Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Flower to Identify

I have another mystery flower bush for my readers to identify. This plant grows along our back fence. It's very pretty. Lots of lovely blooms.

Keep in mind, we bought this house 5 years ago. It was built in 1956 and we are only the fourth owners of it, so we don't have much knowledge of the landscaping that had been done prior to our purchase.

Any clue?

On Monday evening, we spent a couple of hours in the backyard late in the day.

I could have slept in the hammock!

We are finally easing into the summer schedule. I think I will make Mondays "my day off" - which means I just don't have to leave the house. Tuesdays will be grocery days.

Of course, we'll need to work in "pool days" too. And, some "playgroup days" as well, but I feel confident that things will be much more smooth from here until August.

Big, huge, sigh of relief from me. I do not like feeling ungrounded!

I've got a bunch of other crap going on, too, but I'll save that for another day.


  1. That's a day lilly, definitely.


  2. And Blair nailed it!

    Tell TET that folks in his Mawmaw's hometown called them "flags" (I know not why), and that might jog his memory of them. If they're in plenty of sunlight, they'll multiply and spread like crazy. It's a bulb if you want to dig them up and spread them out this fall so they have more room to grow. You can put this bulb food I can give you some of under them when you replant them. They will make babies and babies.

  3. Relax and enjoy your beautiful lillies.The hammock sounds awesome.xx♥

  4. These day lillies are all over my neighborhood right now. They look so cheery.

  5. How funny. We have one and only one of those flowers in our back yard, too. More would be nice, but hey - it was a great surprise to see it bloom, so I'll take what I can get!

  6. They will spread. I always called them tiger lilies but am probably mistaken. They are one of my favorite flowers.

  7. I think it may be one of the rare poisonous Day Lillies. If I'm correct they can shoot poisonous spikes approx. 50 yards. Or it could be a Day Lilly.

  8. Yup, it's a day lily. So pretty, I love them. I love an easy summer schedule. Good luck with yours! Spend some time in the Hammock with a trashy book. Summer at it's best.

  9. As much as I do NOT know flowers...that was one I did know. They are beautiful, but would be doomed to a certain death at my house. I have managed to keep my petunias alive so far, which totally scares me. Enjoy the summer schedule.

  10. Blair - Thanks!

    BB - Good info to know!

    Natalie - It is relaxing.

    SugarCain - I know - they're so pretty!

    GiGi - According to the comments, you can spread them around!

    MtnLaurel - I would love to see them spread!

    Ron - Eek! LOL.

    A. - Yep, I need to hit the library!

    Themom - These came with the house. I'm lucky they're still alive. LOL.

  11. Well, you've already been informed that they are Lily's but just wanted to say thanks for the picture, they grow wild at my grandparents' lake cabin and I think they're beautiful!

    Glad your summer is shaping up too. Even a lose schedule can create some normalcy.

  12. My mom used to keep a steak knife in her car so when she saw those on the side of the road (or in someone's yard) She could cut them and bring them home to display. My mom is a bit wacky.

  13. It's a tiger lily or day lily. :-)

  14. Those are lillies and beautiful! I wish they lasted longer but they don't. :( I have pink ones and red ones in my garden and I love them!
    PS I tagged you if you are interested. :)

  15. How beautiful! I love this time of year, all the flowers in bloom are so gorgeous.

    Lillies are my favorite flower so enjoy while they last!

  16. Yep Day Lillies and I have heaps in my back garden too! Apparently they spread but I have been here for 9 years and the patch has stayed the same all this time. (Maybe the weeds stop them spreading?!)

  17. When I lived in Nashville, I had a friend who was a huge Alabama fan (and he hated Univ of TN with equal passion). He cut down every lily like yours in his yard and every tree that turned orange in the fall. In their places, he planted stuff that turned purple-ish...We dropped off bulbs every chance we could!

  18. Oh, we have those and I have always known them as tiger lily, but they are actually a day lily. Anyway- I love them and plan on stealing more from my parents' yard to bring up here next year.

  19. Huh, we call that one a tiger-lilly around here.
    Hey, how's those peppers and tomatoes doin" ? Bearing fruit yet?

    Yep, busy times call for making plans.
    Hope the Mondays "off" work out for you.

    You don't like feeling ungrounded?
    I love that shit!
    But then I have to rescued from it sometimes soooo... ; )

  20. CuteElla - Thanks. As a stay at home mom, I like having some outline of a schedule so I feel productive.

    G-Man - I would totally do something like that! :-)

    K - And now I know and can put that in my noggin storage bin. :-)

    Lisha - I'll be by to check you out in a bit.

    Chandra - It's my favorite time of year, too.

    Ginger - We'll get to the pool when we have a day not raining or calling for rain (:::taps foot impatiently:::)

    Penelope - Ours have been in the same spot too - and it is a weedy fence area. Perhaps you're onto something? ;-)

    Warren - You are SO bad! LOL.

    Mary - You can steal some from us too. :-)

    Powdergirl - I am too OCD to be ungrounded. It's the anxiety, ya know. And I hope to have a tomatoes/peppers update soon!

  21. Like many people have already said: day lily. I've got a bunch in my garden. They grow all over the place here in NC.

  22. Damn I knew that one too! All those smarty pants beat me to it! I think it is a great idea to have a day off during the summer!

    Enjoy! We finished today so I am on vacation now too! Whoo-hooo break out the box of wine!

  23. I'm a big help...it's a pretty flower. I go kinda crazy without a schedule....get up, do the same thing every day, go to bed, take a deep breath.

  24. also, I took a pretty freaking great picture of one on the Marshall campus a few weeks ago:


    I'm rather proud of this one.

  25. I won't be repetitive :) Mine are blooming in the front garden now. I have red and yellow, but orange are the most common. You can split them pretty easily and they will spread.

  26. My answer is redundant now, but yes, they are day lilies - or tiger lilies.

  27. Dave - I'd like to try to spread mine around.

    JFab - You and me both, sistah!

    Tamis - Enjoy your break! Woot!

    Rosemary - I do believe we are kindred spirits. :-)

    Blair - that is gorgeous. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a good angle for mine (was standing on a slick slope).

    Vinomom - I plan to try to get more of them!

    kenju - I knew you would know! Thanks! :-)

  28. So - ETW. Not much of a botanist, are ya? :) It's day lily for sure - wild type, will cover ground if you let it and bloom its head off for a few weeks in summer. The lot next door to us is full of this wonderful sunny flower.

    Hooray for perennials!

  29. oh shucks.. I wanted to be the one to tell you Day Lily!

    Yes.. Day Lily, they last ..well. a day!

  30. Well you already know what it is. Candy brought me a few yellow ones from her garden to replant in my yard and they bloom for about a day, but they keep blooming over and over again-very pretty. When Ian still lived in WV, the orange variety was in the process of taking over his backyard. I hear they're very prolific and extremely hard to kill, just the sort of flower for me!

    You not go to Walmart on Mondays??? Can I not count on anything anymore???

  31. so I guess you dont need anyone else telling you its a lily! I love its color:)

    a hammock nap sounds nice!!

  32. It's definitely a daylily!
    I have an entire bed of them in all different colors and shapes!
    Love & Light~
    OM girl

  33. You would have laughed as I tried to figure out what were those great smelling flowers that lined out front fence.

    The scent of the white flowers lasted about 6 weeks/yr and I loved coming home and having my nose filled.
    Aromatherapy decompression.

    We have day lillies out of the 2nd back door. They have no sent but show up every year which is nice.