Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Load Master

I don't make it a big secret that I am a submissive wife - I am, after all, the HO (the Home Office) and not much is accomplished around here that I don't have a direct hand in doing.

There is one little secret, though. The Evil Twin can load a dishwasher far more efficiently than I ever thought about. (and yes, I ended that sentence with a preposition).

He didn't want me to post this pic, because he feels he has had much better organized loads (and he has). But for now, I call him the "Load Master" and he seems to be pleased.

After all, I do all the food shopping, meal planning and preparation, I think he feels it's only right to pitch in and help after the meals.

Plus, I think he doesn't exactly like the way I load the dishes, and that makes his asshole all winky and stuff, so.....if he does it, he does it "Right" and his butthole can take a break.

Here's his system:

Thing of beauty, no?

There are times where being married to a former Air Force man comes in handy. Like, dishwasher duty or practically anything else.

And, after Sissy was born, he did *everything* around the house for three weeks - and I mean, he did laundry, and my food came to me on a tray and everything!!

Stop yer hatin', he's already taken!


  1. honestly, I'm with got a lot more room in wife thinks it's fun to see how much more she can put in there. I like your plates.

  2. WTF I have a navy man and let me tell you what.. you'd think I let my 2 year old load it.
    Damn.. shoulda gone air force.

  3. Hmmmm.... not bad, but I've noticed that he doesn't sort the plates by color. I mean really, who doesn't sort plates in the order of the visible light spectrum. Still I guess I will give him some credit ;-)

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  5. Those colored dishes are so cool. I love them. So there are really men out there who actually contribute to a relationship (mine only does it when I'm 1/2 out of my mind) Lucky You!!!!!!!

  6. Asshole winky!! ha! That's a keeper!

    Lucky opts for organizing the canned goods since we are devoid of a diswasher. He does, however, stack them neatly in the cabinet.

    Yet another reason to love the ET...

  7. What a super loader he is! I always said my husband could mop a floor much better than I....actually I hated to do the deed, and bragging always got the job completed. I'm training the dog to lick the floors better at the moment.

  8. I'm with Ron - that light green dessert plate should be to the far right. :)

    Now show us the TOP rack, baby!

  9. JA - He usually does better, but we do a load every single day, so there's always another chance!

    Supah D - LOL. If it were left to me, I'd be running it half empty with a big pile of dishes in the sink. I suck at loading it!

    Ron - now, he'll up his game, I'm sure...

    SCW - Yep, it's Fiestaware. I have a ton of it.

    The Girl - those are Fiestaware dishes. I buy pieces in colors I like.

    MsPulp - I don't even know how people function w/o a dishwasher. I would die!

    themom - ROFL! I don't like to mop either!

    Tiff - That's "chartreuse" (no longer made by Fiesta) and yeah, I'll get the top rack one of these days. :-)

  10. Hmmmm.....ya know, I've often wondered how those dishes actually wound up in the thing ;)

  11. I'm convinced that DH deliberately loads the dishwasher in such a way designed to ensure that I won't ask him to do it again. But it never works, lol. He was Navy, though, and the man can pack a suitcase like no other!

  12. Yeah, Mike is definitely the dishwasher-loader in our house too. And the car-packer, although I do all the suitcase-packing.

    Fiestaware! ♥

  13. I don't know much about the load master...he does a mighty fine job and all but what I really noticied were the awesome dishes! LOVE them!

  14. Looks nice with all the colours!

  15. HOLY COW - that's a work of art!!

    I always tease my husband that this house would fall apart if I weren't around to do everything. I was at the Orthodontist's office with Shark this morning, and I was the only mom there - there were like 10 dads with kids! There's no way in HELL my husband - as awesome as he is - would even know WHERE the office is....

  16. I'm impressed! I also like your multi-colored dishes.

  17. Ahem. I've been known to be a wee bit compulsive about dishwasher plate stacking order....

    Loving the chartruese plate. I actually don't have any of that color. I am stalking ebay, though....

  18. That is totally the awesome. And also? I think your husband and I are way too much alike. He'll probably hate me. LOL. :-)

  19. Very nice "Load master" you've got there! :)

  20. The SB doesn't like the way I wash the dishes OR the way the dishwasher washes the dishes.

    So, he does them himself by hand.

    Which, I guess is only fair... he's the, er, HausHerr... is that the right german?

  21. Yet another man who knows how to load the dishwasher correctly! My wife gets so pissed off that I insist on coming in after her and rearranging everything so it will be efficiently loaded to maximize the cleaning process. Do you women not understand that the dishes will not be clean, dry, and serviceable if they are not loaded correctly?

  22. Your dishes are pretty! My hubby is fanatical about the way the bed is made. The covers CAN NOT be messed up when you get into bed. Go figure..... it's nice to have help, isn't it? I have a helper-hubby, too!

  23. *I* am the dishwasher at my house. It relaxes me.

    You can add my spouse to the growing list of men that "spoiled me" after Nooze was born. He's not particular about dish stacking, but he is about storing 'random' stuff in the cupboards.

  24. Efen - quit foolin'. I know you are more handy around the house than you let on.

    Amy - the Evil Twin can also pack a suitcase with amazing skill. Maybe your husband is trying to throw you off... ;-)

    Rebecca - basically anything that involves spatial logistics is the Evil Twin's job around here. I just make sure enough clothing is laid out to be packed and he does the rest!

    Chandra - thanks. I'll be blogging about them tomorrow!

    Christina - you can't go wrong anywhere with Fiestaware.

    Momma - when I see Dads at the doctors offices, I often wonder how they got there... LOL.

    Ginger - stay tuned for more exciting Fiesta tomorrow!

    Blair - now, that is a work of art! Love the rainbow!

    Jennifer - I'm sure he'll love you. :-)

    TGG - Thank goodness for him. The water bill would be much higher if it weren't for his skillz!

    NCB - if he takes it on himself, then there ya go. And I had to google it, I think it's haus-ehemann or just "mann". :-) Easy enough, huh?

    Dave - I think it's a spatial issue. LOL.

    JFab - I'm the covers person here. I love to see the bed tidy. It is nice to have a bit of help!

    Renn - If you enjoy it, go for it. The Evil Twin wouldn't know what was in our cupboards unless something jumped up and bit him!

  25. The military does have it's strong points. :) Like my friend Rebecca says about the guys, Army built to last! :) I'm sure it works for the Air Force too! lol