Monday, December 29, 2008

Busy Weekend

We had such a busy weekend, I didn't have time to do any updates. As I said earlier, my best friend had stopped by on Thursday evening.

Many of our friends have moved out of state, but their parents or other family still live in WV, so holidays are generally busy trying to schedule just a little time with any one who has managed to make it back "home".

On Friday evening, we had two more friends drop by. One friend, K and I have known each other since our high school days. She and I didn't go to the same high school, but we ran in the same crowds. When we went to Marshall together, we were roommates for a while. She lives right over the border in Ohio now and we hadn't seen her for a few years.

Our other friend N is someone I met in college. K and I actually stalked him in the local 7-11 and worked up the courage to talk to him. See, back then, N had a blue mohawk and we just KNEW we had to meet him and become friends!

Over the years, N has added tattoos and piercings. This is his newest one, Bela Lugosi, but it's not finished:

He also has Johnny Cash on this same arm:

His left arm is nearly fully covered and he has done a great deal of this work on himself:

N ended up spending the night with us and that was nice. We were able to have coffee with him Saturday morning and visit some more.

Saturday afternoon we just spent relaxing. But, by Sunday, I was starting to feel stir crazy. I'm actually looking forward to the weekly grocery shopping trip today.

I'm also starting to lose track of the days. It seems like every day has been a Sunday, but obviously, it hasn't been! LOL.

The Evil Twin and Buddy are off of work/school for another full week and things are going good so far. Keep your fingers crossed that the Evil Twin lives for another Christmas vacation!


  1. I like the Johnny Cash tat.

    My hub is home this week too, and the remaining 2 grandgirls are on their way here this morning to spend the night and most of tomorrow too. My mother is still due sometime this week. I really want to read some books I got as gifts, but probably not THIS year, lol!

  2. So the "too much togetherness" thing hasn't reared its ugly head yet then. That's always a good thing!

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend. For the record it is Monday.

  4. I love Johnny Cash, this friend of yours is most excellent. Glad you got a chance to hook up with old friends.

  5. Getting a Tattoo is something I will never do. Nasty....

  6. Every day has been Sunday here, too, lol. DH is back to work today, but the kids are off, obviously. I told him that if I call him and tell him to stop by the liquor store, he'll know what kind of day it was.

  7. Glad you have had a chance to catch up with friends!

  8. I've been losing track of the days, too. I love looking at other people's tattoos. YAY.

  9. I always wish it was Sunday, lol. Yesterday I finally had my don't go anywhere day and just relaxed.

    Oh, can he be my friend too? I love the tats, esp. Johnny Cash.

  10. Carolyn - it gives you something to look forward to in 2009!

    Bucky - so far, so good... :-D

    Ron - thanks!

    The Girl - We've had such a good time!

    JA - leaves more for the rest of us, then! (and tattoed people are far less judgmental).

    Amy - Liquor stores are closed here on Sundays...oh! It's Monday! LOL.

    Alex - it's been great. I might need a liver transplant, though!

    Ginger - me too - and I took way more pics (he has tons).

  11. Robynbeth - he's the biggest sweetheart you'd ever hope to know. And his Johnny Cash is probably my favorite of all his tats too.

  12. Wait - - it's Monday?

    Better get to work then. :)

  13. I LOVE THE TATTOO'S..I'm a freak with those..Love the men who sport them...I feel about everyday being Sunday , it's been sooo crazy...I'm kinda glad it's over , but then again not so much!!!!
    I happy you got to meet up with some old friends and had a good time!!!

  14. I miss seeing people with new tats. Seems like all we see is the new "quad" or "jacked up truck" that the neighbors got. Egads!!

    I sure hope I'm one of those friends that can hook up with you this winter. Miss you!

    Glad we're back on schedule here, too. ;-)

  15. Those are great tats!

    I have been off-kilter about the days as well. I didn't realize yesterday was Sunday...Handsome Husband is back at work today so maybe I can get back on track. I haven't started the countdown to back to school, yet; But I'm sure I will be soon!

  16. I want a foot tattoo on my foot, like Sam's mom on iCarly.

  17. Tiff - Ugh. At least it's another short week.

    Suzie - Once a year makes it a real treat!

    MsPulp - we would LOVE to see you whenever you come thru town!

    Susan - I only do the countdown back to school in the summer. It takes me more than 2 weeks to go crazy.

    jeffkay - I didn't realize there was a mom on iCarly. I've never seen one! :-)

  18. Nice Tats! I always look forward to hooking up with old friends whenever I'm back home....Good luck surviving another week of vacation...I'm in the same boat as you! ;)