Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Mart Update

Even before I read the entire comments section yesterday, I had made up my mind.

I mulled over my situation at the pool - our first visit of the summer - and decided that just for MY peace of mind, I would go back next Tuesday and attempt to pay for the purloined (even if unintentional) chicken. Just so I can say, "I made the attempt to make it right".

Even if they can't or refuse to take payment, I'll know in my heart I tried to rectify the situation.

However, I will be going against the grain of my readers. On my count, I had 15 who thought I should just let it go and 14 who felt I needed to try to pay.

There were a few comments that had no opinion one way or the other, so I didn't count those, although I DO appreciate the input! :-)

And no, this was not some litmus test for my readers. I was as torn as everyone. I mean, it seems like such a hassle for an under $2 cup of popcorn chicken, but I'm going to put a good faith effort towards correcting the oversight.

I'll keep you all updated on my saga next Tuesday!



  1. Hey! That was *my* comment ... the other white meat!

  2. I had to go back and read yesterday's post, since I missed it. I doubt if the Mart will be chasing you down over a cup of chicken, but if you offer to pay - they may accept and they may say forget about it.

  3. You'll probably find someone to take your money but make sure you see them put it in the register. Actually, you may find they say "don't worry about it" but you'll be doing the right thing anyhow...


  4. I think you're doing the right thing and setting a good example for Buddy. Good job!

  5. Great boobage! I left no comment because it is completely up to you and what you feel is right. So, good for you on your decision!!

  6. I've had stuff left in my cart that didn't get counted a couple of times at Walmart, but frankly I'm not going to deal with the almost-always-rude customer service *snort* staff over a 69 cent pack of push pins. If they are anything like ours, you'll probably get arrested. lol

  7. Setting an example is the best way to go everytime. Nice hooties!

  8. Personally, I can't wait to hear what their response is when you go back! I'm betting on **crickets**

  9. It's in good faith to try and clear your conscience. As for the Wall of Mart: It will be interesting to hear how they handle it. If that one is like the one here, all will come to a screeching halt because no one will know what to do since nothing was rang up, so they can't post the $ to any inventory purchased. You'll probably have to buy another cup of chicken and let them charge you for 2 cups, lol! But I'm guessing they would rather let it go than deal w/it.

  10. I am basically a pretty honest person but I have given up being the one who is responsible for training of sales people. My time is of value and having to wait 10-15 minutes because the salesperson doesn't know how to do a 'return' drives me nuts.

    I was at a Taco Bell, my bill came to something like $4.22. I gave her a $10. She gave me change back for a $20. I pointed this out to her. She looked at her screen and said 'Thats what the register says you get back'..then just stared. I took my change and left. You can't help stupid.

    I know this isn't the same situation but I've been short-changed, treated rudely, charged for things that didn't get put in my bag, etc. Does this make it right by not going back to pay for the chicken..technically no..but I'm tired of 'enabling'.

    Oh yeah...nice boobage ;)

  11. Ron - ROFL!

    Dana - While we're talking about chicken, huh?

    Kenju - At least I can clear my conscience! :-)

    Warren - I'll let you all know!

    SALeAnn - I still haven't told him we "stole" the chicken, but hopefully it'll be a good learning experience.

    Lisha - Thanks!

    Honeywine - I hope not!

    JFab - Thanks!

    Elle - I'm thinking you may be on to something there...

    Carolyn - I actually considered that: buying two cups and have them ring me up for three. We'll see...

    Efen - I might not have bothered, but this particular store has always been very helpful to me, I go. :-)

  12. You know, I imagine you with a very sweet voice.
    Don't know where that came from, but my Mom always said " if you think something nice, say it out loud" : D
    I'm blowing you a hug.

    You slay me!

  13. I do understand where you are coming from. When my children were very young, the cashier at the grocery store always gave my son a candy bar. One time we were leaving and he is opening up a candy bar on the way to the car. I asked him where he got it, and he said "I took it, because so-and-so didn't give me one." I made him take it back in the store and explain to so-and-so what he had done. Of course she told him to go ahead and enjoy it, and she was sorry she forgot. I had a hard time making him udnerstand that he cannot expect to receive a treat everytime we go in this store, much less just TAKE what he wanted. Lesson learned.

  14. Hey Girls !!!!!!!!!! Your a good person ETW.........I'm curious to see if they take your money.

  15. Powdergirl - She does have a very sweet voice!

    I can't wait to see what they do, either. You will get your brownie points for the day, though!

  16. Honey with that rack they're not going to be thinking about you paying them back - which I am proud of your decision - they're just gonna stare!!!

  17. You are a decent human being.....I went to WallieWonderworld yesterday after all. The store is totally re-arranged and I was lost.....but it was clean and minus a lot of the products I can get there for less. I didn't pay for a pair of reading glasses once.....I didn't go back, but I felt really bad......ummhum.

  18. powdergirl - The Evil Twin says I sound like a magpie. LOL.

    themom - At least this will teach Buddy that I am trying to make it right, even if I get crazy looks.

    The Girl - I'm curious too!

    Ginger - Aw, thanks! We just have to wait until Tuesday!

    Momma - I usually don't lean so far forward in real life. LOL. Maybe I should?

    Rosemary - Trust me, if this store was known for overcharging me, etc., I might not be so kind, but they are a good store, so I will go tattle on myself. (even if I didn't MEAN to do it!) :-)

  19. Would love to know how it turns out!

    Great rack by the way.