Saturday, May 2, 2009

More Than

Well, we're in Savannah, GA. So, we're more than halfway to Disney World. We are going to spend the night here. Tomorrow, we'll drive the remaining 4 or so hours and check in to our resort.

We were on the road from 8 am to just after 5 pm. We hit one area that was backed up, but other than that, a fairly smooth drive. I guess I can say that as I didn't actually drive one mile.

The Evil Twin does not like to be a passenger. He insists on driving if we're all going someplace together. I would gladly take my turn, but it's his preference - even though I do feel bad for him and I know it's got to be rough after so many hours.

We did have a few stops along the way, so there were opportunities to stretch.

But all this is not the BEST news. The BEST news is that my sister (my biological sister) and her family live nearby and are coming to see us.

For those who are new, I was adopted as a baby. A few years after I was adopted my biological mother and biological father got married and had two more children - making them my full biological siblings. My sister is 6 years younger than me. My brother is 9 years younger.

I had been looking for my biological mom and had a great deal of information on her, but couldn't pin down a phone number (turns out she only uses a cell phone). So, I had listed the information I had on several adoption websites.

In a casual conversation with a family friend, my sister (we'll call her Jellybean, since that's her nickname) told the friend about me and the information she knew. The friend got online and within 30 minutes had "found" me.

That day, I received a phone call from Jellybean. Now, I didn't know if I had any full or half siblings at all, so I was really blown away. We talked for about 4 hours that day.

She and my biological mother were both looking for me, but my bio mom didn't have access to a computer at the time (this was the summer of 2007).

Last summer, we traveled to meet Nana M (my bio mom), but Jellybean couldn't make it up that weekend to meet with us. So, now - I'm close enough to Jellybean, we can finally meet in person!

I know what she looks like and I've talked to her a bunch on the phone over the past couple of years, but circumstances prevented us from meeting - until now! I'll talk more about the situation later, since I'm waiting for them any minute here.

I also wanted to give a super special shout out to my girl, JFab, who loaned us her GPS for the trip. That thing is crazy awesome and now, we want one for ourselves! It has made the trip unbelievably easy and worry-free!

I have fabulous friends and family! What more could I want?


  1. I have so happy for you ETW! I hope you guys have a blast and are soon thick as thieves!

  2. Oh! That is SO COOL! How wonderful for you,love. Congratulations to you both for finding each other.xx♥

  3. I hope the meeting w/ sibling goes great. After I met my bio family - I know I had somereally nice and a few interesting meetings. All is well though. Enjoy the vacay.

  4. Very exciting!
    Enjoy the visit, what a bonus on an already fabulous trip.

  5. Oh wow!

    Hope it all goes amazingly for you :)

  6. Sounds like you are having a good trip so far. Glad you got to see some family on the way as well!! We always hit up Bojangles down there. They have some AWESOME sweet tea :) Enjoy your time away

  7. Wow....that is really exciting!

    I can't wait to hear how your meeting goes!! :)

    Happy Travels!!

  8. Cool, you really pack a lot of excitement into your vacations :)

  9. I literally CANNOT wait to see how it turns out. As you know, my birth parents got married 2 years after I was born too, but they couldn't have kids after me. They adopted two kids and I wouldn't give you a plug nickel for either one of them. I sure hope you like your sister!!

  10. I hope it went better than could ever have been expected!

  11. Wow, this meeting is about as exciting as Disney World.. well maybe more for you!!

    How cool is this.. what a great trip will be for you..

    Jan :)

  12. Boy, you really know how to write a cliffhanger. And this time you've left us with a different pair of girls. I'll stay tuned.

  13. that is a great story.. i hope this turns out to be an amazing visit.

  14. Hey,
    do you find the GPS voice drives you crazy sometimes? I found when it was recalulating it drove me crazy..... Disney sounds fun....I want to go to NYC in the summer....

    Love the pic fr yesterday, looking

  15. I can NOT wait to hear about the meeting!! How exciting..

    And fwiw, L's the EXACT same way about driving.. It makes me a little nuts as apparently I can take our kids halfway across the country on my own but I can NOT drive if he's in the car. Men!

    Anxious to hear about your whole vacay actually!

  16. "4 miles" away and you're taking a break? :p

    heheh have fun in disneyland!

    and have fun with your sister!!

  17. Glad the trip has been smooth sailing so far...can't wait to hear more about your meeting with your sister!

    Interesting that your biological parents ended up getting married after you were adopted. I'm sure that doesn't happen very often!

  18. WOW ... cant wait to hear how it went!!

    Oh and Savannah is my FAVORITE city!!

  19. Can't wait to hear all about it! Hope y'all got to Florida safe, sound, and happy today!

  20. smmoooch..YOU ARE A WINNER........send me your postal details !!!!

    YIPPEE !!

  21. YAY! So glad you got to meet up with Jellybean!! Love our GPS too - we used it in CA - & plan to use it this summer in Wisconsin,Illinois etc. - well, you get the idea!! Safe travels!! :)

  22. I'm SO EXCITED to hear about the meeting with your FULL BLOODED sibling! How freaking cool is that? GPS rocks! I loved using my friend Sanne's while we were in Indy for 2 1/2 weeks. Especially on our trip over to St. Louis and back. VERY helpful!

    Hugs - Tiff

    PS - Driving... I HATE it when my husband drives. Seriously it drives me crazy! We argue over who is going to drive! I think that's why I like traveling with the girls (my kids - not boobs) by myself! :)

  23. HandomeHusband always insists on's the trucker in him.

    I hope you had a great meeting with your sister! I think that it is so neat that you were able to find your bio-relatives.

  24. How incredibly fantastic! Can't wait to hear how it all went :o)

  25. i am so happy for you meeting your sis at last !

  26. Can you tell I am playing catch up over here? Anyway, SO glad to hear you are connecting with JB. I hope things went well and you had a great time.

    You didn't leave anything special back up this way... it's rainy today, tomorrow and for the rest of the month I am sure. Enjoy some nice weather for us!

    PS... hubby does all the driving in our house too ;~)

  27. Wow That is sooooo great! I hope your meeting goes well.

  28. Wow! I cannot imagine the excitement at meeting a full sister for the first time after two years of getting to know you loved her already! Good for you!