Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Down to the Wire

Buddy only has a few days of school left.

On Wednesday, it's the 5th grade graduation, then they take a field trip to Camden Park, which is a local amusement park - it's about an hour from us. It has been there about forever ago - and still has many of the same rides it seems! LOL.

They'll be there all day.

Then, we have a breakfast at Shoney's on June 1 (Monday morning). Shoney's is a restaurant/buffet place. The breakfast buffet there is actually quite tasty. The rest of Monday is "Track and Field" day - basically, it's a day of little competitions like running races, and getting ribbons.

Then, Tuesday June 2 is the school picnic and that's that.

We have a private pool that is about a half a mile from our house and we've joined that again this year. Both kids really enjoy hanging out there.

I'm actually kind of looking forward to the change of pace.

That is, if the kids don't drive me nuts all summer! ;-)


  1. It is so weird being on the other side of the world! Our kids are just settling into some good work during the winter months.
    Have fun Buddy.x

  2. Enjoy the Summer with your kids. They'll drive you nuts, but it will be worth it.

  3. Track and Field day was the best. My fondest memories are from those days!

  4. We already had field day this year and the end of school picnic. School lets out in about two more weeks. Now if I can only find those two overdue library weeks....

  5. The countdown has begun! I grew up with Shoney's - go there everytime I go back home to FL! I'm looking forward to a slow (somewhat,slow!) & lazy summer.....

  6. This is my first 'post-school' summer with my son - I am wondering just how nuts I will become! Hope you get to enjoy the pool often.

  7. Last summer I had a bit more time with my kids and I was totally insane by the end of it! This year I have a real job and will still manage to be insane. Kinda damned if I do and damned if I don't... LOL

  8. Natalie - It is strange! I forget that we're on opposite seasons sometimes!

    Ron - Yep, I've made it through other summers, so I'll survive!

    JA - I know the kids really dig that day, too.

    Vinomom - good luck finding the books! It seems to fly by once we get so close to the end, huh?

    TGG - I really do dig the breakfast buffet!

    Gigi - It's great in some ways, maddening in others, but you'll do fine!

    Paige - I know! By Fall, I'm all about school starting back up again. LOL.

  9. So I guess he is off to middle school next year? I don't have to deal with the trauma of changing schools until high school. It is nice that they stay in the same school from K-8.

    High school is going to be a real bitch though.

  10. When my kids were small, I always had a love/hate relationship with summer. Couldn't wait for it to get here and couldn't wait for fall to come!!

    I had no idea that Camden Park still existed!! It was there when I was a kid (in the dark ages).

  11. There's nothing better than a summer spent hanging at the pool. I hope you all enjoy a change of pace and a little time off.

  12. I remember the Shoney's breakfast buffet from when I lived in Indiana. Yum. We went to a breakfast buffet this weekend for the first time in years. I love breakfast. :-)

    This week preschool ends and we have the end of the year picnic and next week there is daycare graduation.

  13. Anytime the kids irritate you this summer just pour yourself a glass of wine. Doesn't matter if it's 9:00 a.m. No one has to know! ;)

  14. Your so positive saying "if" the kids don't drive you crazy. At my house there is no question, I am still looking forward to a break from the AM rushing around thing though.

    Yeah for the end of school so early--you guys must go back before labor day? We don't go back till September 9th this year...seems so far off!

  15. What a fun few days! I suspect the summer will be fun but you'll be ready for school when fall comes around... isn't that the way it always goes? Envy the pool BTW... I need to find one around here!

  16. The elementary schools have had their "fun" day of track events (on the 15th), and now the Spring play is over. Their last day is June 2nd. On June 1st they bring in all those "blow-up" gimmicks - bouncey things, slides and so on. It does become quite busy these last few days.

  17. My boys are already out of school, and OY! they're driving me nuts!

  18. Glad you've got a pool to take the kids to everyday - that helps! Toots is out on Friday and can hardly wait. Shark is on a 2 week break before his school's half day summer program starts. NO homework means lots of family time and no stressing and no studying - gotta love that!

  19. We're not out for another month, and same as you and all the other Moms out there, I look forward to it and dread it equally.
    They sure do get into each others hair!
    Lots of camping coming up.
    The oldest is thrilled not to be attending "math camp' this year.(that only happens if he brings me less than a B in math).
    Apparently it's not as much fun as 'raft building camp'. Tsk.

  20. Sheeesh, another school year bites the dust. I gotta hurry up and find things for my kids to do, otherwise, my house will become the local hangout of choice. UGH.

  21. Christine - yep, Middle School (and public, too). We have so few Catholic schools around and only one High school (none of which are convenient for me, so 5th grade is the end of the line for parochial here).

    Kenju - it's still there with the SAME rides! LOL.

    A. - Yep, at least the pool gives us an option for something to do.

    3C - I love breakfast too. I'm kinda hoping I get picked to drive for that one. :-)

    Bitchy - that's a great plan and since I don't have to drive to pick up from school, I'll be free to do that!

    Tamis - I know I will be frazzled before the Fall. And yes, we start about mid to late August here.

    LoveLladro - They always try to cram in so much at the end of the year, it makes me nuts!

    themom - I guess it's on purpose: to make sure all us parents just want it to calm down for a bit! LOL.

    Ginger - already? Ugh!

    Momma - yep, the no homework and stress part is my fave.

    Powdergirl - what kills me is that mine are 8 years apart and still bicker like mad!

    The Girl - I'll be doing the opposite: trying to find playdates and get friends over for the summer.

  22. A true fact: I have never been to Camden park.

    I'd like to go as that new mini-golf thing looks fun but even though I love roller-coasters, that wooden one looks like it was past it's prime in the 30's.

  23. When I lived in Huntington I'd sometimes drive by Camden Park, and I thought it was an old, closed amusement park.

    Have fun with the kids this summer. I am sure it will give you endless blog topics.

  24. Stay cool, have a great summer and don't ever change lol sorry had to throw in the yearbook lines because I was going to start off saying having a great summer then remembered how cheesey that was lol

    Sounds like you have a good summer planned. :)

  25. YES YES YES... I can finally get caught up! :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE Shoney's and miss our's. They closed our Shoney's many many years ago and I hate that! I remember eating breakfast there whenever we would go out of town to swim meets when I was little!

    Can't wait to see the pics!

    Hugs - Tiff