Friday, May 1, 2009

Day Late, Dollar Short

I'm a very organized person, I truly am. Right now, I have so much going on in my regular life, I feel rended.

I had a relatively laid back Wednesday - that's typically my least busy day as far as "plans" go. I still had household tasks that needed attention (laundry, dishes, etc.)

Thursday was super busy and today doesn't seem any less busy. I have an appointment in the morning to visit Buddy's new Middle School (with him), and then I have to drive out of my way to my primary care physician's office to pick up a paper prescription to have filled before we head out of town on Saturday morning.

Lots of little details to wrap up, but no real time to do them!

I plan to blog from Disney in this coming week. With pictures and all. But, I may not be as actively commenting as usual. We will be extremely busy, right?

But, here's something to make up for my lackadaisical sorry ass for next week:


  1. He,he,he, LMAO!!!

    Hub thinks you, and your girls can do no wrong.

    Have lots of nice rides at Disney, sweetie!xx♥

  2. Have lots of nice rides at Disney,Yea, I saw that picture and was thinking the same thing...

    Hope you guys have a great time and say howdy to Mickey!

  3. You really should start charging to open those pictures. ;)

  4. Thanks for the mammaries...

    Have a great trip and kidnap a Princess for me while you are there, just be sure she has food, water and air holes in the trunk.

  5. Tiff is right. You could have a profitable business if you did that..

  6. Day late but definitely not short. Wow. Very nice HNT pic.

  7. Hey nice titties!

    Have a great time in Disneyworld. Looking forward to hearing about it!

  8. Well, I have been wondering when the girls were going to make a command appearance and here they are in all their glory!!
    My Hausfrau, the ole girls are looking particularly perky today. Hope you have a fantastic holiday.......I need one my self.
    Thanks for the "eye" opener this morning deary...........loved it!!
    Have and extreme weekend and....

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  9. I do hope you aren't too busy to keep us updated while you are Disney. :)

    Nice boobage shot!! ;)

  10. Natalie - I just hope I don't knock myself out! LOL.

    Dave - I'm sure you were thinking the same thing!

    Tiff - I would feel guilty for charging.

    Ron - I'll be on the lookout for a pretty princess. :-)

    kenju - I walk around town like this for free... LOL.

    voyeur36 - Thanks!

    Vinomom - I'll check in when I can!

    Reggie - I like the element of surprise for you all. :-)

    Lisha - I hope I can find a few minutes to share pics, etc. :-)

  11. I need a shirt like that!

    Hope you have a WONDERFUL time at Disney!!!

  12. First prize in the Dry T Shirt competition....again..... roads, take me home...

  13. Thanks for the picture!

    If you walk around town like that, I need to spend more time in SA.

    Enjoy MouseLand!

  14. Have a blast at Disney! Can't wait to see the pics,hear the stories etc! You will be driving right by my hometown on the way down (sniff,sniff) btw...nice boobies! ;)

  15. Holy crap! I think I've glimpsed paradise!

  16. Have a great trip to Disney! Nice shot of the "girls" LOL - hope they have a good time as well! ;)

  17. Things of art in fact!

    I am talking about the rides at Disney of course...have a great time! Send us a postcard!

  18. The photo is phenomenal. Wow. Those are spectacular. Your husband is a lucky man. I could bury my face there for hours (and imagine I'd like the view down below too).

    Enjoy Disney. Wish I was in Orlando.

  19. Oh MY!! My 55 year old "girls" are soooo damn envious!! ::big sigh:: Enjoy them while the gettin' is good! LOL! Have a great time Sweetie!! Lisa

  20. Good morning ETW and The Twins!
    Have a fun trip, hello to Goofy. My best advice is to get there early in the day and don't try too hard to 'do it all'.
    Just enjoy.
    Cheers for the week-end : )

  21. Pack light, have fun and cover up a bit....the girls might get burned. nothing worse that a boob me i know.

  22. Have so much fun! I can't wait to see the pics. Wear your sunscreen and stay hydrated ! I know I sound like a Mom. Oh and by the way, that is the best pic I've seen of the girls yet :)

  23. Inanna - Old Navy!

    Hogday - Awww, that's so sweet!

    Al - I'd love it if you were neighbors of ours!

    TGG - I can't wait to see Georgia again - I miss it so much, even after 32 years.

    Dave - They're a regular feature here. No one knows when they'll "pop up". LOL.

    Sujomi - I can't wait to get there!

    Warren - Disney is full of art and magic. I'll try to update from the road.

    Ronald - After 17 years with me, whether he's lucky or not is debatable. LOL.

    Lisa - Shop at Victoria's Secret! That's my secret.

    powdergirl - that is our exact plan : get there at opening, do as much as possible for a couple of hours, then just do what we feel like doing.

    rosemary - You know I'm not good at covering up! ;-) I've got a decent base tan, so I hope I am (they are) spared!

    The Girl - I think I've got the sunscreen and water parts covered. Now, it's just about the fun! And thanks for the compliment!

  24. I can't believe you would post pictures of your breasts online! How could you!!?!?! Hahaha, just kidding, they look amazing. Have a great time on your vacation!

  25. Have the most fun ever! Don't worry about us, we will still be here when you return.

    The girls look fantastic today!

  26. Wow, my fave booby pic so far! ;)

    Oh yeah- I heard that Disney is being stingy with the hand sanitizer and with the swine flu thing, you may want to take some! Have fun!

  27. Impressive cleavage maam!

    Have a great holiday.


  28. So ... are you saying when all else fails, flash boobies?? I like that answer!

  29. I'll be at Animal Kingdom next Friday and Epcot on Saturday - will we cross paths?

  30. Hey, now...
    I take a month off and I found you right where I left you.
    I'm just jelaous, that's all.
    Missed ya!

  31. holy crap,I need whatever bra you are wearing! Seriously, Va-voom! I feel inadequate next to that! aint no hope for me till I find that bra!

  32. Good lord woman! My PAID FOR boobs don't look that good! You suck!!!! :) Just kidding! Your hubby is lucky!

    Hugs - Tiff

  33. Please update your links for my blog.


  34. Goodness me... what a pair, am jealous for sure!~!! (not really, lol)

    Have a great trip, and looking forward to the pickies.


  35. I can never spell lackadaisical right. Even writing it just now felt weird. Always seems like there should be an "x" sound at the beginning.

    Buy now you're in the middle of your trip, so really I'm speaking to you in the past. I wonder what future (now) you would tell present (then) you if she could?

    I think I just confused myself. Maybe I will the future.

  36. Seriously... can you send a little of yours my way? I have boob envy right now.