Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Feeling Blah

I'm sorry I don't really have anything for today. It's cold here (again - although warmer than yesterday). I went to the school PTO meeting last night, which is always a trip.

And that kind of zapped me. Now, I'm having a hard time getting motivated today.

I think it's the realization that this is only the beginning of Winter. I still have to endure at least 3 more months of this crap.

Perhaps I'll feel cheerier when the Christmas tree goes up. That always makes me happy.

Speaking of trees, what kinds do you like best? I love a Blue Spruce, but after many years of unsuccessfully searching and when I would find one, it would be way too expensive, we finally broke down and bought an artificial tree. It's very pretty, not a fake blue spruce, but still light like them.

I opted to buy one without lights already on it because I figure if the lights on the thing quit working, then it was kinda pointless.

Also, I go for the small, clear and non-blinking lights.

I've collected Hallmark ornaments (among others) since 1992, so I have enough to do probably 5 trees, but we only have room (and energy) for one, so we have to pick new favorites each year. That's fun.

I hope we can get to that this weekend, so we can enjoy it for a couple of weeks before we end up taking it down.

That's all I got for ya today. The Winter Blahs and Christmas Trees. Feel free to discuss either in the comments.... I'll check back later. It's noon and I need a shower.

Oh, and on the Whole Body Cleanse front: there has been activity, but nothing really special or anything. Day 2, 12 more days to go. I should be right cleansed by Christmas, huh?


  1. Christmas trees make almost anything better...what you need ot do is buy a can of pine-sented air-freshener to bring the whole epxerience in. :)

    About the cleansing - is there a special diet to go with it?

  2. Christmas Blahs??? What's that? Hope the tree cheers you up. I stopped doing trees long ago, seemed sort of a waste just for me.

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  4. We trek through the forest every year looking for the saddest tree ever. We used to have lots of candidates...but since we logged, most of them are gone. what we would do is cut a lodge pole pine (weed trees actually) and cut the top off for the house tree. We have some left but they are the full nice ones. I hate to buy a tree and encourage more cutting by folks, but i just can't do a faux tree. last year we bought a little tiny tree for planting....we killed it.

    COLON ON GIRL!!!!!

  5. No tree here and it would not cheer me up as I find putting up the tree to be a tremendous PITA - to say nothing of taking it down. My idea of hell. Of course, anything other than knitting is my idea of hell, so ... ;-)

  6. Tiff - I do enjoy looking at it all lit up in the evening. And there is no special diet. They did list certain foods to try to avoid and I've consumed a large portion of that list already. LOL.

    Ron - Perhaps just a small tree? It cheers me up just to see the lights!

    rosemary - I know many people have trouble with the artificial trees, but they do make them so much nicer these days. Perhaps a wreath is in order this year? :-)

    Kathleen - I do get help with the set up and take down, so it's not a total PITA for me, but it is strenuous work! Whew!

  7. We have an artificial tree...a real one seems like so much trouble, but I do love the smell, so I always make sure I have pine-scented candles about.

  8. Wow that's a shi...umm Cra... well that's a lot of cleansing! lol

    I hope it puts a spring into your step for $20!

  9. You know what always cheers me up? Liquor in a paper bag. It's so crumply and festive, and reminds me of my dad.

    Just sayin.

  10. Winter blahs are here, too. Something to do with the fact that it's cloudy 80% of the winter here, and winter lasts about 6 months. Okay, not really 6 months, but what they call spring here is NOT spring.

  11. Ginger - I would buy the candles, but we have a bird and their lungs are very sensitve to scented things. Weird, huh?

    AC - LOL. If nothing else, I'll find out if it works or not....

    Lorrie - ROFL! I have wine in a cardboard box. Close enough?

    Amy - Yeah, it seems like it's not really "spring" here until late April or May....

  12. I love Fraser firs...we're hoping to do all the decorating this wknd..I too like the small,clear,,non-blinking lights! Maybe the tree etc. will get be more in the spirit as well... ;)

  13. I love the blue spruce too, but I cheated. I got a nice, cheap artificial tree and put it together outside. Then I took a can of flat white spray paint and dusted the branches. :) It looks more expensive that way.

  14. Oh the Hallmark ornaments. I have boxes in storage, that I put aside for the kids when theyget their own homes (at this rate - may be awhile). But they are so beautiful. I just do flowers and bulbs now - a little easier for me.

  15. My favorite part of the whole Christmas tree experience is the lights. My 2 year old knows this and cuts them off anytime I cut them on. OF COURSE. I need to find some way to hide the switch underneath because an unlit tree is so drab.

  16. Glad you're okay -- I almost called you today thinking you may be strapped to the bowl and couldn't get off to write your blog. I was giggling to myself while making dinner..
    Get that tree up woman, it'll make you feel better!

  17. bah humbug..... lol i don't decorate and probably never will... my poor kids in the left you an award at my blog.!!!

  18. We'll probably deck the halls this weekend and leaving it up until after New Year's Day. Our tree is a fakie, but so easy to set up. The branches stay on and fold up and the lights are "built in". We also have this weird little talking tree with a motion sensor in it. It's loud and scares the hell out of me when I forget it's there.

  19. We do the Douglas Fir (real), oh how I love vacuming pine needles everyday. Although I do love the tree, I always get nervous due to the one that fell a couple of years ago. I hated that damn tree. We use all colored lights, but not blinkers, gives me a headache. Have a great day, and I hope something cool inspires you.

  20. ;TGG - the Fraser firs are my second favorite (tied with a douglas fir).

    honeywine - that's a really neat idea!

    themom - I haven't even bought my Hallmarks this year. There aren't many I really want from this year's line-up.

    Amy - Hi! ;-) We put our tree in a corner and then hide the cord back in there. Looks like you'll be getting creative with the switch this year....

    MsPulp - sometimes I just don't have it in me to get the stuff out early. SAD. Did you ever get the SAD lights?

    Sabrae - it's much easier to NOT do it! :-)

    Hacksaw - LOL on the motion sensor tree. It'd scare me too!

    The Girl - Anchoring a live tree in the base is a bit of a gamble, isn't it? We had one that fell over one year too. Only one ornament broke (now I don't have a full dozen of that kind anymore).