Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wild, Wonderful.... Winter? (Updated!)

It's May. The pool will be open in just a couple of weeks. And, I wake up to an outdoor temperature of 35 degrees? WTH?

I have noticed that my morning motivation is directly related to the temperature outdoors. Why?

Well, because when I wake up, if it is decent outside, the house is comfortable inside. If it's cold outside, it's cooler inside, too. I currently have the flipping HEAT on inside to take the chill off the air.

I'm in no hurry to get undressed for a shower and I need to get a shower before I get motivated to start my day.

I'm going to set this to auto post in a few minutes and then come back to update it. Blogger is having fits again this morning (must be the weather) and won't let me add links or anything and there are a few things I need to get in here.... Be back in a bit!

I wanted to add a blog I omitted yesterday. It was very late when I was working on that post and I forgot a really good one - it's new to me.


She is funny, smart and I bet if you crossed her, she would have no problem ripping off your own arm and beating you to death with it! A girl after my own heart, really. :-)

Also, the Blonde Goddess celebrates her birthday today, so go on over and wish her a happy one!

This must have been a popular day back in the mid to late 60s because I had four friends on Facebook who have a birthday today. I guess there were a cold bunch of Februarys around that time. LOL.


  1. Ah it's refreshingly cool out today!! Soon it will be that hot weather where I start sweating even before I wake up, ughggghhhh! I guess we have a difference of opinion :)

  2. I'm so there with you! I can NOT get motivated when the house is cold. I'm still in pjs and a cozy robe because it's too cold to get dressed. And since I'm in pjs, I'm not doing anything that needs done. I wish the weather would warm up already!

  3. Cool here today too, I like it lots. May babies were conceived in August. Was a busy month for me, as two of mine, were born on same day, and little blossom was also due in May, but came early and landed on the 29th April instead.

    You are right about jumping in the shower on a cool morning, just TOO tricky to get out of bed,hey?


  4. I couldn't have said it better myself... productivity = weather.

  5. I agree totally - if it's a beautiful day outside, ya just feel better!

  6. Ron - Yep, we're on opposite ends of the spectrum there!

    A. - I forced myself to get in the shower early this AM. Brrr!

    Natalie - It's especially maddening right now because May is usually SO much warmer here.

    LL - No one wants to get out of the shower all wet and cold!

    Momma - Exactly! At least the sun is shining here, even if it is cold!

  7. It was so cold here Sunday night that I had to turn on my electric blanket in the middle of the night to get warm. Then I blasted the heat in the car AND turned on the seat warmers Monday. That's just crazy. But, the afternoons have been gorgeous here. Sunny and comfortable. I could get used to that.

  8. Aww, that was so nice of you, ETW.
    The part about ripping arms off?
    You touched me deeply with that!

  9. It's way to cold here too ! Brrr, getting really tired of it.

  10. It's chilly here too; I had to put on a track suit to take mr. kenju to the doc this a.m. I know that grosses you out, but it was the only thing I could find quickly that was warm.

  11. I am exactly the same way when it comes to temperatures. I'm so much more ready to get up and go when it's warm out. I don't even mind the humidity. It was chilly this morning but in the 70's now. Supposed to warm up during the week to nearly 80. Thank Goodness!

  12. It was a little cold this morning, but I got new glasses so the whole world looks beautiful.

    Thanks for pointing the finger at powdergirl. Good tip.

  13. At least the girls are nice and perky when it is so chilly...summer is coming they say.

  14. Hate to burst your bubble but it is absolutely gorgeous here today. It was chilly the last couple though. 80's all week! Yeah, get to wear the cute new work clothes i bought on vacation!

  15. I agree, these cold mornings have been NO FUN and no good for any motivation!

  16. I'm glad it's back to being warm! I have to put the heat on at night and then the air on during the day! Ahhh... the joys of spring!

    Hugs - Tiff

  17. May is a fickle month. I've had to use the heat in the mornings too since my child refuses to wear socks and the wood floors get cold.

  18. Jay - same here on the afternoons. If I woke up like that, I'd be happy. :-)

    Powdergirl - You're very welcome!

    The Girl - I'm beyond tired of it!

    Kenju - track suits don't gross me out, I just don't like them for myself. For anyone else, it's their option - I don't judge. :-)

    Vinomom - Yes, thank goodness!

    SugarCain - I've never worn glasses, but I bet new ones ARE nice!

    Tamis - My girls are perky all year 'round because I wear super heavy duty bras! LOL.

    Bitchy - Send some my way, please!

    Mandy - It just makes me want to curl up under a blankie.

    Tiff - I know! There is something so cruel about that back and forth. Heat/AC/Heat/AC....

    Mary - I refuse to wear socks and our wood floors are cold too - so on goes the heat! Gah!

  19. In Pearisburg, VA, (just this side of Blacksburg...land of Virginia Tech), the pool opened this weekend...and it was in the 50s on Sunday. The boy said it is heated, but still...50s.

    I enjoy cold weather. I keep asking the wife to move to Alaska. When (not if) she gives the thumbs up...we are off to Alaska! Wnters there are well below zero degrees F.

    The older I get, the more I like winter and dread the muggy days of summer. Nothing to look forward to except HNT in the summer!


  20. I love it cold in the mornings, so much that I actually need a blanket. Unfortunately, if it's that cold, someone is sure to turn on the furnace. I loathe the furnace.