with only those restaurants who are participating. This means we get one snack, one counter service (fast food-ish), and one table service meal per night of our stay.

At Epdot, I had chosen Sunshine Seasons for a counter service lunch. We were not disappointed. We had plenty of food and it was fresh and tasty.

For dinner, I made a reservation for Garden Grill in the Land section of Epcot months ago (like in February).

It was quite possibly THE best meal I have ever had. The Evil Twin agrees.

The 2nd best thing about the Dining Plan is that I don't have to worry about each meal and its' price. The VERY best thing is that I don't have to feel guilty about the expensive food I try very hard to eat, but leave a bit on my plate. I'm still getting my money's worth.

Sorry, no pics yet. I haven't cleared them off the card.

Today, Disney Hollywood Studios.


  1. Glad you're having a wonderful time Hausfrau and I'm wishing you beautiful weather all week :)
    I love Wolfie's Cafe. And the queue darling??? My, you're right you have been watching the British sitcoms haven't you, lol. Aren't they fantastic?
    Have a fabulous vacation with your family dear lady and.......

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  2. You can sleep when you get home! Do not fear the stink eye from those who will thank you later :)

  3. Sounds like so much fun! I am totally getting all your insider trips when we go. I hope to make a trip next year!

  4. I can't believe you are blogging on your vacation....

  5. It IS funny that you are blogging while on vacation!

    You and HH are both all about being there early...He gets the "stink eye" from me all the time! LOL

  6. Have fun!

    Is it hot? How are the crowds?

    Are you going to do a character dinner/lunch? Where? We always do Chef Mickey's, but I'd like to try something else some time.

  7. Sorry about the heat but glad you are having a great time. The meal plan is a great deal. My father (who manages the staff at one of the Disney hotels) was just talking about them this past weekend and how people are fools not to invest in them. Of course none of my "kewl kids" are fools. :-)

    I haven't been to MGM in ages. I hope it was fun and you wore your sunscreen. It is in the 90s all week. BLAH.

  8. This sounds like soooo much fun! I haven't been since I was a little girl.

    Have some fun for me!

  9. I wasn't really expecting you to post during this long anticipated funfest. Cool! Can't wait to see the pics!

  10. Glad you are having a blast. And, damn woman, you are making me hungry! ;) Hope the trip continues to kick ass!

  11. I'm glad you're having fun. I would not blog on my vacation. :-)

    I am vicariously at Disney with my family through you. That counts, right?

  12. You do not have to feel guilty when you don't eat every last bit on your plate. EVER.
    Glad you're having fun : )

  13. Sounds like you are doing well! I can't wait to see the pics. I still remember how much I loved Epcot as a kid!!

  14. I'm so glad you're having a great time and getting to eat yummy food, even if you had to get up early to get started.

  15. That's awesome that you guys are having so much fun! At least you got there early to scope out what you needed and got to ride the rides you wanted! :) Can't wait to see the pics!

    Hugs - Tiff

  16. hey wait - nobody is Tiff but me!!!

    Blair? Please? :)

    Also - Epcot totally rules.

  17. this all sounds very bloody exciting- wolfgang puck ? woo hoo to you xx

  18. The giant golf ball look of Epcot still behooves me. When I lived in Yorkshire, we were driving to Scotland and passed a freaking field of Epcots (at least that's how they looked, only smaller). It was a US "listening center" and inside each ball as a satellite receiver. The ball existed so no one would know which direction the receiver was pointed. Always made me wonder about the top of Epcot and the choice of design.