Saturday, December 13, 2008

It Should Have Been This One

Remember when I mentioned that Sissy did a photo shoot for the state of WV. There's a campaign going on now through WV Division of Tourism called "Come Home to WV". It's a plea to try to get West Virginians who have left the state to come back.

So, they wanted to set up a shot that would show a family presumably returning to the grandparents house for the holiday with their own children in tow.

I said I would never do this (show my kids), but I love this cover so much. It was rejected as presented and went back to the drawing board. Sissy will not be on the cover after all. They decided to use three completely different and unrelated shots for the actual cover.

That's okay.... my girl had her first modeling gig:


  1. It was probably one of the other models' fault.

    Sissy is adorable!

  2. Cute! I like the premise of the shot as well.

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  4. Accidently double-posted because the stupid computer was acting like it wasn't doing anything...

  5. How could they not use the cover with Sissy? What are they crazy? I'm betting somebody bought off whoever is making the decision. Darn politics!!

  6. I think they feared they couldn't publish enough issues to keep up with deman had they put our beauty girl on the cover. The mag's loss is our gain.

  7. Clearly, it was rigged! Your girl is as sweet as she is beautiful :)

  8. Awwww, ain't she just adorable?

    Hey, save it - it will be quite a souvenir for her.

  9. Well phooey on them anyway, Sissy's too good for those losers! And so is Meatnormous! :D

  10. I bet someone passed some cash for the cover opportunity.

  11. The only cute part of that picture is Sissy!!!
    The mother looks lost!!

  12. K - the "official" reason from the person who had the final say was that the mountains in the background "didn't look like WV." ??? Um, yeah, that's *exactly* what WV looks like.

    Alex - Thanks! That double posting thing happens to me all the time, too. Very frustrating!

    Ron - I know!

    BB - You're probably right. ;-)

    Laura - The folks at the governor's office don't know about her winning personality... (LOL - she's a demon!)

    Dave - yep, we're amassing quite a bit of stuff for her.

    Hacksaw - ROFLMAO

    rosemary - some of the people who make the decisions are ultra-picky.

    Ginger - thanks!

    Momma -thanks, but to be fair, that shoot was chaos! With the two smallest kids (Sissy and the other baby), cooperation was difficult to obtain!

  13. Ok so they should have left sissy on the cover...but ummmm kinda a mixed family don't ya think??? lol the woman is like asain or something?? Do they have asain's in WV? I've never seen one!!!
    Just totally being sarcastic over here! lol

  14. Sissy is so cute - must take after her momma! ;)

  15. Awwww! What a little doll...I think she looks like you in this picture!
    It's definitely not the fault of the mountains - it's the mom. Who thought this concept up??
    Sissy doesn't even remotely look asian, nor do the other two kids.
    You're better off missing this cover -- save her for bigger things like Gymboree or something! LOL.

  16. What a cute little sweetie! Now I see why you would keep her all to yourself ;) And I don't blame you for being careful!

    I agree w/the others, at first look see, the Asian lady looks out of place. Nothing against her, mind you, but she kind of knocked the whole synthetic gene factor way off kilter, lol!

    That area reminds me of Helvetia, WV.

  17. AW!! She's darling! They should have used that cover!

  18. ETW - Those mountains don't "look like WV." They look too prosperous. Everyone knows WV is the heart of Appalachia and we live on the sides of mountains (like goats) and in tar-paper shacks which belch coal-fire smoke. Geeze, what's wrong with you? (/sarcasm)

    Regardless, keep the copy for her portfolio. Never know, she may become the next Brooke Sheilds.

    Hey -- what's been the "outcome" of your colon blow experiment?

  19. Sabrae - I think the general original idea was going for "diversity"...

    TGG - Actually, I think she looks more like the Evil Twin. Buddy is MY twin. :-)

    MsPulp - the baby in the mom's arm is her own daughter. I guess the concept was perhaps the kids were adopted or ??? I'm not sure. Diversity, my friend. We're not all straight white bread here in WV!

    Carolyn - it was done in Teays Valley, WV.

    kenju - I think so, too, but I don't make the decisions. LOL.

    Muze - ROFL. The house where the photo was shot is on the market. For $900,000. LOL. We're a bunch o' bumpkins, that's for sure! I'll write more about my pretty unadventurous colon blow experiment.

  20. [rant]The mountains "don't look like West Virginia" translates to "the mountains in this picture don't look like the ones near my house". Sadly, that is probably the exact "rationale" that went into that decision. Either that or a political pissing match over the location. Either way, better to give no reason at all as to be so lame.[/rant]