Tuesday, December 30, 2008


What a day! We had decided to paint our bedroom and the hallway while the Evil Twin had such a long amount of time off. So, we needed to buy the paint yesterday.

The Evil Twin and I both really like the Behr brand paint from Home Depot. The closest HD to us is out on Corridor G (which is an area we alternately call "Southridge" or even South Charleston). It's only 8 miles down the road, but it's not close to the Mart of Wal I normally shop. However, it IS near a Mart of Wal... just not the one I like.

As a matter of convenience, we thought we'd just go to the Deep Homo, buy the paint and supplies, then skip over to WM for groceries.

A great thought, but we didn't take into account how much of a madhouse that particular WM can be.

Yesterday, we could have won Jeff Kay's Wal-Mart game easy, flat out - before we even walked in the front doors!

Alternatively, we could have all gotten a Wal-Mart Bingo in no time:

And, now, you'll excuse me while I make appointments to have the entire family treated for PTSD.


  1. lol!!! That is exactly why the wife will refuse to go to wally world unless it is like 3 or 4 am! It's dead! lol

  2. LMAO !!!! Your too funny. I try to stay away from our Wal of Mart :)

  3. We call that area "South Mess". It is painful and life altering (for the worse) to spend any portion of your life out there...at least there is a back way out of the HD.

    Anyhow, good luck with the combat wounds...take time and recover properly!

  4. I've always wondered where all the scooter bound people come from. I mean they must go outside of walmart at some point, don't they?

  5. LOL! I love the Bingo, we could use that here, too.
    I love how Pennsylvanian's think that WV is redneck.
    It's the pot callin' the kettle black...

  6. Our Walmart is a bad one......your Bingo card was right on too.

  7. I hate to say this but Walmart is about all we have, and it is the hot place to go to see people. Oh, the joy of a REALLY small town.

  8. I am literally ROFL! I have never seen the Mart of Wal bingo. I bet I would get a cover-all at the Mart in our town. I try not to go to the Wal-Martski. Sometimes it's inevitable.

  9. Never saw that bingo before and I saved it to email to all my friends!! How funny! and you could use that at the Patrick Street K-Mart as well, and fill it in about 5 minutes!

  10. I once got trapped in the Target parking lot at Corridor G. It was on so-called Black Friday, and a significant design flaw was revealed by all the extra traffic. They only had one way out (since fixed, I think), and there was absolute gridlock. No forward progress at all... I started to get panicky and claustrophobic. If it hadn't been for Chicago Pizza, and their "yards of beer," I think I might've lapsed into full freakout.

  11. LOL, Walmart bingo. I had to go there yesterday, didn't want to go 10 miles to Target for 3 things, but it wasn't horrible.

  12. The WM Bingo card is classic! Love it!! But even funnier, I think, is your name for Home Depot. The Husband has a nickname for everything, but he hasn't come up with that one. I'm going to pass it on to him ... Hope that's ok.

  13. Sadly, our Wal-Mart is surprisingly not scary. Unless I have joined the ranks of the scary and didn't realize it, therefore everyone there looks normal... hmm.... Something rather disturbing to ponder.

    But Wal-Marts are universally busy, I think. Ours falls under the "moderately" busy scale, meaning that you can get into the frozen food section with a little assertiveness. The wal-Mart where we used to live falls more under the "Holy crap!" busy category, meaning that you need some vaseline and a shoehorn to get into any particular aisle. Which is why small children are so helpful - heh heh. They can dodge and weave better to get to the Cheese-Its.

  14. Even though we live in different parts of the Country, that are very different in almost everything I am sure, WM Bingo translates perfectly.

    I always have PTSD when I come out of that place and I feel like I need a shower.

  15. Sabrae - if my hours were more flexible, I'd go at 3 am myself!

    The Girl - with the amount of junk I have to buy each week, it's my cheapest alternative - but I pay with my sanity.

    Warren - we avoid it as much as possible, but sometimes have to pay the price.

    Ron - it'll just have to remain a mystery.....

    MsPulp - The Siren song of WM draws in a sea of humanity no matter where it is.

    JA - Fun for the whole family!

    Robynbeth - WM is a wicked mistress.

    Susan - you should print it out and play next time you do have to go!

    kenju - that Bingo card would be *covered* at the Patrick Street Kmart - easy!

    jeffkay - yes, at least they have some decent eating establishments nearby for libation.

    Amy - I've found (mostly) that mid day on a week day seems best. Theory proven wrong yesterday.

    Crazy Mo - welcome and feel free to share the nicknames (we do it for everything, too!).

    Alex - I have learned the dodge and weave technique myself! Comes in handy.

    Chris - LOL. I always wash my hands when I arrive home.

  16. What...did you come to my neck of the woods to got to Wally World? Serioulsy, I see 98% of those everytime I go into that blasted store, which is the only thing we have in my small town.

    Very funny!

  17. Never heard of Walmart Bingo...I guess they don't have that in Philly...or do they sis????

  18. Wal-Mart is my idea of hell! Patrick St. K-Mart sucks too, but it's really close and convenient when I'm desperate. I worked there during the summer of my senior year in high school. It was much better back then. I sure do miss Hills.

  19. I hate going to WM.....and Home Depot is getting almost that bad.

  20. I was there tonight too. After visiting my ole friend Famous Dave.

    I looked at the bingo card and made a bingo by just looking in the mirror. Here's my sign....

  21. I must insist that the card is updated (along with Jeff's game).

    Please add the Southern WalMart Sightings:

    Complimentary screaming child
    Half nekkid kid
    parent/child fighting and cursing at each other.

    I see all of 'em when I go to WM. I live in a Very Small Town, and must TRAVEL to the next town over (10 miles) to shop at the WM.

  22. ROFL...the last time I was at WalMart, I saw a dude with a teardrop tattoo. Wild.

  23. Can you believe that while they say The Big Apple has everything we don't have a Walmart? Sadness. We have to drive to New hampshire when we get the urge to visit one. they sure are three kinds of awesome.

  24. I don't see much when I go to WM I try to shop there w/my eyes closed-as apparentlty most folks who drive on Corridor G do!
    We went to Red Lobster last night to celebrate Better Half's birthday and on the way there I swear I saw the Grim Reaper at least 4 times. I wanted to shout out my window, "Christmas is over and it's only Tuesday, GO HOME!!!" to the drivers who so obviously wanted to play bumper cars. Christmas 2008 has given me PTSD.

  25. Chandra - It's about all we have around here too.

    Suzie - do you all have Wal-Mart around there? If so, you can play the game! :-)

    Hacksaw - I know! I went to Hill's in Teays Valley all the time when we lived out that way.

    Efen - surprisingly, the HD was almost dead on Monday.

    Al - LOL. I like Famous Dave's too!

    Renn - ROFL!

    Ginger - Wow! You need to start your Bingo game now!

    Lorrie - One stop shopping, baby! Gotta love that. :-)

    MEL - High five. I hear ya!