Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Since I've kind of mixed up our summer schedule, Tuesday is now going to be shopping day unless it somehow just doesn't work out, but for now, we'll try this way.

We went to the Mart of Wal on Tuesday.

First on our way through our little town, we got behind a van. A van we've seen before - several times. This mini-van is packed from floor to ceiling with "stuff". I'm not sure what all it is. And, I'm not sure how anyone can get into the thing to drive it.

I don't think you can really see the amount of "stuff" piled up due to the tinted windows. However, when they turned right (we turned left), Buddy announced that he saw "a fast food cup with a lid squashed against the side window." WTF?

All that extra baggage has got to seriously impair the gas mileage, wouldn't you think?

Now, I'm not saying that I'm judging these people, I AM very curious as to WHY all the "stuff"? I don't care if my van is spotless (that would be the Evil Twin), but I do enjoy being able to move about in it without being worried I'd be buried under a landmine of old fast food cups, ya know?

We got to the store and it was not crowded at all. Of course, the few people who were there were the "side angle cart parkers". You know, the people who come to a dead halt in the middle of the aisle and then position the cart so that it is diagonally, thus taking up the entire aisle. No way around them.

These are the same people I wonder if they're planning to pitch a tent to stay a while, because they will compare products for an eternity!

If you want to read labels, fine. Fine. Fine. Fine. But, please - for the love of Pete - move your cart all the way over to your side!

I'm in there with 2 kids, which is like shopping with a pack of drunken monkeys who angle for every item they spy.

I just want to get in and get out, folks!

And preferably before I have to say: "No, we're not buying toys today." "We don't need that." "You're gonna have to wait." "Don't touch anything!" approximately 4000 times.

They eventually wore me down over getting some popcorn chicken from the deli. I stated that I would get one cup of it and they could share it. BIG mistake. Next time, cheapskate over here will get TWO cups. We got the chicken right before we were ready to check out, but not before we saw this:

As you can imagine, my kids went nuts. "Mommy, who would do such a thing?" "Ewww, that is disgusting!" and on and on. Finally, Buddy said, "Mommy, get your camera and take a picture for your blog."

I felt like a fool, but as you can see, I took out my camera and took the picture. While laughing my ass off!!

We made it to the check out line where more chaos ensued with my bunch and in my haste, trying to make sure I had all the bags and such, we hurriedly paid and made a break for the exit.

Later, I realized that while my children fought over who got the most popcorn chicken, I had failed to put the container on the conveyor belt.

Sure enough, I checked my receipt and we stole the popcorn chicken (although totally not on purpose).

Part of me feels guilty and I think maybe I should offer to pay for the chicken the next time we go. Then, another side of me thinks of the times the Mart has ripped me off for various items and I think I just want to call it even. What do you all think? I will comply with the majority on how to proceed.


  1. Well, I have always been one to call to attention mistakes- whether it be theirs or mine.I think however, that a certain time window has already gone by, so accept the gift, and be honest next time.xx♥

  2. I just wanna know if free popcorn chicken somehow tastes better...

  3. Don't screw with fate. You were meant to have that chicken for free.

  4. Knowing the Mart of Wal, they'd call in the heat and you'd be booked, charged, and convicted in under an hour for shoplifting.

    Let the chicken slide, my dear.

  5. Funny, I would say almost the same thing as Karen ...

    Don't screw with fate. Stop in at customer service the next time you go in and offer to PAY for the item.

    How would you want your kids to handle it if they found themselves in the same situation? That's usually my gauge of right and wrong.

  6. It is definitely a gift. Go and sin no more.

  7. I think this......if you discussed this with your children, it's a good example to go back and show them what the right thing to do is. But if only you know, chaulk it up as payback.:P

  8. call it even...and you know I prefer honesty as a rule, but this IS walmart.

  9. call it even...and you know I prefer honesty as a rule, but this IS walmart.

  10. Let's see, you realize the error...but now the chicken is consumed and only a memory - don't pet the sweaty stuff! LOL

  11. I vote to just avoid WalMart altogether.

  12. I say 'no worries', as I have been screwed by their shell-game pricing time and again! The kiss of death for me is putting something in the seat part of the cart - then not even 'stealing' it - I just forgot it was even there, and it ends up sitting in the cart for the next person to discover (things like make-up or cards)....

  13. Stealing is stealing unintentional or not. The price of the item is irrelevant. The seller of the item is irrelevant. Make amends asap. Treat the store like you would treat a good neighbor.
    By the way... the wild growing orange day lillies were at one time called outhouse lillies since they were found growing in the highly fertilized areas around outhouses

  14. First of all I loathe "side angle cart parkers". They are the bane of my grocery store experiences no matter what store I'm in.

    Second, I'd take the package back to the customer service desk and offer to pay for it explaining that you accidentally didn't pay for it. I'm guessing that they might not even charge you for it. OR have a way TO charge you for it.

    Let us know!

  15. We did something like that at Walmart in the past. I was getting all the children one SMALL candy as we were leaving and with the chaos of having 5 children (at that time) in tow one of the children walked out of the store having neglected to scan his item. My feeling was that I needed to teach the kids right from wrong... but we were also ALL in the car already so we went home. The next day I went back just with DS and his unscanned item and while there I picked up a few things and we explained to the check-out person that we hadn't paid for that item yesterday and we would like to pay for it today. He smiled and told my son what a good boy he was for being honest and took 50 cents out of his pocket and plucked it into the cash register himself and told my son "we're good okay?" It was a great experience I thought because DS learned that you have to be honest AND that honesty can pay off sometimes! LOL!

    So my take... pay for the item the next time you go in. I totally get the urge to call it even but I think it does serve as a good lesson for your kids... that you have to pay what you owe and be honest. JMO of course.

  16. I'm normally pretty strict on paying for things I get, but this is one of those Karma things. You knew nothing of it when it happened and you are home so I take it that fate meant you to have the chicken to make up for side cart parkers. If you decide to pay for it later you will just gain bonus karma for the next thing that comes your way.

  17. Whenever that happens to me (and with kids it WILL happen again) I donate the cost of the item to the collection basket at the church.

    Lol - drunken monkeys... that s exactly what it is like! hehe

  18. I'd let the store know. If they had mistakenly not rang it up, I might let it slide, but since it was your mistake, I think you should say. :-)

  19. You always have to make the best out of the trips to Wally World as we call it. So many interesting things happen there cuz there are so many interesting people there!

  20. Pay up - goodness knows Wal Mart needs the cash. ;)

    Also - did someone eat some of that discarded bread and just dump the rest on the floor?

  21. There is only room for one ONE cart in the middle of the aisle. Yours. Other people have to realize that and get on board!

    I don't think I could keep from offering to pay for the chicken. I know WW's a huge corporation and all, but....

  22. I hate those asshats with their big carts in the aisle too - and they have NO CLUE you're standing there, just waiting....

    OK, I say take the kids over to WM and pay for the chicken. Yes, WM has PLENTY of your money, but that's not the point. You'll feel good about what you're showing the children, and they will be really excited and proud if you do. Kids learn so much more from what we do than what we say!!! Love ya!

    Oh, and by the way, I'm certain my mother in law will blame that open bread bag on the floor on ME!

  23. I HATE aisle whores (aka side angle cart parkers) - if they don't move in the alloted time I give 'em in my head (about 5 seconds) I move their cart & go about my business! Also, I agree with Momma about the chicken thing - more than likely, WM will just "call it a day" & thank you for being honest - MAYBE! ;)

  24. I'm sure Wal-Mart has google alerts letting the know when someone blogs about them. So, they know you didn't pay for the chicken. My guess is they are requesting a warrant for your arrest as I type this.

    Okay, probably not. ;-)

    And that van with all the stuff in it? You were behind the guy who lives in a van down by the river! haha

  25. I have done this far more times than I care to remember. Cookies, drinks, a bag of chips. Anything to shut the brat up and oops...

    Although I figure they more than make up for it with the mistakes they made to their advantage on merchandise. How's that for justification??

  26. Our WallieWonderWorld is having their grand re-opening today.....I am 12 miles away and wish it was further.

  27. Breakin' the lawwww
    Breakin' the lawwww

  28. I'd make the effort to pay next time, but I doubt that they'll make the effort to charge you. It would be a big bunch of extra work for them to figure it all out -- but you'll have done your part. Unless...they have your security cam photo plastered at every register and they nab your criminal ass before you have the chance. It could happen :)

  29. Yes. All of the above advice! I refuse to take the boys to WM because I hear the same thing a million times.... "I want that!"

  30. I'd go back and pay...use it as an object lesson for my kids and all.

  31. Lol I'm not sure you can be called a "klepto" for accidentally not paying for one item! :-p

    It's a tough decision but wal-mart probably only paid 2 cents for that chicken and I'm sure if you walked up to the customer service desk to pay for it they would give you blank, crazy person stares.

  32. I'm thinking that Mart of Wal has ripped you off enough that one tub of popcorn chicken is not going to make a difference. I once got accused of stealing an apple and letting my son eat. Yelling at the manager that I would never give my kid fruit without washing it first, I brought it from home - I get to the car and notice he had a can of Nestle Quick in the car that is attached to the cart - Yup, I didn't pay for it.

  33. I must say that the photo of the bread with the addition of the tiny "Evil Twin's Wife" down in the corner really looks like some sort of avant garde rock album art.

    I bet you could print that up, toss it in a jewel case with a recording of you walking around Wal-Mart with a mic - not saying anything, just recording the ambient noise. Make a bunch of copies and market it as the latest experimental album.

    These are free, million dollar ideas here. =)

  34. Here's my take....How many times have you been overcharged, given less change back than what was due, made a special trip for a 'sale' item only to find they were 'out'? They OWED you the popcorn chicken...IMHO ;)

  35. I say EVEN STEVEN...but then again I detest all things about the Mall of Wal.

    I think this is really a test to see how moral your audience is. Hope we did not let you are really stooping to the gutter with half of us it seems.

  36. I think you should go back and pay for it, just so you can tell us what happens! Were they nice? Did they give you a crazy person stare?

    Blog fodder, woman! Blog fodder!

  37. Oh, and use a hidden camera.

  38. I wonder if they'd even take the money for it...

    I say, don't worry about it. It was a mistake, and surely they aren't worried about it.

  39. Sounds like you had quite a shopping adventure!

    Trying to put the best construction on everything... perhaps the person driving the van loaded with stuff is homeless and living in their van?! In this economy, it is a possibility. Or maybe they have OCD, and CANNOT throw anything away?! At least it made me think about my piles a clutter here and there around the house... think I'll go do some de-cluttering!
    Love & Light~
    OM girl

  40. Haha that sounds exactly like my trips to the supermarket lol. I totally think you should go for a steal on the popcorn chicken just for having to endure a shopping trip its the least they can do, next time see if you can pick up some nice candles, relaxing bath bubbles and a bottle of wine on the house lol!!

  41. Holy Crap Woman! One little crime wave and you get 40 bleedin' comments!
    Wow! Dude! You Rock!

  42. I cannot read through all those forty comments. I steal donuts sometimes cuz my kid eats them in the store. What are ya gonna do?

    I'd call it even cuz you are going to spend forty-five minutes trying to pay for an item you dont have proof that you bought.

  43. Moral compass shmoral compass.. whatever... do what feels right but don't let it determine your morality.

    Pay it forward someday.. donate like 30 dollars to some little girls lemonade stand.. where the lemons were probably actually thieved... by a mom who was frazzled and not paying attention to 1 out of the 356 million things she was supposed to pay attention to.

    ...I got all the way to my car with 3 kids and two stolen jugs of milk on the bottom rack of my cart last week... and I would have rather gone to jail with a tranny ho sittin next to me than to lug a 5, 3 and 4 week old back into the store.. plus two damn jugs of stolen milk.

    I was wishin I had grabbed 5 jugs. :)

    Pay it forward. I owe like 60 to that little lemonade girl. :)

    If anything... the story will be wellll worth a blog if you do go in. Can't wait to hear.


  44. You know when you swipe your stripe to pay for food and you get the choice of cash back?

    Once in the car I realized a cashier gave me $20 too much.
    Not the scruple it would seem

    I headed right back in and got in her line. I told her there was a mistake and immediately she got defensive.
    Once she took A BREATH I was able to explain that she gave me too much.

    It's all about karma points and butterfly effects.
    She apologized and thanked me with a genuine smile.

    Doing the right thing ALWAYS pays itself forward.
    I can attest.
    Glad you did