Thursday, May 28, 2009


Every now and then, I have to whip up a batch (or make that a double batch) of my famous meatballs.

I always hate it when I look in the freezer and there are no meatballs. Because I make at least a double batch, it's a little time consuming, but it's also really very easy once you get started.

Here's the recipe. Feel free to snoop around over there while you're at it. I try to add new things as I can.

I get a little help from my friend:

I throw all the ingredients in the mixing bowl, use the flat beater attachment:

(only mine is silver).

Then, I have to physically shape the meatballs, which is not hard - but time consuming depending on how large of meatballs you like. If you want BIG meatballs, your work will be done in no time.

I like to do mine about an inch across and around. I put the mixture to what feels comfortable into my palm and then roll it into a ball.

Today, I did a double batch and ended up with 38 balls:

After 20 minutes in the oven, I carefully picked them off the foil liner and let them rest on some paper towel. I use SUPER lean ground beef, but the paper towel resting allows for any residual fatty stuff to disappear! No fat! Blech!

I use approximately 9 to 11 meatballs per spaghetti dinner (depending on how many each person wants) and I freeze the rest. These will last through at least 2 more dinners.

The thing I like most about doing this is that I know exactly what is in the ingredients. There are no fillers and no preservatives, nothing even remotely suspicious. I'm weird about food anyway and especially meat.

My homemade meatballs are totally safe - and DELICIOUS!


  1. Look! It's half-nekkid meatballs!

    Those do look yummy!!

  2. Almost identical to mine, except I add mixed herbs as well as oregano. Yummeeee! thanks.xx♥

  3. Mmmmm.... nice balls! If I ever cooked I would certainly make these!!
    Instead I have Doritos covered in cheese for a meal and a desert of peanutbutter and jelly samiches.

  4. Thank you so much for the recipe! I've never made meatballs but going to whip up a double batch and freeze. I think I may even invite my mom and dad over for dinner....Looks easy enough! SA LeAnn

  5. Oh, we are so gonna have to whip up some of those babies! Thanks for the recipe!

  6. You may have finally convinced me to ditvch the frozen, store-bought ones! Have a great weekend.

  7. Thanks for the recipe! YUM!
    I have the exact same mixer (red also!) and couldn't live without it. Great minds do think alike!
    Have a wonderful day!

  8. You have way too much time on your hands...I can't believe you take pictures of all this.

  9. mmmmm....sounds delish! Love my mixer too!!! :)

  10. Sounds yummy! I'm going to have to try them! Do you eat a lot of organic foods? I'm thinking of switching our diet a little.

    Hugs - Tiff

  11. I just printed the recipe. I can't wait to make them! Thanks for that one!

  12. It sounds great...But I don't have the stand mixer. May still have to give it a try.

  13. god how i love meatballs..

    since i was a kid, ive eaten them by skewering them with my fork and eating them like a lollypop.. is that weird?

  14. I have a mixer still in the box it came in on my kitchen floor ... I might have to FINALLY take it out and use it now!!!

  15. I always make my own, too, although I don't do it often. I bought some frozen ones once and they were terrible.

  16. Someday when you invite us over for supper, I hope we have these!

    Looks great!

  17. Michelle - they are tasty!

    Dana - I think they're all naked! And tan...LOL.

    Natalie - Find a good thing and stick with it, right?

    Ron - You could make a single batch and freeze the leftovers. It makes impromptu spaghetti dinners a breeze!

    SA LeAnn - They are incredibly easy. Enjoy!

    Dave - Hope you enjoy them!

    Gigi - after you taste these, you will NEVER resort to store bought frozen ones again!

    Momma - It comes in handy (the mixer).

    JA - I had to have a blog topic for today and pictures add a special touch! LOL.

    TGG - These are sooo good!

    Tiff - Not into the organics here, but I do like food that is identifiable, ya know?

    JFab - Hope you like it!

    3C - Before the stand mixer, I just combined the ingredients by hand. No biggie.

    Slyde - It's not weird if they are righteously delicious like these! ;-)

    Mandy - Get cracking with that thing!

    Kenju - I also hate the nasty frozen ones. Bleh!

    Warren - I would even whip up a fresh batch for you all!

  18. Big time mixer envy here too! I LOVE that!
    You're really making me hungry now ;)

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  20. OH yummy. I'm getting even hungrier now!

    I might have to make those next week. OH man. OH man Oh man!

  21. Looks very yummy! Our recipes are pretty close. I like to add ground veal and pork to mine as well as some fresh chopped celery leaves. I make double batches and freeze as well. When I was younger, my grandmother would fry them in an iron skillet before adding them to the sauce, but I bake them - less messy and much easier!

  22. Those are some mean looking meatballs! I love meaty recipes. We also have the same mixer, color and all!

  23. I mat have to try those. If the husband is ever speaking to me again, of course.

  24. It never occurred to me to bake meatballs. The italian in me needs to fry them in olive oil to get that flavor and finish cooking them in the sauce. (Also gives the sauce flavor)

    THis way seems much easier so I will definitely be giving it a try.

  25. Those look delish, but the only thing I can focus on is the sheer amount of knobs on your stove. How many are there?!?!

  26. Now i"m hungry for spaghetti & meatballs.. Darn it.

  27. Those do look yummy! I bet you're a great cook :)

  28. Thanks now I am starving lol

    They sound goooooood :P

  29. Maura - You can mix it by hand, too. Just a little messier. :-)

    Penelope - It really does come in handy!

    CuteElla - I hope you enjoy them!

    Sujomi - I think the baking is easier too.

    Gabe's Girl - I fell in love with that red....

    The Dish - You could do a half recipe and try it yourself. They also make yummy meatball subs.

    Christine - I pull them out of the freezer and add to sauce while simmering.

    Ginger - 8 plus a clock/timer. It's a double oven (with both a right and left hand oven). It came with the territory when we bought the place and I love it.

    Kathryn - These meatballs couldn't be any easier (well, if they could make themselves...LOL).

    Carolyn - I have a few "tried and trues" in my arsenal and that's about it. LOL.

    Loni - Go get a meatball sub from Subway (but I bet my meatballs are better!) ;-)

  30. ETW!! Gosh it's been a while since I've been able to post but what a great time to comment because I'm hungry as all get out and those look awesome!

    My kids LOVE spaghetti and meatballs but I never make my own but you inspire me...maybe this weekend I will give it a shot!

  31. Shit - with 32 comments you'll never get to this one.

    I commend you on making your own balls. Meaty and delicious, just as they should be.

    ON another note - I can totally relate to your meloncholy swings. I have them my own self. Tonight, I'm induldging in a few spirts to help lift mine. The only thing worse than watching your children progress in grades is having them move into their own places.

    I could go on for days about my children and the stupid moves they've taken in the last year. But I won't.

    Just know that you have a kindred, but probably much older, spirt just up the river. Some day we need to "do lunch."

  32. Holy Crap! Those meatballs sure do generate a lot of comments!
    I do about the same thing, only I'm surrounded by enormous eating machines so a double batch don't go so damn far.
    You red kitchen assistant is totally hotttt!

  33. I love me some meatballs :) I make them periodically as well. I might have to try your recipe. My mom gave me a super recipe for ones that have liquid smoke...they are DELISH-OUS :) YUMMY to meatballs!!

  34. Chandra - If you make them, let me know if you like them!

    Muze - I try to get to them all! I would love to do lunch with you. And, I think I might have some liquid happy tonight as well (wine, for me!).

    Powdergirl - What can I say? People like food posts! It's easy to triple or quad the recipe too! Lotsa ground beef and allow for plenty of time!

    Lisha - Liquid smoke, huh? Sounds interesting. You might need to email me that! :-)

  35. Those look so yummy... and now I am hungry. Thanks.

  36. What a smart idea...I need to do that so I have some quick and easy homemade meals ready to go. I have used the store bought meatballs before and found them to be questionable of content. What the heck are they made of?

    I am also so happy to see you are also a Fiestaware user. I love mine. The bright cheery colors just feel happy. And that red mixer...I want one. Makes my white one look so sterile!