Thursday, December 11, 2008

We Have a Winner! (updated)

And there ya have it - the WINNER of the Fiestaware spoon rest. I just need the winner to email me at eviltwinswife(at)gmail(dot)com with a mailing address!

This was lots of fun. I wish I had something for everyone who told me a funny/tragic kitchen story, but alas, I do not.

So, as a consolation prize, you will hear the Evil Twin use his "Circus Barker/Radio DJ" voice. And you can also catch my voice at the end.

I gathered the names, cut exact same size slips of paper and made sure to not write too hard on any one slip, then the Evil Twin and I folded them twice in half, in the exact same manner, so all little folded slips were identical. (It was VERY scientific and all....)

Luck o' the draw. ;-) And, if you didn't read this particular person's comment, go back and do that. It is hilarious!

Oh, and here's his blog info: SoLow at 100MPH and Counting. Check him out!
Glam Thurs.


  1. Oh... I didn't win... that's OK. I'll just go in the kitchen and put all my spoons away now {Sobbing} I mean it's not like I have anything to put them on now is it {crying}? No, don't worry about me {sniffle} I'll be OK...

    Congrats to SoLow!

  2. This was such a cute video. I love the Evil Twin's announcer voice!

  3. LOL, you guys are so cute :) Congrats, SoLow!

  4. Very cute. Those of us at work (ahem) had to turn the volume up ever so low so our bosses wouldn't know we were monitoring spoon rest giveaways...

  5. Evil Twin did a wonderful job, he had me in suspense the whole time. Way to go SoLow !!!!!

  6. This is SO COOL!!! Many thanks to the entire household of the Evil Twin and to his lovely wife for this addition to my bachelor pad!!! Now I'll have no excuse for those nasty chili circles on top of my stove... :)

    And, Evil Twin - it's So LOW as in LOWERED closer to the ground. That was classically funny!!! Matter of fact, I think I'll provide the details of how I earned that nickname in today's post of my own... Wow - a great spoon holder & motivation for a post all wrapped up in one!

  7. Ron - just use some folded up napkins for a spoon rest! :-)

    Ginger - I often tell him he should try to get voice over work. He has a lot of "voices" he can do.

    Laura - We had SO much fun!

    3C - bonus points for saying "so low" in your reply!

    The Girl - I've been in suspense for DAYS now! I couldn't wait.

    kenju - Yay!

    SoLow - Congrats! I don't know if you can hear me, but I was trying to "help" him with the pronunciation in the background. I'll be by later to read the story behind the moniker. :-)

  8. That was not on purpose! I'm punny and I don't even know it! :)

  9. Ha, haaa, haaaa!!!
    It was soooo awesome to hear his (ET) voice after all this time! I have missed it so.
    That was too funny, totally enjoyed the video - what a great effect!

  10. Wow! He is really good at announcing!

  11. And thank you for the plug as well!!! :)

  12. Maybe the Evil Twin did time on Armed Forces Radio - or perhaps listened a little too much!

  13. Awww! I totally missed out on Fiesta Spoonrest fun! Well, I gave my last final today, so things should be changing around my place pronto and all wrongs will be righted. Fair warning you newbies, expect a contentious fight for whatever the next goodie on the prize block may be.

    PS: ETW, I wondered if you showed Sissy the Clean Coal Carolers? I would love a toddler reaction to it: fun singing dirty rocks or just dirt rocks?