Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas To Me!

I've always been a sort of lucky person, but only in aspects of my life that didn't include winning things. I suppose I've broken my streak somewhat this Christmas season.

First, I won a Thanksgiving Platter from Our Name is Mud. That's just super awesome and I don't even care WHO you are. I won something!

Lorrie seems to always have some really nifty give-away going on and I played along on another occasion - just for fun, really - I never expected to win anything again.

But, I did:

How cute is THAT? It's a votive holder and I love it to pieces!

I love all things Christmassy and I love all things free, so my heart grew about three sizes larger when I saw my new Christmas addition.

Okay, I think I've mentioned that the Evil Twin and I don't exchange gifts to each other, but I did buy myself something:

We already have two of these grills. One is a smaller one we bought when they were first available. Then, my parents' bought a large one and didn't like it, so they gave that one to us. We liked the grills, but clean up is a drag. I'd be scrubbing for days sometimes to get one clean. This one has removable and dishwasher safe plates, thereby making my life infinitely easier. Seeing as how we run a load of dishes almost every day, we could cook with it every evening if I plan it just right.

I DID get a little something for the Evil Twin too, although it came a few weeks ago. It's a vinyl figure:

Bossy Bear was created by one of the ET's favorite artists, David Horvath. We like to call Sissy "Bossy Bear" because, well, she is so awfully bossy!

The Evil Twin and I (along with Bossy Bear) will be spending the day at Walmart today. I'm happy to have the help, even as I anticipate the trip to be sheer hell on wheels.

Wish us luck! :-)


  1. You are a BRAVE soul to attempt that today. You may want to wear some sort of armor.

  2. Try to establish a good psychotic look in your eyes and the crowds will part before you. It works for me...

  3. Good luck at Wal-Mart ! I have to brave it tonight and then some. I love the grill !

  4. H. and I went to Walmart late, late last night just to avoid people.
    Congrats on the candle holder. That is really cute.
    Enjoy your day with the E.T.

  5. I think you should wait and go to Wal-Mart on Wednesday, and then report back to us about all the fun you had. :)

  6. I was going to brave it and head to the Wall of Mart today, but it is 5 brrrrr degrees and still windy. No way!! I may take a stab at it tomorrow - supposed to be 18 degrees by then. We have how many days till Christmas???? this is getting nerve-wracking this year. Rots of ruck!!

  7. I'm with Bucky.....Monday is for 'wusses'....Wednesday is the 'true test' ;););)

    Uh....I'm sure I'll be shopping 'somewhere' Wednesday...ugh.

  8. George Forman grill's are the best!!!! You can go to garage sales and get them dirt cheap!

  9. Blair - we wouldn't do it if I didn't desperately need groceries.

    Ron - hopefully, the food side won't be too bad....

    The Girl - we plan to put that grill to good use!

    Robynbeth - We figured a weekday might be less frantic...

    Bucky - we would die of starvation before then. LOL.

    themom - yep it might be warmer tomorrow, but it's also Elderly Hell day on Tuesdays! Sure it's worth it? ;-)

    Efen - I will be sitting on my couch, loafing around the house on Wed. and nothing else!

    JA - that's probably where our two original ones will be headed unless we can foist them off on my MIL.

  10. I thought you were a little more like Paris Hilton...she doesn't wear a dress more than once afterall. I figured you'd grill and then donate the appliance to someone less awesome...that would be pretty glamorous!

    Alas, you are a multiple-times griller I see. I feel much more comfortable posting on your site now...Paris might have mocked me on her site, but...well you might mock me too, but at least I know you use the same appliances I do! I bet you even put your pants on one leg at a time!

    Merry Christmas!

  11. I adore my foreman grill, but you're right about the claening... let us know how the removable plates work out - you may set off a buying spree!

  12. I shy away from those appliances for those reasons you outlined, but this one might be worth a look-see. Steaks for Christmas?? :)

  13. I used to have one of those grills, but I gave it away because clean up was such a drag. Thanks for telling us they are now removable!

    Merry Christmas!

  14. Good luck at Wal-mart. I'm sure it's horrid there today. I'm probably going to hit Macy's and Sears either tonight or tomorrow. And Best Buy sometime soon. Icker!

    Merry Christmas (and all that)!

  15. The girls & I just braved Target...the toy aisle was pure evil - thank goodness we were there for Misc. stuff!! Mr. Engineer says he is going to be shopping Wed.evening (like Efen!) -good luck to them both!!

  16. Tim and I took the Ns to Wal-Mart at 9 am to let them blow their Christmas cash from their gradparents. It was actually not too bad, but then again, we went early.

  17. Tim and I took the Ns to Wal-Mart at 9 am to let them blow their Christmas cash from their gradparents. It was actually not too bad, but then again, we went early.

  18. Warren - LOL!! No mocking here. Merry Christmas to you as well. :-)

    NCP - I used it the other day and put plates in dishwasher - they came out clean and I snapped 'em back in place!

    Carolyn - this one is the Next Grilleration grill. Check them out!

    kenju - yep, I would have used my old ones more often if clean up was as easy as this one! Merry Christmas to you, too!

    Dave - Ugh... I don't envy you. WM was actually NOT bad today. Whew! Merry Christmas!

    TGG - Thinking of Target makes me shiver this time of year. I ordered my grill from them, but online!

    Alex - we got there about 11:30 and checked out about an hour later...Not bad at all!

  19. WM on Dec 22? Girl, you've got some balls - go for it!

  20. I won a coffee mug from "Our Name is Mud", it's the only thing I have ever won in my life! She makes the best stuff!

    LOVE the Bossy Bear...where did you get that from?

  21. Bossy Bear is too cute! I just got back from Wal-Mart. Oh Lordy. It wasn't so bad until the man in line behind me kept muttering under his breath for me to "hurry up." DUDE! I'm going as fast as I can!!! You being a jerk isn't going to make it any faster!!! Deep breath. Happy holidays!

  22. Momma - I have to stick with my weekly shopping plan. LOL.

    Chandra - I ordered it from Amazon.

    Ginger - Impatient people in the line like that make me so angry.

    Sabrae - I know! He makes me smile too.

  23. You are a winner. I keep trying to come up with some kind of reason to give a doo-ditty away.

    Maybe after new years.

    Good luck at Wal(hell)Mart.