Friday, December 5, 2008


Many people commented on the dishes in the dishwasher from yesterday. Those dishes are Fiestaware. Fiesta was designed by Frederick Hurten Rhead in 1936. It was in production from then until 1973 and then re-issued in 1986.

I'm not sure at what point, but it was taken over by the Homer Laughlin China Company and that company is located in Newell, WV. Newell is a little town in the almost very most Northern point of WV, near Wheeling (which is a larger city).

If you look at the image above, the large star is the capital, which is Charleston. That's around where I am, but up in that skinny part, towards the very top is Wheeling and near that is Newell.

The Evil Twin has actually been on a business trip to Wheeling and was able to tour the plant there. He also brought home several new pieces of Fiesta for me.

I started by collecting 5 piece place settings in different colors. I don't own more than one setting of any certain color... they're all different, in the colors I like. I tend to like the more unusual colors, like chartreuse and persimmon. I avoid the pastel colors, like Rose to the extent I can (But, I do own a Rose colored coffee mug). I think that was one the Evil Twin brought home after his business trip.

Anyway, the Fiestaware company rolls out new colors of dishes every now and again. They also decide to discontinue certain colors after a bit. The Chartreuse I spoke of earlier was on a limited 2 year run. I was lucky enough to get a 5 piece place setting, a salt shaker and a mug.

Here's my cupboard:

You can catch various pieces of Fiesta in side spots or up top, along with my mom's Corning ware or Pyrex or whatever that is.

I also covet my mugs:

And my little teeny coffee cups (they come with matching saucers) and also my sugar and creamer:

I have some knick knacks:

(Be glad I didn't show my butter dish, my salt and pepper shakers, the pie platter, my serving dishes, the pasta bowl, or the spoon rest, etc. It's a terrible sickness).
I used to buy the entire place settings for each color I liked. Now, i just buy what I like by the piece.

I don't need service for 20, but I have 13 dinner plates I love. I buy them one at a time.

Finally, if you'd like to know more about the chronology of Fiesta, here's your link. Scroll down to find out the dates and all or look at the headline links for more information.

Fiestaware is available in most department stores worldwide. We're going to Tamarack (a haven for the WV artisans) on Saturday and they have a Fiesta shop there. I plan to make a purchase for myself and also a purchase for a give-away on this here blog, too!

Perhaps that might be Monday's post. We'll see how much I get accomplished over the weekend. :-)


  1. Oooh! Festive!

    I always wanted to go to Tamarack, but never actually made it there.

    Will you be taking pictures while there?

    I have seven random style plates here. I used to have more, but I'm a klutz.

  2. I actually registered for Fiestaware instead of china when I got married. :) A lot of my family members thought it was a mistake that I registered for so many colors, so they all bought turquoise, which is my favorite Fiesta color. I kept the set and gradually worked in my other favorites -- persimmon, cobalt, chartreuse, daffodil, tangerine, and a few others over time. I really love the brights, too -- pastels are so not "me," although I have a few pieces for contrast.

    I need to replace my butter dish -- it got dropped as the kids were doing the dishes. *weeps* I also want to get a deviled egg dish -- those are sort of hard to find.

    I'm sure you know about the outlet at Flatwoods, right? Let me know if you ever want to go. We'll meet up!

  3. I'm sort of obsessed with the pastels, lately, especially rose and the elusive lilac. I don't have any chartruese and I WANT some.

    I would SO be in for a Flatwoods meetup!!!

    I have a Sunflower deviled egg tray, never used.

    It's great how you have your utensils in the disc pitcher! I have the actual utensil crock in Plum.

    I need the large and small canisters, I only have a medium one from the outlet.

  4. Baahwaaah...You big "show off" LOL

    I am so jealous! I want to start a collection! I don't own one single piece, but you have inspired me to start a colletion!

    They are beautiful!

  5. Hmmmm... I feel so out of touch. I have a set of black plates I never use and a large stock of paper plates. All those colors and stuff would just totally like freak me out and stuff.

  6. Hey, count me in on a Flatwoods meet-up too!!

  7. Have you ever perused Ebay? They have some fabulous finds and discontinued things, too. I got the cutest gravy boat with a little fairy on it!

  8. Love them! You have quite the collection!! :) I swear I am obsessed with collecting dishes/pots/pans...I can never hae enough! - I must have that terrible sickness you have as well!!! ;)-

  9. Renn - yep, I'll have my camera. Santa will be there, ya know?

    Rebecca - We hit Flatwoods last time they did the 2nds sale and picked up a few things (like a few too many...)

    Blair - I'd love to meet up in Flatwoods, too. I have the vase in Plum (which I actually put silk flowers in...I'm such a dork!).

    SCW - it's easy to get addicted. I've been working at this for over a decade, so I have a lot.

    Ron - I love paper plates! I think I need an intervention, here.

    Janis - If a weekend is arranged, I will definitely let you know. :-)

    Powerrail - I should take a look, thanks!

    TGG - I know! I actually had to hand wash a pan last night because it had been used the night before and was still in the dishwasher. Maybe I need a 2nd one....:-)

  10. julie loves fiestaware too... i like it but it aint muh favorite...

    when i was a batchelor i had an amazing collection of mismatched plates and glasses. most stolen from diners.

    i still love just taking a mug or a fork/knife combo. yeah.... i'm 28. what of it....

    my favorite score is a waffle house mug... that i drink bourbon outta.

  11. Our Red Lobster uses Fiesta ware, since I'm so poor,maybe I can steal one piece at a time.

  12. I love the exposed brick with the bright dishes against it. Brick in a kitchen is just so homey.

  13. Those are great. I love the yellow!

  14. Now we know! I always wanted to collect them, but could never afford the any part of the collection.

    My Wal-Mart Cafe' dishes will have to do. :(

  15. Had I not gotten hooked on my Pfaltzgraf many moons ago - my next choice would be the Fiesta Ware. Newell is about 50 miles from me (I'm near Wheeling) and I have been there twice. I never have enough $$$ to leave happy though.

  16. Have a Greenbrier coffee for me while you are at Tamarack! And Renn, everyone should go there at least once. I like your collection of Fiestaware; all the colors are great.

  17. fattie20xl - lifting from coffe shops or bars is fine in my book. I used to steal barware all the time. :-)

    The Girl - It's really not that expensive. I can find a 5 piece place setting for around $20 at sale times. Much cheaper than eating at RL! :-)

    Honeywine - the brick was part of the decor when we bought the house, but we like it too.

    3C - there are actually 2 yellows: one is just "yellow", then another more lemony color called "sunflower", but they're both pretty.

    Chandra - really, they're not too pricey. Especially if you just pick up one or two pieces at a time like I do. Over time, you've got a collection!

    themom - we had Pfaltzgraff "Filigree" which is what we registered for when we got married, then I sold all that when I had enough Fiesta to make do for a while.

    kenju - thanks! I will have a coffee if I have room left over after lunch. :-) I'm already studying the menu.

  18. I've always thought it was ugly, and doesn't stand up well.

    Not that I'm into pretty things, but I am into useful an tough things and my over 20 year old Corelle ware is still going strong.

    Just a simple white with a rose on them but I don't pay any attention to the dishes I'm eating off of anyway.

    My glass is an empty jelly jar with a handle on it. People that are okay in their own skin don't need fancy stuff.

    Helen eats off of paper plates and drinks out of paper cups from Wendy's and she's the best woman I know.

  19. I collect fiestaware as well, in all different colors. None of mine are the old sort, all circa 1998+, but I love them. My favorite are the purple.

    I also collect depression glass, and that serves as my china.

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog - it does make a difference to know that other people have been through the same thing (as sorry as I am that it happened to you).

  20. Our stopping place on the way to my mom's house is Tamrack.
    Sad to say, of all the times I've been there, the only thing I've seen is Starbucks and the restroom at the travel plaza.
    Drive carefully!

  21. I love all the colors! Ok, you have particular colors that you prefer to use/not use? I know that sounds weird...and probably totally something I would do ;)

  22. Alex - thanks for stopping by. I love serving a purpose (I'm Mrs. Practical Gift person). Dragsville!

    MsPulp - next time, go up the hill a bit and find something better. You're stopping at the crappy rest stop, not Tamarack.

    Laura - not a strange question. I bought the 5 piece place setting in Cobalt and I HATE it. It's so dark and I like to SEE my food. So, that is the only plate I avoid.

  23. Wow. I haven't used "real" dishes for everyday since my older son started eating at the table. Everything I have is plastic.

    I look forward to using "the good stuff" once my younger son flys the nest.

    I'm not a big Fiesta fan. My gran had it back in the 70's. Seems to me they found out it had high levels of lead -- in the older stuff, not the stuff they sell now.

    That might explain a couple things in my gene pool -- if ya know what I mean. LOL