Friday, June 26, 2009

An Award, A Meme and an Extra

I was tagged by Lisha for an award/meme combo a while back. I may be many things: lazy, slovenly, slow, etc. , but eventually I do try to get around to everything.

The Award:

Da Rules:

I can accept this award with the following conditions: I must list 7 personality traits about myself and I must pass this award onto 7 other blogs that deserve such fine recognition for the personalities that they share with the blogging world.

Come on! You know me! I will list the 7 things, but never give it out to 7 others. I just can’t choose from among ALL my great blog reads to narrow it down, so if anyone who comments regularly would like this award and meme, it’s yours to “lift”.

Let's get started, shall we?:

1. I get the serious heebie-jeebies from touching any steering wheel. I don’t know why. I just feel like a steering wheel of a car is the harbinger of germs above all others. After I drive, I wash my hands thoroughly!

2. I’m not a morning person. Even when I was pregnant and went to bed at 9 pm, it was difficult for me to get up at any regular morning hour. I used to think noon should be the average waking hour. I now think it should be 8:30 (so, I have evolved since having children - YAY ME!).

3. I have a one track mind. I get set on one thing and I make sure that steps are taken to get to my goal. I don’t take “No” for an answer. Unacceptable.

4. If it’s sick, disgusting or just over the top, you can bet I will like it. The only things I call off limits are acts that are illegal and/or take advantage of another being. I love to watch big zitty cysts explode on YouTube! It’s awesome!

5. I can fold a fitted sheet as neatly as a flat sheet - sometimes I can't even tell the difference when I get sheets from the linen closet!

6. I learned a long time ago to not take things people say to heart. It may bug me for an hour or a day, but I move on quite quickly from the negative.

7. I am the most penny-pinching tightwad many of you have ever known. I like to squeeze a penny 'til it screams. That way, I can afford more fun stuff in life later down the line.

And now for the extra:

I bought this tankini top from Victoria's Secret last summer. When I was a 36D. Now, I'm a DD. I almost had a wardrobe malfunction on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, we were not able to get to the pool again on Thursday due to bad weather. I know that our pool will allow swimming even if it's raining, but not if there is thunder and/or lightening in the area. We had all of that early in the day, so no pool on Thursday.

Looking forward to a more pool friendly day today. We'll see. Homeskillets!


  1. Morning girls! All three of you.
    I can also fold a mean fitted sheet, and fold a mean me, ON a fitted sheet! You know what I am saying??? :D Bet you can too.xx♥

  2. Hmmm
    About the pool, do you live in the south?
    If so it wouldnt be a desegregation era pool where the rich whities didn't want to mix with them other people so they formed a private club and built their own pool? Are there any black members?

  3. Malfunction??? More of a gift from above :)

  4. I keep amazing my kids with my ability to pristinely fold a fitted sheet. I've tried to teach the unteachable - to no avail. Have a great weekend.

  5. TY for the pic :)

    Uh....we're not going to have a 'race relations' blog, are we?

  6. Natalie - wink, wink!

    razorbeck - I live in WV, which I don't necessarily consider "Southern". We have several private pools in our small area and yes, we have black people as members.

    Ron - Maybe for you... humiliation for me!

    K - growing "longer" maybe. LOL.

    themom - I try to teach people too, it's so easy!

    Efen - You're welcome. And no.

  7. Fitted sheet folding lessons, please.

    You keep growing, by the time you're my age you won't be able to find a supportive undergarment that fits! ;)

  8. You fold sheets? You mean everyone else doesn't just stuff them in a drawer?

    Wow. Live and learn :)

  9. You must make a video of yourself folding a fitted sheet and youtube it. I still can't do that, and I'm an OCD perfectionist! I consider it a failure.

  10. Morning Twins !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I suck at the folded sheet and gag at the site of anything popping. Ewww, ETW - Gross.

  11. a pool, you say?

    whats that? since we've had about 22 straight days of rain here in NY, i kinda forgot..

  12. Cysts? Oh just know I'm going to have to go look now. How could you? :P

  13. lucky you. my wonder bra is just *wondering where the heck they're at!

  14. Does VS sell "D's?" I have never found anything in there that even remotely fits. My d's need 4 hooks and cushioned straps.

  15. I'm the same way with fitted sheets. I learned how to do it in high school home ec classes and never forgot.

  16. Well, Nat and you...I can scrunch a mean fitted sheet...both on and off the damn least I could.....once....when I remembered how......argh!

    You think fitted sheets are like loo paper?? Scrunch or fold :)


  17. VAVOOOM!

    Like the 7 things, I enjoy learning the raunchy details that make us all tick. Steering wheels are nasty! I agree. Watching cysts explode--kinda gross!

    Take care, Happy Friday!

  18. Tiff - Keep watching. I will provide a tutorial!

    BB - No, I like my sheets to be all tidy and straight.

    Leighmo - I've got something for you!

    The Girl - It's just so sick, I can't turn away!

    Slyde - we've been lucky to catch a few dry days lately ourselves.

    Honeywine - check out Super footage!

    ThatMommy! - I don't know what happened. They just got bigger and bigger!

    Rosemary - VS does sell D and DD. I'm not sure if they go bigger than that.

    Kenju - once you get the concept down, it's so easy, isn't it?

    Michelle - LOL!!!

    Tamis - Give the zits a chance. It's like rubbernecking at a car wreck!

  19. I can't fold a fitted shit to save my life. It's more of a fold/roll method. Either that, or right from the dryer onto the bed.

  20. Yeah... I suck at folding sheets. Period. That and wrapping presents.

  21. 1- stearing wheels are gross. what's grosser is the hand-hold poles on the NYC subway. they're filthier than that automan those kids were all humping in that video you posted a week or so ago....

    2- mornings suck. i keep trying to get night-shift work so i can work with my natural sleep cycle.

    3- well.. that's actually a GOOD thing. so many people get sidetracked etc..

    4- who knew you had a sick sense of humor? i always thought you were stuckup and prudish.

    5- i can't even fold a tshirt right. :(

    6- i hold grudges. i wish i didn't.

    7- i'm really bad with money. i need a course in financial management....

    and again... your pic is my new desktop.

  22. I'm with you on the morning thing - they just suck!!!

  23. #4 - me too! My sense of humor is all messed up!

  24. I need a video demonstration of how you fold the fitted sheet, puhleez...

  25. I have accepted the fact that I will probably die w/o ever having folded a fitted sheet properly. Sometimes you just have to accept your limitations and move on...
    If you like to watch zits popping, you should google "carbuncles"...those were some of the grossest pictures I've ever seen. But I warn you, some things you can never "unsee", and after viewing those photos I now have a serious problem with melted mozzarella cheese. Think about it. :(

  26. See what happens when I get bold and ask for a swimsuit shot? I actually get one!

    I see you handle award rules much like I do - I like that quality in you!

  27. Hey woman! I wipe my hands with an antobacterial wipe every time I get into the car, I then use the wipe to wipe hte steering wheel. I have big problems, I know. What about shopping carts? Don't those skeeve you out??? Ewww...

  28. I don't even try with the fitted sheets anymore. They hate me... I hate them.