Friday, May 15, 2009

My Box o Hooch is Greener Than Your Bottles

That's right - sure, I swill cheap boxed wine like a hobo, but did you know by doing so, I lessen my "carbon footprint" on this old earth (not that I really believe any of that hooey, but I think it's funny).

Yes, it's TRUE! Check out my box:

I know it's not the best picture, but it's the best I could do.

I also tried to play around with ideas for HNT (half naked Thursdays), but really wasn't getting anything worth sharing. I may have to get out the big guns (the digital SLR camera, tripod and remote control device), so I have more flexibility to get the shots I want on my own.

I would ask the Evil Twin to help, but he is reluctant to take direction from me when it comes to photography. So, I end up doing it myself. Sure, I might take 75 shots just to get the one I want, but ultimately, I'm pleased with the results.

See how hard I work for you readers? I figure I even have my fair share of lurkers who never ever comment. If you read my stuff here and are too shy to comment publicly, you can always email me at eviltwinswife at gmail (dot)com.

And, as you all know, any of you can use the comments or that email address to ask me anything. I'll answer anything.

Also, I received an award from Buzzardbilly. In order to accept the award, I'm going to have to put some time into gathering the info for that post, so it might take a few days.

Sure, it's easy to throw a picture or two on here and perhaps a couple of links, but if it's any more involved than that, it can take some time on my part.

In my sinus infection news: The Z-pack (antibiotic) seems to be helping already. The liquid codeine has been really great, but it's been kicking my butt - in the sense that it's making me VERY drowsy. Like, all I want to do is just kick back with my eyes shut - not necessarily sleeping, mind you, but just relax and not have to hold my eyes open. Weird.

Makes for some interesting driving.

And now, I must ruin the good I'm doing to the environment by drinking boxed wine and waste lots of water showering and brushing my teeth. Not to mention how many times I flush the toilet from peeing whilst drinking all that wine to begin with!

Happy Friday, my Bewbie Babies!


  1. I'm gonna have to try me some of that boxed wine!!
    I'm glad you're feeling better! I think rest is the best thing for you right now (easier said than done, right?!) Those Disney trips, while really fun, are hard trips - they're exhausting!!!

  2. I too save the environment with boxed wine whenever possible. :)

  3. I'm all about the Boxo, specifically my new ultra-cheep fave, Oak Tree Chardonnay, $9.97 for a 3-liter box at Wal-mart.

  4. That's even a better reason to drink the hobo wine...I mean you get a great buzz from it, sure but at the same time your helping the enviroment, what more could you ask for I ask you?

    Glad your feeling better. If it were me taking the medication I probably wouldn't be able to find my car let alone drive it...codeine kicks my ass every time!

  5. Way to go saving the world for future Box-o-wine drinkers. It's people like you that make the future that much brighter for wino's everywhere!

  6. Hope you keep feeling better and better. It's good to know that bloggers like you will spend the time taking 75 shots, just to get the perfect boobie pic! Muah, have a great weekend!

  7. Environmentally conscious winos are the best kind. Way to put the Earth first like that. ;-)

  8. I've been drinking Frazia Sunset blush for years, now. I was helping out the environment and didn't even know it! I agree on the bathroom trips, though.

  9. I wish I liked wine! And, coffe and beer. Those three things I have never taken a liking to for some reason. I am so glad that you are on the mend!

  10. Let me, but environmentally friendy, wine...a digital SLR...bunches of pics.

    I cannot believe no one has volunteered to help a fellow blogger! Sign me up! BYOW (Bring you own wine).

  11. Just think, if you drink enough of them you can duct tape them together and build a real hobo home. Solar heated, wind cooled, no plumbing to waste water, no appliances to waste electricity. You'd wear all your clothes at once, so no need to wash them wasting both water and polluting with the soap residue. Think of the impact you could have on mother earth!

    Glad you're feeling better.

  12. Momma - the box stuff is tasty!

    Ella - we all have to do our parts!

    Juanuchis- I'll have to check that out.

    Chandra - the wine AND the codeine together make me plenty loopy!

    Ron - the gov't should step in and give free boxes of wine to hobos everywhere! :-)

    Ginger - I'm just looking out for my readers. Cause I care. <3

    Jay - I do what I can, man. ;-)

    Greg - You and I should win the Nobel Prize this year!

    JFab - You better get on the box wine kick. Just think of your terrible carbon footprint from all those disposable diapers here soon!

    Al - Do I have a volunteer?

    (K)arla - You are brilliant. I'm actually going to build the hobo air raid shelter. For now, it will house a massive amount of non-perishable food goods (and wine) for the recession wars.

  13. YAY Hippie wine! LOL Just my style.


    Hope you get back to your good health by monday, I love th zpaks they work really well.

  14. Ooh, maybe I should switch to boxed wine, for the environment? I want to do my share, after all...
    You have a delightful blog! So happy I stumbled upon it~

  15. My current Box o'Wine is a 2006 California Merlot "bottled" by Black Box wines. Wine Spectator gave it an 88. It's got a nice beat and you can dance to it. Cost me $22.99 for the equivalent of 4 bottles. Woo Hoo!


  16. I love drinking too! My 1st choice is the bourbon, but, anything will do really.


    How many times do you wake up in the middle of the night to pee? When I've been drinking, it's AT LEAST 5. Such a PAIN!!!!


  17. Any time I have to take antibiotics for sinus or ear infections they kick my butt harder than that whole box of greener wine. After my greener toilet paper experience, I haven't been so much worried about green, know what I mean?

  18. If it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down. But if you don't care that's okay with me, it's your kids future your messing with, not mine.

  19. I am still chuckling over the VGNO.. Savory Buns?!

    So good to have you back in our world.. after all the family had you for a whole week!

    Oh.. glad I don't drive around in your neighborhood, while your on med's!

    Jan :)

  20. You know, I never have anything relevant to say, but for some reason I always feel compelled to take a dump in your comments section. Thanks for providing me the opportunity to demonstrate to your readers what a real world-class loser I am!

  21. Wait a minute. Hobos are swilling wine from a box? Are they using the self serve spout? Or just cutting the top off with a homeade shank and guzzling?

  22. Why is it that dude's think it's okay to let the yellow mellow? I'll tell ya why: They do not have to sit for their yellow, so they don't have to fear the dreaded splashback of someone else's mellow ruining your whole bathroom experience.

    There's green and there's clean; sometimes the two do not meet well.

    *my unrequested 2 cents*

    I hope you're feeling better, ETW. Those sinus infections make me sleep for the whole round of anti-biotics.

  23. ETW - I appreciate what you go through to get the perfect shot. If you must, don't stop at only 75 for that perfect angle or lighting or whatever. In fact, I don't mind if you take all day to get the shot that's right...your readers appreciate your efforts!

  24. Oh yeah...and way to go green!!

  25. Is the offer still open to check out your box?