Monday, June 8, 2009

Spruce Up Your Summer

I’m hosting a giveaway!

It’s from Avon - the Avon representative in charge is here. This is also my good blog buddy 3Carnations!

The giveaway is one 8 ounce Skin So Soft Summer Soft Body Wash and a 5 ounce Skin So Soft Revitalizing Body Spray Lotion.

To get one entry, go to her Avon site and comment back on my blog about which product you like best. If you want 3 extra entries, you can place an order from her site, and comment back here that you ordered.

If you do want to order, just use the code FSANY for free shipping. That’s free shipping no matter how much or how little you spend. With gas prices creeping back up again, free shipping is going to become one of my best friends this summer.

This is a really cool giveaway for this time of year. The Skin So Soft products have long been touted for having a bug repellent nature.

Plus, they are just quality products.

For all you male readers, this would make a nice gift for your wife, girlfriend, co-worker, daughter - just about anyone! :-)

I’ll let you in on a secret: the ladies love stuff like this! We love all the good smelling lotions and creams. We love make up and nail polish!

There is also a special going on right now. If you make a $40 fragrance purchase, you can also get a gold colored iPod Shuffle for ONLY $29! That is a great deal!

Are you still here? Go! Have a long look around, but don’t forget to come back to my place and leave a comment. The contest is open to anyone who lives in the continental US.

This will run through the week and a winner will be drawn on Sunday (6/14) evening at 6 pm EST, and announced next Monday morning. Good luck!


  1. Free shipping to Australia? I really need 5 lippies that are on special. Can you check with your friend for me?xx

  2. Don't think I have anyone to buy Avon for so I will skip it. Thx anyway.

  3. Hmmm ... wonderful timing!

    My Avon lady just quit, and I've been looking for another - WooHoo!

  4. Sounds great for the Avon consumers :)

  5. My Nana swears that skin so soft is a great insect repellent. can be bugless AND smell good at the same time!

    You might want to take note of that male Ron...ahem.

    Skin so soft is the bomb! I have tons of it.

  6. Natalie - I'm sorry, but AVON in the US can't ship overseas. You should be able to order from Avon in Australia, though.

    Dana - I would be thrilled to be your Avon lady! :-)

    ETW - Thanks again for hosting this!

  7. I haven't used Avon for years. I remember fondly the monthly visits from our Avon lady when I was a teenager. Hmmm...maybe we need an Avon lady around here!

  8. Honeywine - Do YOU want to become your local Avon lady? I can help with that, too. Only $10 to sign up! :-)

  9. Eee! I am SO allergic to skin so soft. My little brother used to think it was cute to put it in the wading pool so my ankles would hive up. *shudder*

  10. I can confirm that SSS is an excellent bug repellant. Can't use it on my skin though, makes me sneeze.

  11. I love all Skin So Soft! it is a great bug repellent - you don't smell like a citronella candle!

  12. I like the idea of the multi color lip gloss - so I ordered 2 and a stick blush!

    And I used to swear by the SSS as a bug spray!

  13. My mom was an Avon Lady when I was a kid. I remember that she had a case of tiny lipstick samples that completely fascinated me.

    Oh great. Now I am completely obsessed with that Spectracolour lipstick. CURSE YOU AVON!

  14. OK, you have a lot to answer for ETW, because I keep going back to the site and now I also want the lip tint gloss.

    I shall be blaming you for my unfilled desires, dude. But you know, in a good way.